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World star female idol Jin Bunhong and idol fan Yeon Haneul's soul exchange story! Original Webtoon Official Translation: Indonesian, French
2019 - 6.32 / 10.0
A a variety of oneshot stories related to the supposed end of the world in 2012. 5) Nature-0 by HEE-JUNG Baek Resource depletion, environmental contamination, desertification, and foolish wars. Mankind will...
2012 - 6.60 / 10.0
A collection of ghost stories all meant to send a chill down your spine. 6) 장산범 by POGO 16) Ghost in Masung Tunnel by Horang I was on my way to my hometown, alone, on an express bus...
2013 - 6.58 / 10.0
A collection of stories by various authors about the universe and beyond. Original Webtoon Official English Translation
2015 - 6.81 / 10.0
Original Webtoon The love story between two people who travel between Seoul and Hong Kong.
Original Webtoon Official Translation: English, French, Indonesian, Japanese Jooahn and Dojin couldn't be any more different at work. She's a perpetually single career woman who takes everything too seriou...
2020 - 7.06 / 10.0
The story deals with one of the most tragic and critical events in South Korean history. On May 18, 1980, in the city of Gwangju, state troops were ordered to open fire on civilians, killing and wounding tho...
It took a very long time to get started, and maybe I couldn't forever. A record of the time she passed. Original Webtoon
Original Webtoon Cha Taein is a very handsome student and cheerleader in college, while Yoo Soohyuk is one of the campus’ most popular guys and is also in the soccer and music club. When Taein is chased ...
What exactly is the difference between a robot and a human? In a dystopian future in which robots are becoming increasingly commonplace, a young boy named Hogu lives in near poverty with his grandmother an...
2008 - 6.89 / 10.0
Just spend three seconds of your day on this three-panel comic! Original Webtoon Official English Translation Official S. Chinese Translation Official T. Chinese Translation
2014 - 6.44 / 10.0
On a peaceful day, a text message announces the countdown until the end of the world Soo Ah, a cheerful high school girl, sees how all of her loved ones gradually disappear and panics She decides that the ...
Iro’s plan was simple. Pretend to be a service man, make the delivery, and exchange a few words with Rene, his dream guy. But when a drunk Rene mistakes him for the android he ordered, Iro decides to take ...
2015 - 6.48 / 10.0
The romantic way back home of Galaxy Institution's Wi Seong Eun (Moon) and Ji Gu Bong (Earth). The world's most thrilling time, this 30 minute walk. Original Webtoon Official Japanese Translation Official ...
2017 - 6.33 / 10.0
For 40 days, Desyca, slacker but super lucky student, have to attend quarantine pre-NSO (National Science Olympiad) for Physics subject together with cute guys from elite high school in study room No. 304. B...
2016 - 6.62 / 10.0
Cutter and cuttee living together. Note: English release discontinued. Original Webtoon Official English Translation
A personification drama about the internet, "Hey, aren't you a passerby? " Original Webcomic
2010 - 6.21 / 10.0
"A spell to change the genre of your life!” Yeah, that’d be nice. So far, Juwon’s existence has been pretty ordinary: a boring daily routine with zero romance to speak of. Then one day, he sees a movie...
2019 - 6.35 / 10.0
The Hero has defeated the Demon King, but the Princess he meant to save turned out to be a Prince. NEETdom, here he comes, but a life of relaxation surrounded by animes is a pretty sweet deal. Unfortunately...
2014 - 8.09 / 10.0
The 12 Deities are running rampant on earth! And Sages who're above humans are planning to take over the earth... Original Webtoon
2014 - 6.76 / 10.0
NOTE: Official english will release May 2021 on Manta. (Author its already June where is it!?) Manta will have the 15+ Ver. While Lezhin will have the 19+ ver soon after Original Webtoon 'You... never chan...
2020 - 7.15 / 10.0
The interesting stories of 44 and 99 that takes place in alternate universes. Original Webtoon
Original Webtoon
Bori Kim's grades are suffering from her constant doodling in class. However, once her drawings catch the attention of a startup game developer, she finds herself with a new job as an illustrator for a datin...
2015 - 6.60 / 10.0