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romance manga with actual romantic progression

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8:01 pm, Feb 12 2018
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im looking for a good romance manga where romance actually takes place and isnt just hinted at, or the 2 MCs only hook up near the end.
no yaoi/yuri please

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Mr. Brightside

8:07 pm, Feb 12 2018
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Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
They get together in the first couple volumes, I don't remember when exactly. It's a great manga, too.

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9:12 pm, Feb 12 2018
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Haru Yo, Koi
Good Ending
Domestic no Kanojo
Kimi no Iru Machi

Hope one of these please you.

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5:29 am, Feb 13 2018
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Koukou Debut
Kimi ni Todoke
ReRe Hello

I guess you could call these "dating manga".

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Scarlet Sorceress

6:30 pm, Feb 16 2018
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If you are into dark romance: Mars

If you like some action with your romance: Tokyo Crazy Paradise

W Juliet, they are together but it´s not very smutty -

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1:18 pm, Feb 24 2018
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Cheese in trap
My little monster
Say I love you
A demotion isn't that bad
That's what came across my mind

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5:58 pm, Mar 1 2018
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[m] Mairimashita, Senpai
is really good too

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