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Koisuru Boukun  
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Bokutachi no Shippai
Koi Suru Boukun
T-Love (French)
The Tyrant Falls In Love
The Tyrant Who Fall in Love
The Tyrant Who Falls in Love
Verliebter Tyrann
Zakochany tyran (Polish)
사랑하는 폭군

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Biblo Eros
Canis Major Scanlations
Hinako Takanaga Fan Community
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v.13 c.6 by kudouusagi 3 months ago
c.North wind and the Sun (2016 Gush parallel anthology) by kudouusagi 3 months ago
v.13 c.5 by kudouusagi 4 months ago
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Gush (Kaiousha)

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June (11 Vols)

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Among baby's first yaoi mangas, hits different years later  
by sweetdevil
August 4th, 2021, 4:13pm
Rating: N/A
The premise and execution of this manga are very off-putting to me now compared to years ago when I read it as a teen (back then I thought it was good even!): what looks like an asexual guy being raped and bullied — nay, outright blackmailed! — into a relationship by a needy, self-centered, mopey gay who can't control himself (which is a very bad look). From Souichi's perspective, he's being pursued by a guy who can't take his "no" for an answer and constantly tries to tell him how he feels. Because a gay guy assaulting a homophobe who's not interested in sex is passed off as romantic. Yikes.

Ironically, Morinaga's lack of self control and empathy justifies Souichi's stereotyping of gays as predatory and dangerous. Morinaga doesn't really care about Souichi's well-being or wishes, only about getting what he wants; if only Souichi could see how much of a nice guy Morinaga is!
I've read so much BL to know that consent is a gray area a lot of the time, but's really not. At all.

Everything goes round in circles: Souichi distances himself from Morinaga for some reason, Morinaga pines after him and finally cracks, leading to the very dubcon sex scene at the end of the volume, with Souichi looking like he accepts Morinaga a tiny bit more. Rinse and repeat for literally every volume after the first. The plot of every volume hinges on Souichi rejecting Morinaga and Morinaga forcing himself on Souichi to convince Souichi that he's actually gay and in love with Morinaga.

The art is mediocre to decent. I'd compare it to Naoko Takeuchi's sketchy, outlines-not-connecting style.
Dunno if I'll ever continue it, the point I left off (volume 8) seems like an acceptable (if open) ending.

ETA: weizhan's comment misses the point of the criticism people have of this story. No, Koisuru Boukun is not a deep, biting commentary on how women are treated in Japanese society (having Souichi be a stand-in for the woman, in this case). In the first sex scene, Souichi is drunk, drugged, can barely move, and explicitly voices that he does not consent to sex; Morinaga, as the more sober party, sees this as an opportunity to have sex with Souichi. They are the main couple and Morinaga is the protagonist, and the story is written in a way that encourages the reader to root for Morinaga and want him to keep pushing Souichi to "wake up" and realize that he's actually gay and in love with him!

There are plenty of BL works that pass rape off as no big deal, inadvertently painting gay men as predatory because they relentlessly pursue their uninterested love interests despite rejection, and Koisuru Boukun is one of them, as much as the people who like it don't want to admit it.

... Last updated on August 5th, 2021, 3:17am
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Really good! But the first 5 volumes didn't do it justice  
by Sunfae
November 20th, 2020, 4:45am
Rating: 8.0 / 10.0
Where should I start. This manga actually started to be enjoyable for me by volume 6 or let's say by volume 5, it was as if there was an awakening or something and the author changed the writing style almost completely.

The first volumes make the negative ratings and reviews kinda understandable, I myself thought of dropping it so many times at first. The author kept dragging the whole tsundere/forceful sex/rejection story and it was stretched to the moon, which made the first 5 volumes repetitive and frustrating. Moreover, the fact that there was rarely any pov from Tatsumi's side in the first volumes that can show his thoughts & feelings, made the whole relationship at first quite disturbing and confusing but when we started seeing things from Tatsumi's point of view later on (after volume 5) everything was clarified and we understood why he was allowing that kind of forceful relationship at first.

