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Collection of cute and sweet short stories for all to enjoy.
2019 - 7.02 / 10.0
Facial communication, no words necessary. ------------- Two children, a girl and a boy, pass each other on the way to school, everyday at the same exact place, at the same exact time. They never talk only ...
2012 - 7.09 / 10.0
Takuma Miyabe is a boy from an island who moved to Tokyo because his island doesn't have a high school there. However, the ratio of male and female is 1:9. There are too many female students in his class, an...
2008 - 6.51 / 10.0
Taken from VIZ: Kosaku Hatanaka is the first pro boxer ever produced by Mukaida's Gym. He's also the bane of his coach's existence. Although he's constantly waging war against his appetite, Kosaku never met...
1989 - 7.03 / 10.0
1) What are You Looking for? A very rude but good looking banker named Ryo Masaki seeks the help of poor detective Keisuke Sanjo. This is the first client that he has seen in a very long time... what could h...
2010 - 7.78 / 10.0
A story about living with a ghost who will attain enlightenment in a year.
2020 - 6.64 / 10.0
Sugiki, a standard ballroom dancer, offers to teach Suzuki, a Latin American dancer, ballroom in exchange for Suzuki's teaching him in return. Their names are similar, but their personalities are complete ...
2012 - 8.65 / 10.0
Three extraordinary women in three age groups and three unforgettable lives intersect in Morim Kang's fascinating 10, 20, and 30. Krumb is a clumsy, scatterbrained widow in her 30's whose teenaged daughter, ...
1998 - 6.57 / 10.0
Chikako Sugata, a "Sudachi" (sour lemon/person w/o any romantic relationships) who spent her 20s in the countryside without any romance. The 32-year-old girl decides to revive her youth in Tokyo! And in or...
Wakaba Amamiya thought she had her life figured out. At 30 years old, even being tall and having large feet, she thought she would soon marry her boyfriend of five years only to overhear him on the phone, sa...
2019 - 6.50 / 10.0
Character based on Virtual Youtuber Saki Ouga Author's Twitter
2020 - 5.69 / 10.0
A daily life story about a woman in her late 10s, a woman in her late 20s, and a woman in her late 30s. Original Webtoon: Naver Series, Naver Webtoon
The employer is a perfect Ikemen husband!? I need the money no matter what...!! The bride position I reluctantly accepted comes with a bonus love miracle...?
Asuka is the heiress to a massive estate, called the Sanjou Empire. With her high school graduation, she is to marry her bodyguard Akira, and she is starting to think her actual budding romantic feelings are...
“We follow an unspoken agreement not to look at each other’s face. After all, he’s nothing more than a conversation partner for me to unwind with in the restroom... Once we leave these doors, we're not...
2019 - 6.34 / 10.0
Original Webtoon The love story between two people who travel between Seoul and Hong Kong.
Eiji Yariba is a 29-year-old sales team coach working at a call center for Arcadia car insurance at the Hachijou branch in Tokyo. Although he sees himself as nothing more than a corporate slave, he is widely...
2017 - 7.01 / 10.0
Extra of 26 series (refer to Related Series field) Original Webtoon
2018 - 6.56 / 10.0
A youth named Kiriyama Rei, who lost his family as a child, endures loneliness to become a professional shogi player. Then, through a chance meeting, he develops a relationship with the three Kawamoto sister...
2007 - 8.67 / 10.0
Volume 1: It's complicated: A thirty-year-old virgin gets more than he bargained for when his newfound magical power reveals he's the object of his male coworker's affections! Adachi, a thirty-year-old virgi...
2018 - 7.50 / 10.0
A 31-year-old woman dreams of returning to her high-school days. She was the class president and the idol of the school. However, she did not have the courage to reply to the boy she loved back in high schoo...
2013 - 7.05 / 10.0
Honda is a pharmacist who is overworked due to the hospitalization of his co-worker (who he's secretly in love with). Luckily, one of his customers, Sasashi, turns out to be a doctor who is looking for a jo...
2004 - 7.02 / 10.0