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Tamaru, a small, baby-faced "cute" boy, is in love with Morinaga, a tall, cool girl. Tamaru-kun thinks he's not good enough for her, but one day he sees Morinaga in a way that is too unexpected for him...? A...
2020 - 6.58 / 10.0
Collection of cute and sweet short stories for all to enjoy.
2019 - 7.02 / 10.0
Facial communication, no words necessary. ------------- Two children, a girl and a boy, pass each other on the way to school, everyday at the same exact place, at the same exact time. They never talk only ...
2012 - 7.09 / 10.0
Takuma Miyabe is a boy from an island who moved to Tokyo because his island doesn't have a high school there. However, the ratio of male and female is 1:9. There are too many female students in his class, an...
2008 - 6.51 / 10.0
After losing a game, Sora Andou finally felt the limit to his talent and decided to quit soccer before middle school graduation; however, a surprise meeting with Shiki Wakamiya, the representative of Japan's...
2010 - 8.56 / 10.0
Character based on Virtual Youtuber Saki Ouga Author's Twitter
2020 - 5.69 / 10.0
Music is fun! Kazunade Umezuka enters Shizugaoka Gakuen, a prestigious track and field school, but after a setback with the track and field team, she decides to join the brass band club. Although confused by...
It seems to be like a notebook for little girls to use it like a diary.
2013 - 6.38 / 10.0
The story begins with Hanahi, a sixth-grade girl who is neither an adult nor a child. She deals with issues such as accidentally witnessing her homeroom teacher kissing, and worrying about experiencing physi...
2012 - 6.61 / 10.0
Short random school life chapters about a group of girls who attend Watermelon Junior High.
2006 - 6.90 / 10.0
15 no Yoru is an irregularly serialized anthology manga that deals with societal issues such as neglect of children and the elderly, drug addiction, school bullying, extreme reclusiveness, HIV/AIDS 1.The Cr...
The employer is a perfect Ikemen husband!? I need the money no matter what...!! The bride position I reluctantly accepted comes with a bonus love miracle...?
It's the start of their senior year, and Shiika happens to be in the same class as a guy named Megumi. It's a mystery to her why his voice echoes through her mind.
2008 - 7.55 / 10.0
A main character who's lived for 17 years. The reflection in his gaze tells a special story of that summer day. Original Webtoon Official Indonesian Translation
2009 - 6.47 / 10.0
The cute and funny relationship between a 4 high school boys who will very slowly grow up, form a rock band called One Day, & fall in love with each other, while trying to keep a couple of them out of troubl...
2014 - 8.95 / 10.0
Collection of 19 short stories. The collection contains stories of diverse authors. Everyone can find something for themselves in these unusual «days». The collection consists of: - Prologue by Moss & Ol...
2013 - 7.06 / 10.0
A oneshot from Fellows 2009-08.
2009 - 6.60 / 10.0
Fuka Nanase, a 14-year-old in the 8th grade, falls in love for the first time. But when her heart beats, she becomes a witch!? Source: Jmanga
2009 - 6.51 / 10.0
10 O' Clock Rule "Every night, he would call to ensure I was safe. Now we are adults; he will even come pick me up. Always, at precisely 10 o'clock." As someone who only fancies cute guy, the high school te...
2011 - 6.48 / 10.0
The manga will tell an original story that will not be told in the anime. [ANN]
2020 - 6.65 / 10.0
Two months after coming to Tokyo, Iku is enjoying otaku life, but something mysterious is happening to him: He's started to see ghosts! One particular ghost - who's always standing on top of the pedestrian...
2014 - 7.47 / 10.0