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very lgbt comics

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10:08 am, Sep 11 2020
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I’m on a binge lately, and i’m starting to run out of stuff to read. I’m going to put a lost on what i do and don’t want.
-Fluff and/or drama
-personal growth
-good art and story
-smut(at all, i want none)
-big misunderstandings

i’m willing to read about any kind of comic(webtoon, manga, manhwa, manhua) so long as they have an lgbt character who is in the main focus. It doesn’t have to be romance, and it’s okay if it’s really dramatic like She likes Homos, Not me, Shiminami Tasogare, or How do you relationship.

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11:21 am, Sep 11 2020
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First 4 are drama-centric, last 2 are more fluff.

Kanojo ni Naritai Kimi to Boku
Fukakai na Boku no Subete o
Nanashi no Asterism
Tamen De Gushi
Uchi no Musuko wa tabun Gay

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1:31 pm, Sep 11 2020
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i reccomend Ao no Flag, You and I Fell in Love With the Same Person, Koimonogatari (TAGURA Tohru) 🙂 (though i recently started the last one so i am not sure if there will be smut but i dont think and hope there will be since i dont think it's that kind of manga and i dont like smut myself)

edit: i just remembered another one so i thought i'd share! That Blue Sky Feeling

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3:54 pm, Sep 11 2020
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I made a very long list on a previous post for a similar topic. I probably have a few more now that yaoi/yuri magazines are factored in, but for now this is it.

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5:03 pm, Sep 11 2020
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Aside from the ones that have been mentioned already I also recommend Shimanami Tasogare, it was cut short because of the magazine it was published it ending, which is sad because it had a lot of potential to go, but it's very good as it is. Also to be noticed the author is x-gender!

On a more dramatic side, Ohana Holoholo is definitely a more dramatic manga with queer characters, it's very good, but its definitely more dramatic than other mangas.

This one is an autobiographical work of a transwoman, mainly regarding her sex reassignment surgery, Boku ga Watashi ni Naru Tame ni it's short and sweet. There's also Hanayome wa Motodanshi., another autobiographical work about a transwoman and her husband's married life and all the process of them being recognized by Japanese law.

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