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The second shounen-ai manga ever published, The November Gymnasium focuses on chaste, yearning love between boys at a prestigious German boys' school. Contains Poor Mama (Kawaisou na Mama)
1971 - 7.38 / 10.0
1997 - 6.64 / 10.0
Two siblings who were separated at a young age due to the death of their parents reunites again with many mysteries muddling their past. Original Webtoon Official Japanese Translation Official Indonesian Tr...
2016 - 6.73 / 10.0
A collection of short stories set against the backdrop of various wars; World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. • Nagai Knife no Yoru (Night of the Long Knife) A German spy for the Allies has ...
1997 - 6.81 / 10.0
Kuini and Yilou must travel to Tyzzer, an unknown village, to prevent a nameless threat, or the world will end in 80 days. Along the way, they team up with the apprentice artist Lang, who is also traveling t...
2011 - 6.85 / 10.0
Various Kanji radicals anthropomorphized! Familiar characters, kanji. What if the kanji radical is anthropomorphic? The radicals of the kanji are beautiful and a variety of personified
Rebirth and come back, Mu Yunyao believes in three points: firstly, don't be kind to others; secondly, remove out the source of the trouble; thirdly, don't believe the true feelings. So, she is ruthless and u...
2019 - 7.63 / 10.0
The useless maid, Marie, has never been able to do anything correctly. But after caring for a dying prisoner, she becomes the person she's always wanted to be. This is the start of the capable maid, Marie. ...
2019 - 7.14 / 10.0
Sang, once the little boy too afraid to jump into the lake with the older children, comes back home a brave new man – a huntsman, to be exact. It's only after reuniting with his friend Sejin, the shaman’...
2013 - 6.78 / 10.0
The story is about a little Master, Gong Yao Ying, in order to accomplish the assigned tasks, she travels across the different periods. The stories are created after meeting with the famous historical figures.
2007 - 7.12 / 10.0
Everyone always says to set high goals for oneself. Sei-Ann, an orphaned young lady who was raised in the care of a noblewoman, does just that when she decides she’ll become the prince’s bride. With abov...
2005 - 7.73 / 10.0
"I want to get closer to you, I want to be loved by you..." Time traveling to the Meiji Era, a dreamy love story.
2020 - 6.73 / 10.0
When a modern girl time-travels to the ancient times and finds herself trapped in the body of a deserted concubine, Yun XiangChang, and bullied by other concubines in the Prince Qin's Residence, her strong m...
2018 - 6.68 / 10.0
16 year old Xuan Qian Cao was outstanding, but because she was the daughter of a traitor, she suffered endless amounts of humiliation, sneering and loneliness. The most outstanding individual in the Imperia...
6.37 / 10.0
There exists a website where you just pay a few dollars and set a keyword, then you can easily enter the world of novels to personally run around and venture. After every time you enter, the experiences that...
A woman awaits the return of the man she loves from a war in ancient Greece.
2005 - 5.57 / 10.0
An intelligent and domineering woman encounters a carefree, flamboyant prince at a brothel. Initially, she thinks of it as nothing more than a chance meeting, but little did she know their fates would end up...
2018 - 6.79 / 10.0
A young girl becomes the princess in a foreign kingdom and vies for the cold prince's love despite the obstacles that stand between them. Original Webtoon Official English Translation
2018 - 6.63 / 10.0
An epic tale of romance like the thousand petals of a flower. The Emperor and his friend, General Jin, both lost their beloveds in the same tragedy. The tale of their children, Prince MuWon and SeulHyun, who...
2014 - 6.81 / 10.0
Princess Acacia of Libya is engaged to the the prince of Hittite. They are madly in love with each other. But Lamec, the young king of Egypt, while conquering Libya (and killing Acacia's parents) falls in lo...
2001 - 6.02 / 10.0