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I'm looking for manga/novel with action and romance/side romance

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2:15 am, Nov 5 2018
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Hello, its my first post here and I'm quite new to manga (if you dont count Berserk wchich I'm following for few years now) and light novel stuff. Recently I found out huge part of stories I enjoyed the most were mangas with some bloody stuff/action and some romance in it. I made my research, asked uncle google for help and read some similar topics here, tried some recomendations also, but most of titles recomended were more on comedy side wchich I rly hate or the posts were really old.

What I'm looking for is manga/novel with:
- action (I rly dont mind the genre, can be sci-fiction, fantasy or set in totaly ordinary world),
- romance/side romance,
- MC that is NOT freaking pacifist like almost 90% of MC's in manga,
- but on the oder hand I don't want completly psycho character as MC since recently I've read some books from evil POV and have simply enough of that stuff,
- preferably not comedy genre, I'm looking for something more mature,
- strong MC, preferably male but first of all I'm looking for something good so its not so important,
- I don't mind blood and gore stuff, as well like drama and some tragedy (but would love to have some happy ending),
- I would like to read some finished work (you know as Berserk fan I really dont want another title that I have to wait for months for another chapter to be released) but if its long already i might give it a try.

Some titles I enjoyed:
Spirit Circle
Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria,
Re: Zero,
Mushoku Tensei (long parts),
Tokyo Ghoul (some parts were awesome),
Akame ga kill,

Thanks for any help!

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2:48 am, Nov 5 2018
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Maybe Deadman Wonderland... TBH I can't remember whether it had a happy ending for the couple or not. The romance was also a bit founded-on-nothing. But the art was gorgeous and the premise was interesting.

Also welcome!

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9:48 am, Nov 5 2018
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I think Higanjima would be right up your alley. The MC turns from a pacifist at the beginning to a cold killing machine who doesn't hesitate to kill his friends when necessary.

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9:14 pm, Nov 5 2018
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Shi ga Futari o Wakatsu Made comes to mind...

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8:39 am, Nov 6 2018
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Hoshi no Samidare
Sengoku Youko
Choudokyuu Shoujo 4946
Immortal Rain maybe, read this ages ago
Superior Cross

in need of romance?
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2:26 pm, Nov 7 2018
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Thanks for the suggestions, definitely going to try out all of them. I started reading Shi ga Futari o Wakatsu Made and its great so far.

If anyone have some more suggestions feel free to recommend them, I'm very fast reader when I have time 🙂

Thanks again!

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7:12 am, Nov 8 2018
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Maybe, Saver ( female lead people assume is male)
Mirai nikki
Elfen lied

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