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Incest in manga

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Post #83558

12:58 pm, Nov 3 2007
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well for stepcest theres the devil does exist
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girl accidently gives a love letter to the wrong guy, who ends up being a punk of the school,son of the principal. only to find out later hes the son of the man her mother is marrying.

not sure if this counts really or if its in the manga, but weiss kruze
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Omi had incest relationship with his sister

Post #93764

5:24 pm, Nov 15 2007
Posts: 21

Thought this quick link may spark something for someone.

Okay, I really like this forum. I'm intrigued beyond belief about incest and how manga views it. The only reason why I'm intrigued is because my state allows cousin marriage and sadly enough, I know the reason why, Everyone is related to everyone where I live. Divorce is SEVERLY high around where I live.

Anyways, I thought I would put my two cents and say thanks for putting up this thread and keep this thread active.

Love and peace,

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2:52 pm, Nov 17 2007
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JK biggrin

Brother X Brother (well, the title is self-explanitory)

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12:39 pm, Jan 19 2008
Posts: 94

It's great coming back to this topic after so long! I was vastly amused by Saint Guardian's comment about everyone being related to everyone in SG's town. Laclongquan's point about defining what counts as incest is also very valid. It got me thinking that -- well, we're all related as long as we're human beings!


That's freaky. I mean, I might enjoy playing "Who's your Daddy?" with my girlfriend, but still...

Uh. Anyhow. Incest in manga is what we're talking about! I can't remember if anyone mentioned For the Rose, but I re-read it again recently and found the multiple strands of incest in it quite interesting. Brother/sister and brother/brother -- that's a rare combination in any manga, let alone a shoujo one!

However, I'm still looking for stories that seriously deal with incest -- preferably a consensual incestuous romance, and the problems that these lovers face both within themselves and within society. Has anyone got any recent titles to offer up? The only seinen title I've read about this theme is Koi Kaze -- again, an old classic re-visited. There are heaps of yaoi titles about consensual incest, but I have (alas!) not found much yuri. OMG SISTERS PLZ. *cough* And there's the somewhat pallid shoujo take on stepcest in The Devil Does Exist, but otherwise, consensual incest is difficult to come across in the shoujo genre. (Or am I wrong? If I am, please tell me! I'm always looking for recommendations!)

By far the best manga I've read about incest recently is A Cruel God Reigns, which is mind-bendingly awesome and just -- just -- wow. It deals with the complex psychology of a sexually abused youth, who then murders his abusive stepfather and finds (what might be) love with his stepbrother. I know it sounds crazy, but there's this sense of stark reality to the whole thing that really hits me hard. The mangaka is Hagio Moto, by the way, whom some of you might know from They Were Eleven! fame. (That series was made into an anime, remember? Way back... Okay, so maybe it's not famous anymore, and I've just outed myself as an old hag. no )

Anyway, the art of A Cruel God Reigns might be dated, but as the manga grows on you, it becomes obvious that the art is in fact very avant garde -- which is to say, there is a surrealism to some of the darker images that is truly thrilling. Concrete situations suddenly take flight into violent, serrated images... It's brilliant. I really loved the darkness of it all -- as well as the slender ray of hope that leads our traumatized hero to a tentative recovery. (After 17 volumes of non-stop angst. Well, it's about time...)

I read (er, browsed?) the raws for this one, because only the first chapter is scanslated. More will be scanslated soon, but to tell you the truth, this story is such a pictorial feast that even the raws are powerful enough. And I'm saying this as someone who doesn't read Japanese. Heh. How does that work? I'm not sure. I only know that the way this mangaka draws her characters' expressions is unparalleled. I know what the characters are saying! It's like magic. Or telepathy, or something. eek

Right, now that I've wasted your time... Please recommend more incest manga to me! Particularly anything that's been released in the past two months, since I've been away on holiday and have returned with a manga withdrawal so painful that I can barely breathe. All I've got is old incest stories that I'm re-reading (as you've noticed), but I'm sadly lacking in new material.

Of particular interest:

a) Consensual incest.
b) Socially conscious incest. (Like, not just smut, but stories that confront realistic hurdles to an incestuous relationship.)
c) Character development.
d) Straight, bent, vertical, horizontal -- whatever. As long as it's incest, I don't care about pithy details like sexuality! Er...

Thanks in advance!

Last edited by pearlesque at 12:46 pm, Jan 19

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Post #114061
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6:30 am, Jan 20 2008
Posts: 74

Quote from pearlesque
Right, now that I've wasted your time... Please recommend more incest manga to me! Particularly anything that's been released in the past two months, since I've been away on holiday and have returned with a manga withdrawal so painful that I can barely breathe. All I've got is old incest stories that I'm re-reading (as you've noticed), but I'm sadly lacking in new material.

I'd recommend Saver, it's a bit of a depressing 'world travel' story, but a good one. The main heroine accidently falls in love with her brother in the first volume (thought their relationship later on isn't the main focus of the story).

you might also like to try Everyday Everynight and prelude, both are Yaoi, but I found them to be sweet, if a little sad.