Maybe to prepare the future readers and make the first 5 volumes understandable, "Abuse" should be added to the categories/tags of this manga, because at first there was assault and there was abuse from both sides actually, as in my opinion, Morinaga was emotionally abused by Tatsumi but then again if there was any point of views from Tatsumi's side at first (like later on in the manga) I could've made sense a bit of what was happening.

Also this manga had so much potential of being a psychological one, both the characters and the whole relationship is very complex but even though it got way better later on, I think it could've been deeper.

As a conclusion, future readers give this manga a chance as it's really a good story and this relationship is very unique, just be patient for the first few volumes.

Also a general advice to readers, not all stories are meant to be lovey-dovey and respectful, there are abusive relationships and bad starts to relationships happening in real life, hence the tag "slice of life", but I acknowledge that it seemed as if the author tried to romanticize what was happening in the beginning, which was a mistake, maybe the author left it to the reader to put a label on the situation at first, but nonetheless I think adding an "Abuse" tag might correct/explain that a bit, and again for me, everything made sense later on in the manga.

At the end, I can say that I liked and enjoyed this story a lot (starting from volume 5 onward), It certainly does not deserve the low ratings at all. Future readers, just give it some time and read it all, you won't regret it.

... Last updated on November 20th, 2020, 4:45am
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Does anyone actually understand the BL genre?  
by weizhan
September 2nd, 2020, 5:24pm
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
So, I'm going to sound so passive aggressive right now, but I actually disagree with the majority of the comments that are lowering the rating of Koisuru Boukun because of the non-con/rape themes. I think that there are a few things that are totally excluded from the discussion here: first of all, the perspective of the readers. We - I am assuming - are mostly from Western backgrounds. I personally am from Australia, and can I just say that we have extreme censorship, and have previously been at risk of paedophilia charges from simply reading these kinds of texts. Topics like non-con and rape, regardless of how they are explored are constantly seen in a negative light: especially without context for the writing itself. This leads me to the second point: yaoi/BL/shounen ai are a genre that originated in the 1950s-70s in Japan as a response to the FEMINIST SEXUAL EMANCIPATION MOVEMENT, this genre is a response to conventional porn (aimed at satisfying the male gaze) and a conceptual exploration of femininity. The "male" characters in these texts function more as a "third-sex" so to speak; they embody and represent - dare I be so bold - the 'feminine condition', and remove that barrier of 2-dimensional female characters in texts; replacing them with these obscure male characters that do not conform to male stereotypes or the conventional form of masculinity. This comments are not unsupported: I would recommend that all of you actually review the historical significance of the text you are "slandering" or at the very least writing "libellous" falsities about.

This leads me to an actual interaction with the text: of course non-con and rape are displeasing (actually revolting) to read about, but in my opinion the author does not write about such concepts in a positive manner. Quite the contrary: I think that she is actually using Souchii as essentially a 'medium'. I mean, how many women are subject to this kind of revolting conduct: we are constantly pressured into sexual favours by men, forcefully or otherwise. The author does not romanticise the conduct, rather she - in tandem with a character conflict plot centre - actually delves into the taboo as a feature of the BL genre. Of course, that appears to turn this text into something of scholarship, which personally I think is ludicrous. It's a lighthearted comic full of comedic exchanges, non-conventional romance and - though it displeases me to phrase it this way - BL tropes (including, but not limited to, non-con and rape themes).

All I am requesting is that before deeming this text to be a romanticism/endorsement of sexual assault (a very bold statement to be making a may add) please consider that society requires discussion and exploration of taboo topics, simply burying or avoiding something does not stop it from existing. Gosh, I've gotten terribly serious here, but I really do feel that the author needs to be defended. It's this kind of thinking that results in blanket repression that damages creativity and thought patterns.

