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Flum Apricot never even wanted to leave her village. She would've been content to live out her entire life there in peace. But unfortunately, after being prophesied by the God of Creation Origin to join the ...
2018 - 6.80 / 10.0
According to the god’s prophecy, the girl Flamm was chosen to be one of the members of the demon king’s subjugation journey. Everyone was a hero and possessed a top class power. However, for some reason ...
2018 - 7.17 / 10.0
Transported into the world of an otome game, a woman will do whatever she thinks is necessary for the sake of the villainess, Derrida Fafnir. Raw link-
2020 - 6.63 / 10.0
After being abandoned by first her father then her mother, Yuu has become a girl who refuses to get close to anyone. There is one girl, however, who won't leave Yuu alone. The energetic, popular Ayumu inexpl...
2008 - 6.78 / 10.0
Asuka Mori is infatuated with a certain someone. That certain someone being the person who makes up half of her DNA; her mother.
2015 - 7.52 / 10.0
North Private Academy has a new transfer student:. But Youko notices something strange...
2016 - 6.42 / 10.0
Original Publication
6.23 / 10.0
In "24, 25," the main character reminisces about a girl she knew in high school.
2004 - 6.31 / 10.0
Siyeon, who returns home after studying abroad for college, finds out about the 'Understanding Wine' course that her younger sister has picked for her. It's very popular because it's about tasting wine, but ...
2019 - 6.70 / 10.0
Solitary witch Meg likes to be mischievous and make trouble in the forest for her nemesis, Lilith the Witch Hunter. But when an altercation goes sideways, and Meg turns Lilith into a cat, a cascade of unfort...
2018 - 7.23 / 10.0
Sequel to "5 Seconds Before a Witch Falls in Love".
2020 - 7.02 / 10.0
'Sang-eun' is greeted by a pretty sunbae, 'Jian', who she meets in her first university class! When Jian leaves momentarily during their freshmen welcome meeting, Sang-eun follows... But while comforting th...
2020 - 6.59 / 10.0
It contains nine one-shot romance manhwa by Wann. Return of Princess Rouana -- Asha was sent by her master Cayan, the so-called "evil sorcerer," to send a message to the Royal Court that Princess Rouana wil...
2001 - 7.33 / 10.0
A young woman meets an old friend she once kept a secret for.
2019 - 6.58 / 10.0
An OL gets a job in the countryside and meets a local elementary school student.
2021 - 6.55 / 10.0
Kei is interested in a woman at the gym. Imagine her surprise when she sees her in a lesbian bar!
1995 - 5.59 / 10.0
A lonely girl finds solace in her bag full of memories, now it's time for her to break through her shell. Original Webtoon Official English Translation
2017 - 7.08 / 10.0
Louann, working as a maid of the mansion, accidentally finds out the lady of the house's scary secret on her first day of work and she's now invited to a strange meal...
2018 - 6.60 / 10.0
Dai Yi is a female geography teacher who has just transferred to high school. She has a crush on her colleague, the popular female teacher, Zhang Guo, and she was about to grow closer with her crush. However...
2021 - 6.63 / 10.0