There the ones I can think of right now, but looks like most of the suggestions have been made in the thread already. Anyway, hope that helps

Post #117477
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2:52 am, Feb 2 2008
Posts: 8

i have two recs that i don't think has been mentioned. one is Houkago Hokenshitsu by mizushiro setona. the incest is a minor part of the story, but i highly recommend this since it's such a good read. the other is Bokura wo shihaisuru kotoba by fuwa shinri. it's yaoi step-cest biggrin

Post #117825
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2:58 am, Feb 3 2008
Posts: 16

I don't know if anyone already posted Desire Climax. If you did, whoops. Too lazy to read all the posts. It's on the smutty side and cliched but you know, it's smut soo yeaa. Its buttload full of incest tho' so enjoy!

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Post #128326
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2:34 pm, Feb 23 2008
Posts: 8

i don't know if this title was mentioned, but there's a short, slight incest theme in "blood alone".
Spoiler (highlight to view)
the male protagonist had a very deep relationship with is older sister. something which might be considered incestuous.

Post #128329

3:11 pm, Feb 23 2008
Posts: 1


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Post #128332
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3:21 pm, Feb 23 2008
Posts: 2

Unless you know a foreign language, you won't be able to read the manga, but I highly recommend the subtitled anime Oniisama e..., also known as Brother Dear Brother, which you should be able to find on Veoh and Crunchyroll. In spite of the title, it contains yuri incest with very few male characters. Ask anyone who's read/watched that series, and they'll tell you exactly how serious it is. The relationship between two of the main characters, who are sisters, is one of the driving points of the series and, perhaps the most twisted, self-destructive, love-hate, and ultimately spectacular relationship I've ever seen. It's dark, but if you're researching incest, then you're clearly not afraid of dark stuff. My one warning is, that after finishing the anime series, to look up spoilers about the manga at because the manga has a few really different (and perhaps better) plot twists.

And if you don't mind strangeness, then I also highly recommend the Revolutionary Girl Utena anime, which you should be able to find on Veoh. Don't be fooled by the light, almost kooky first few episodes. The plot starts to thicken as soon as episode 5. Towards the end of the first arc and the beginning of the second, it soon becomes clear that the three examples of sibling incest (one of which is consensual) is there and there to stay, and stay it will, throughout the duration of the series, culminating in some major decisions towards the end. The manga's a bit shallow, but the Utena anime is very enigmatic, contains a lot of symbolism and surrealism, has many deep themes, and is known for its twisting of traditional fairy tale and shojo archetypes. Think you're intelligent? Then watch this show, and test how well you can handle the extraordinary.

And I solemnly swear on my top 15 favorite manga/anime, that all of the characters I mentioned has excellent character development. One of the siblings in the BDB anime may seem melodramatic, but otherwise, I guarantee their depth.

Last edited by Nights1stStar at 3:57 pm, Feb 23

Post #171627
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5:48 pm, Jun 21 2008
Posts: 5

Why don't you try " Count Cain" [] another series by Kaori Yuki ? It has consensual incest .The main character is the result of an incest-rape incest. He then fell in love with two blood-related people: his mother and his sibling. Other incest relationship besides main story

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Post #172231
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7:28 pm, Jun 24 2008
Posts: 121

well, one that i know of would be boku wa imouto ni koi wo suru and yuuhi romance.

Post #185065

6:21 am, Jul 30 2008
Posts: 1

Have any of you tried Kissxsis? It's a story of a guy, with two stepsisters who are twins. This guy is the subject of many... well, i don't know how to describe it except that it's pretty hot and very enjoyable. The story deals entirely on the subject of twincest where both the twins have love and sexual interest with their brother whom has the same feeling towards the sisters, despite him trying to fight it. He still gets french kisses from his sisters every morning though.

Kazoku no Shisen Shisshiki is pretty cool too. Deals with the entire sex with family members subject. I got Kazoku no Shisen Shisshiki and Kazoku no Shisen Shisshiki 2, but the second is in japanese, and I unfortunately can't read it.

Post #187484

10:10 pm, Aug 5 2008
Posts: 17

Gekkoh its violent ant very sexual but it is serious about the relationship it has'nt been updated in a while
One step up from hentai. Its a somewhat violent yakuza manga. The son of a Yakuza organization is a normal kid, but is thrust in charge when his father is arrested. His illegitimate half-sister shows up because she can no longer go to school without his fathers secret monetary support. She's sexy, incredible with sword, and keeps the organization from falling apart, and falls in love with her half brother. Expect boobs and violence.(k i just read the first chapter of Marmalade boy and i have to say THAT THAT IS THE ABSOLUTE MOST RETARDED SET OF MAIN CHARICTORS I HAVE EVER SEEN ill keep reading but i dont like the idea of it i mean come on there even in the same place its just too outrageous for me where's the real feelings resentment anger ect. i mean at least the girl should put up more of a fight i know i would be a storm of anger rage and more if my parents did that i might even (dont let this scare you i just like to put my self in the situation and see where my feelings go) consider killing them all for it mad

Last edited by NolimitsE7 at 10:36 pm, Aug 5

Post #188161
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The Movie Critic

11:44 am, Aug 7 2008
Posts: 515

I can only think of only one manga Angel Sanctuary.

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