So, please, read the series in context with the genre. And stop beating up a text you obviously don't understand.
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'Oh no, I raped you bUT I love you, accept me because I said I love you and oh poor me and my feelings'  
by murichan
December 30th, 2019, 1:50pm
Rating: N/A
The first time I read this I was 14, and I loved it.
I loved every story Hinako had, and loved Morinaga(seme).
And now 9 years later, the 23 y/o me felt disgusting reading this.

Every sex scene is a big NOPE,

It doesnt have any character grow, as in 'huh, maybe this relationship is a bit toxit, lets talk about it',

is always the uke's fault for being careless 😕? AND THE FUCKING BLACKMAIL PART AND THAT 'ONCE A WEEK' AGREEMENT, ARE YOU SERIOUS??

what the fuck. making rape something romantic like 😕😕
and I get why Souchii is always screaming and confuse, because my friend, its like Stockholm Syndrom, kinda.
its so annoying. I read other works from her and only 3 of them doesnt have this initial:
'Oh no, I raped you bUT I love you, accept me because I said I love you and oh poor me and my feelings'

Of course a 14 y/o horny girl would love this, wow so much lemon, its like the famous usagixmisaki situation wow so much porn. I hope kids these days know that is not this is not OK.
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Love it  
by Rinshi7
July 5th, 2018, 11:32am
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
I enjoy this series so long ago and now to find out that?s it?s still ongoing excites me. I love hinako works and this one is my favorite. The comedy is great. The story is fun and charming. The characters are fun and full of live. If you get understand and get past vol 1 then the rest you?ll enjoy.
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i read this manga so long ago  
by w334800
June 23rd, 2018, 12:58pm
Rating: 1.0 / 10.0
i remember reading this manga YEARS ago. i found it by a stamp on deviantart. i dont remember how long ago it was but it was before high school and the other yaoi manga ive read then was like... junjou romantika. cringey-yes.
i liked it then and it only had a few volumes out (i think i was up to volume 4). Now? im rereading the whole thing to honor my 12 year old self and oh my god i didnt realize how much noncon there is in here and how i thought it was normal?? my problem with it is that its not even seen as bad like how killing stalking or any the creepy works of harada show rape-shown as yeah this is messed up but thats what youre here for. no. here it paints the rape as an overflowing of his love he couldnt control anymore. as unrealistic the manga may get romance-wise, it has something that seems all too familiar to real life. the creepy/obsessive/abusive behavior of morinaga acting like he is entitled to souichi for keeping his feelings for him despite being rejected before.
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by hinaru77
June 24th, 2017, 7:47pm
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
. I see that many people have issues with the first volume and I quite disagree with that. Because I see that quite often the many mangas and this author likes to address this issue and lot of her spin-offs for the series and it's kind of like even though he did such a thing to this character this another character can still forgive him because he still cares for this character. And I'm not trying to say reapers is okay but when it comes to Yowell a lot of times it is rape which don't get me wrong I do get turned off by the or I do end up skipping it but for this service I continue to read it especially after reading her previous work Challengers and I enjoyed in period but with the sauce if she really has a good town of riding her serious and I would definitely recommend continuing to read this because it just gets better it may start out rough at first but it just keeps getting better especially the while I'm 9 and the fact that the author can't give up on these characters and still writes this makes me happy to know that she still continuing to read this series.
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just no  
by Himeowchama
April 3rd, 2017, 12:22pm
Rating: 1.0 / 10.0
The anime put me off. I wasn't satisfied of being disappointed, so I kinda checked the manga. And really, rape on the first few chapters? Ermm yea. The uke is too tsundere in his own good, and the seme raped the uke in the first place. Yea yea, kinda like the uke's fault for dropping his guard (victim blaming; 50-50 on this issue imo) but if he (seme) had his love controlled (which proves greater love), then I would honestly praise him for that. But he kinda lost it in the second chap so no. Quite confused why a lot of people praise this? I guess this situation is similar to Nozomu Bekumonai where a lot of people loved it but it kinda start at rape idk.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Kinda a reminder as a general, and not just for this manga.

