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Looking for mangas like Übel Blatt

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5:29 pm, Aug 27 2018
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Hi everyone, i'm looking for mangas where everyone thinks the MC is a villain and treats him like it, but he is actually the hero, like we can see in Übel Blatt. If it contains betrayal and romance would be better, but i don't mind if it doesn't.

Thank you everyone.

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10:37 pm, Aug 27 2018
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Akumetsu fits what you're looking for. Maybe Sanctuary too

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9:33 am, Aug 28 2018
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Definitely one of those stories that has people who like it for all the right, but never the same, reasons. With that, I hope my recommendations are to your liking.

1. Knights :: Our noble knight ‘Mist’ is ridiculed as a demon due to his appearance. Though this stigma continues to hinder him, he perseveres as he gains friends, allies, enemies and love. He’s not one of your annoyingly OP leads; he fails and grows through the story. The tale itself is “fantastic”, meaning hardly believable, but a great short read with romance.
2. Vinland Saga :: One you may have heard of, but definitely need to pick it up if you haven’t already done so. The horrors of war and its affect on the young main character Thorfinn is profound. Still in a sense “innocent”, how he rationalizes his actions and interacts with the bloody world of vikings leads to great development of character in a kind of ‘coming of age’ tale. And the art, the attention to detain within each panel!
3. Rikudou :: Highly under-appreciated manga. Much like how I felt Ubel Blatt was in its beginnings. You have a MC rise from the darkness of his childhood to the bright stage of boxing. With the help mentors and beloved friends, he begins to forgive himself and grow as a person. Even if he’s hated or just misunderstood, he doesn’t let it phase him. For he’s got a goal that let the opinions of others get in the way.
4. World Embryo :: Its only flaw is that it holds back a great mature seinen plot with cliche shounen elements. You have a character that is unable to open up to others because he doesn’t want to be hurt again, and actively plays the role of villain if it will help him achieve his mission. But fate has something else in store for him, forcing him to make connections with people; all the while he thinks of way to make sure they don’t stab him in the back.
5. Ouroboros :: Suspense building plot that keeps you on your toes. Two men connected by a tragedy from their childhood seek revenge by working through the levels of enforcement. One as a detective, the other a mob leader. Sometimes ‘good cop, bad cop’ is the only way to get the results you need. These characters grow a lot through the story as many plot twists are thrown at you.

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1:36 pm, Aug 28 2018
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Thank you both, will check them ?

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4:32 am, Aug 29 2018
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Noblesse (its a webtoon though ? but it can be read on manga streaming sites )
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
He was sleeping for 800 years so when he wakes up people don't know who he is and constantly underestimate him or treat him as an enemy, however, in the next few arcs he meets those who knew him before he went to sleep and they all think he betrayed them and treat him as the villian

Deadman Wonderland For the most part it fits your description
Ultimate Legend - Kang Hae Hyo (Kinda fits your description, again a webtoon... but can also be read on manga sites)
Monster fits your description but I'm guessing this is not the type of manga you are looking for since it's not really fantasy or powers.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The protagonist Tenma is just a good doctor who gets framed for murder by the real villain. Due to this he becomes a wanted criminal while trying to catch the real villain

Juin Gongi Himeul Sungim (Novel) (it's a light novel... but fits the description, can easily be read online if searched, just thought I might as well mention it too)

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