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"I was born to defeat you. Just give up and let me take your body." Mao is the descendant of an ancient demon lord. Whenever he makes eye contact with someone, they're his to command! Mao's spent his whole ...
2013 - 7.83 / 10.0
Original Webtoon Official English Translation Official Japanese Translation
2018 - 6.82 / 10.0
The life of an ordinary young woman takes an unexpected turn for the worse when she's hired as a waitress... In a restaurant for killers.
2017 - 6.66 / 10.0
Wedding planner, Aizawa, stays firm in having hot one-night stands and carefree sex-friends relationships. When approached with an "I like you" it seems he has an eternal rule to reject such bothersome man.....
2018 - 6.79 / 10.0
An adaptation of the Don Quixote novels.
2013 - 6.72 / 10.0
Lin Yilu, a BL novelist loved by the Internet, was forced by his parents to send a resume to a liquor store. Without a high degree, he mistakenly uploaded the unpublished novel manuscript as a self-introduct...
2020 - 6.80 / 10.0
Mizuno and Mitazono were middle school classmates with polar opposite personalities. One day, years later, Mitazono calls Mizuno up to help take care of some stray kittens. Mizuno agrees to stay in his house...
2016 - 6.86 / 10.0
Komagata Seishirou is a novelist who seemingly has it all: good looks, money, fame... But he has one big problem: he's still a virgin, which makes writing erotic scenes for his works a bit tricky!
The story centres on Kiriko, Black Jack's nemesis who specializes in euthanasia.
Sudou Ginji is a writer who is gay and popular with men. He has never had a proper lover and has mostly had sex friends and one night stands. Most recently, he moved into a house with his senior colleague's ...
Pairing: Izaya x Kida Kida hate izaya but still can't cut the invisible red string he have.
2010 - 6.75 / 10.0
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya Shizuo is questioning himself about "why" he keeps fucking Izaya, remembering how it begun.
2010 - 6.71 / 10.0
A fictional account depicting the work of Meiji era railroad engineer Shima Yasujirou.
18 year-old Yanagi Nanaka has always adored living in Tokyo and she will finally be moving there for her university studies but her main concern now is that she'll be leaving behind her boyfriend Riichi. "B...
An exterminator dies and finds himself in a fantasy world, without any skill with the sword or wand he carries on doing what he knows best. Links: Original Web novel
2017 - 7.60 / 10.0
A story of three female employees at a game company. One of the female employees is a programmer, "a rare item." Original Webtoon
2014 - 5.86 / 10.0
Yoowol is a sensitive and vulnerable musician scraping his way through college. While haunted by his family's nightmarish tragedies, he is hunted down by the loan shark Jung-won, who has been keeping him in ...
2020 - 6.59 / 10.0
Kishi Keiichirou is a pathologist who advises doctors on their diagnoses and whose judgement is widely accepted. Though an eccentric that few people can stand to associate personally, Kishi is passionate abo...
2014 - 6.68 / 10.0
"Friends," by Sugio Hisako, tells of a promiscuous woman who realizes she's fallen in love with her friend.
2008 - 5.92 / 10.0
Benzo and Soji witnessed the death of Tatsugoro, leader of the Akame Gang. Tatsugoro's last words to them were "I'm leaving you two in charge", but it was Jinzaburo, the former leader's friend, who was chose...
2011 - 6.79 / 10.0
Home Economics Teacher, Shinji Yabe, is asked by the biggest gyaru in school, Miku Okazaki, to help her "bake cookies to give to the teachers". The principal told her to do this, after she flunked every subj...
2016 - 7.66 / 10.0