(One of my main issues of yaoi: rape and violence is taken very lightly. As a fellow BL-lover, I advise you to please please have some standard for Yaoi.)
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I rated it as a 10 only because of ma boi, Morinaga.  
by liontaraki
February 13th, 2017, 8:56am
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
In my top 3 yaois of all time, Koisure Boukun earned its place from the very first chapter. I started reading it when vol 5 was out and waited patiently for each chapter to be released. Now in 2017, however, I feel like despite the time passed, Tatsumi's feelings haven't developed into love.

We see him trying to compromise with Morinaga (my pure, innocent baby) but he still identifies as straight, he avoids the issue addressing their relationship, he hasn't initiated intimate contact since the last chapter of vol 8 and that was an one-time-thing only. Literally, the only thing that has changed was Tatsumi's pleasure points and he gets to have the best from both worlds at this point.

Morinaga, who has always met selfish partners his whole life, cannot even hope to find a partner that loves him back for who he is and this breaks my heart even more. He was so happy that Senpai remembers his name now, that he tries to explain some of his actions even though in the past he didn't bother at all. He brightens up with the simpliest things and this is sooo angsty for me as a reader.

Morinaga gets to "sleep" with him only after a lot of sweet-talking, going on and on about how kind Senpai is and how much he loves him and in return he gets to have sex with no real feelings attached, where he does all the hard work ina body-worshiping kind of way, and even if they happen to sleep together after the act, Senpai hits him and acts cold as soon as he wakes up under the guise of being shy and not comfortable enough. I expected more things from Tatsumi.

However, at this point, even though Morinaga swallowed all these insults and abuse and apologized to Tatsumi a thousand times (he replies with an "I'm sorry" almost every other panel) for being gay or for wanting more and even though Morinaga confessed in the most endearing ways and had tons of sex with Tatsumi, it breaks my heart that the only thing he has accomplished is being Senpai's assistant at work, housekeeper and personal whore in bed. He deserves a lover that feels the same way and treats him kindly and passionately and acts stupid-in-love.

Since Morinaga is my personal favourite, I can only wait to see how Takagana-sensei can resolve this situation in a positive way. As a fan, I'm very dissatisfied with how things are atm.

... Last updated on February 13th, 2017, 9:09am
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Sometimes it got annoying  
by Anilied
January 30th, 2016, 1:40pm
Rating: 8.0 / 10.0
I hated how Souichi would act Tsundere. No, there's no problem in being tsundere, but he just overdoes it. Throughout this manga, I felt as if Souichi's tsundere-ness creates problem in their love life. Just give Morinaga a proper answer already!
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
5 years of crush, and then you say "I don't know" to his question
even though it's obvious that you're in love with him and you know it by yourself. And morever, how is he a "homophobic"? He is not a homophobic at all. Like I said, he is a tsundere. And he couldn't accept the fact that his brother went abroad with another man and also got married later on. It looked like he kinda had some brother complex or something. Whatever, he couldn't accept it, that's all. It didn't really look like he hated homos at all...Not after you be a homo by yourself.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
In the 1st chapter (and/or int the first OVA) he asked Morinaga if all the homos are together to annoy him (or whatever, didn't care to remember every single line).
What the hell man? Why would you ask him? How does he know? He shouldn't know that ONLY because he is gay! It made me actually happy that
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Morinaga got irritated (for the first and last time) and went away, or tried to go away. Souichi deserved that.

Though, I'm just waiting for Souichi to confess his feelings. Man, you can't be this shy, right? His shyness and tsundere personality made me feel that he was born to be the bottom aka uke. The art is nice, though not the best. I liked how both of them developed though. Just waiting for it to get finished.

... Last updated on January 30th, 2016, 1:41pm
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