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Informative Manga on Obscure Occupations/Workings

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4:18 pm, Nov 10 2020
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Hi, all!

I couldn't find something like this in the forums, but my apologies if it's been asked before.

I'm curious to explore manga (or anime!) that cover specific vocations or specialties in insightful, informative detail. It could be on any subject, but I've seen lots of service-oriented professions like cook, waiter/waitress, host/hostess, teacher, and florists already. I've also seen a lot of sports manga (ball games, ice skating, etc.).

I'm curious to see unusual occupations, in true-to-life depictions! It doesn't need to be slice-of-life; I love a good story, but either way, I'd prefer to be able to see the intricate workings of the job. Off the top of my head- examples could be sculptors/carvers, traffic controllers, manufacturing plant managers, waste treatment workers, politicians, ...

I've seen a lot of doctor-manga, but many don't go into great detail about the specifics of the operations and issues, so I'd be open to recommendations in that topic. Another example of stuff I'm interested in seeing are like- detailed workings of stuff. Like how "Cells at Work!" details anatomy and diseases in accurate scientific detail. So it doesn't necessarily have to be a job- it could explain a system!

Thanks for your time, guys! <3

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4:45 pm, Nov 10 2020
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There have been other threads related to this topic you might find helpful, such as this one. But I'll go ahead and highlight one series I mentioned in that thread, plus one that I didn't:

Tales of a Charcoal Burner
Ichi-F: A Worker's Graphic Memoir of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

Both are autobiographical, although Tales of a Charcoal Burner is an adaptation of someone else's autobiography.

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4:51 pm, Nov 13 2020
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Thank you! I'll also check out these threads. 😀

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5:47 pm, Nov 28 2020
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I recommend Ippo (not super detailed, but about shoemaking-ish) or Kichijouji Dake ga Sumitai Machi Desu ka? (gives peeks into neighborhoods of Tokyo).

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7:51 pm, Nov 28 2020
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Bakuman goes into pretty in depth detail about the manga making process from what I remember
Hikaru No go is super detailed about Go, although it is a bit outdated
Yakitate!! Japan you won't learn what its like to be a breadmaker since the situations are a bit fantastical, but it does teach you a lot about all the different types of bread there are
Ballroom e Youkoso ballroom dancing
Arte Making of art in ye olden days

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1:55 am, Nov 30 2020
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i also suggest Bakuman

and oh, not sure if you'll like it but give it a try

Nami yo Kiitekure - though it's not that informative, it's about a radio host-- sasdahsdbhajds.
Major - about baseball so i'm not sure if you'll like it, it has been informative for me tho.
ACT-AGE - about acting
Handa-kun - i've heard it's great

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6:03 am, Nov 30 2020
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Try Tomehane! - might learn a few things about calligraphy and might even be a bit more appreciative of it. Decent story too.

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10:07 am, Nov 30 2020
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Excluding the sports genre, so far I only know a few.

Kuragehime centers on fashion industry. Though since the mc is surrounded with otakus, you get to know more about jellyfish, japanese clothing on dolls, the Romance of the 3 kingdoms etc.

Walk on Water is about a guy entering the gay porn industry. I got to see a comment how the manhwa actually depicts the real life scenarios of those who enter that industry from interviews/actual work to stardom/regrets etc. Sexual content aside, it is indeed informative.

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1:44 am, Dec 6 2020
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i'd also like to add blue period. which is about art and things like that

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12:34 pm, Dec 6 2020
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perhaps Shrink: Seishinkai Yowai?

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12:44 pm, Dec 6 2020
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Kounodori - The Stork, about obstetricians and the types of medical situations they handle.

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