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Kang Chan and Seyeon have been close friends since they were young after being introduced by their parents. After entering high school, Seyeon suddenly received a confession from Kang Chan and became aware o...
2017 - 7.20 / 10.0
Eclair (released November 26, 2016) Story 1 Happiness is the Shape of a Wound (Nio Nakatani) Story 2 Tears in the clean room (Shiori Nishio) Story 3 Human emotion (Shuninta Amano) Story 4 intro. (Chihiro Har...
2016 - 6.97 / 10.0
Writing lewd thoughts about the adored student council president into a notebook is student council secretary - Kumozawa Koiko. These thoughts were supposed to be a secret, but... StuCo president's younger s...
6.71 / 10.0
Maria-sama ga Miteru's story revolves around the students of the Lillian Catholic school for girls, and can be considered character-driven, focusing on interactions between the characters rather than any sor...
1998 - 7.53 / 10.0
The remarried mother. After their divorce, the father who lives with his "boyfriend". Living surrounded by such family, highschooler Mayuko is now at the height of her adolescence. Beginning from Mayuko's "r...
2012 - 7.32 / 10.0
Tsukasa Shiratori, Nadeshiko Washio and Mikage Kotooka are three close-knit friends in junior high school. For almost a year, Tsukasa has been harboring a secret she can't tell anyone: she has a crush on Nad...
2015 - 7.16 / 10.0
This doujin has two parts. The first part is about the date we saw Yumi and Momo go on in a flashback during the anime, and is written from Yumi's perspective. The second part is about Yumi and Momo being al...
2009 - 6.76 / 10.0
What if Hisa had attended Kazekoshi?
2009 - 7.02 / 10.0
A story about what would happen if Hisa were enrolled in Kazekoshi.
2011 - 6.73 / 10.0
What if Mihoko had attended Kiyosumi?
2009 - 7.00 / 10.0
Momo tries to use her stealth mode to become a magical girl superhero. The doujin centers around Momoko, and therefore the YumiMomo pairing, but almost every pairing makes an appearance.
2009 - 6.69 / 10.0
The stress in Saki and Nodoka's relationship has built up to the point where it's affecting their ability to play mahjong. In order to help them sort out their problems, Hisa makes them stay behind and gives...
2009 - 6.79 / 10.0
Like the title says, Hisa and Mihoko get married! What can be cuter than that?
2009 - 7.22 / 10.0
Kimura-san wants to get close to her crush Mizushima-kun, but the beautiful and confrontational Hiyama-san has a problem with that... though it's not the kind of problem you'd expect from this scenario....
2020 - 6.69 / 10.0
One-shots collection from Thai artist with setting in highschool.
Kouno Akira, class president and otome game lover, has decided to never get involved in 3D love. One day she bumps into Sakurasaka Pure who tells her straight that she would be Akira's future "Amore". Not on...
2017 - 6.94 / 10.0
The story of how Qiu Tong and Sun Jing met and fell in love. Original Webcomic is published on the author's Weibo. Webcomic on Tencent
2014 - 8.73 / 10.0
When the timid Wu You moves to a new high school, she quickly grows attached to her new seating partner, the gregarious Ye Yin. But there is more than meets the eye with Ye Yin, and as the days pass Wu You's...
After the events of the first five volumes of the Kase-san to... series, Kase-san and Yamada are now university students. Yamada's working diligently in her horticulture program, while Kase-san is training h...
2017 - 7.65 / 10.0
Hanadera Keisuke is obsessed with yuri, and he's read all the Yuri Hime manga. However, he is sadly aware that there is one thing a lesbian romance absolutely does not need-- him. One day, a student named Ak...
2011 - 6.60 / 10.0