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Looking for Manhwa/Manga suggestions with supernatural/super powers protagonist, with secret identity being a big plot point.

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5:56 pm, Feb 23 2021
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Hey there,

Looking for something new to read. I’d love to read a manga/manhwa where the protagonist has secret powers or isn’t human and they’re trying to keep it a secret (or fail at the beginning even ). Stories like White Blood, Eleceed, Ajin, Jungle Juice or even Vampire Chef and Blue Exorcist would be perfect.

Thank you in advance!

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11:40 pm, Feb 23 2021
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Hajime. It's short (2 chapters). Though it's not too similar to what you describe or look for

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5:30 pm, Feb 28 2021
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Thanks! I enjoyed it 😁

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11:14 pm, Feb 28 2021
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Smargs Won't Sing
Kaeribana no Kanojo
Some works of Fujimoto Tatsuki
Devil's line
Black butler
Kaiju no. 8
Aka no Sekai
Witch of the Old World
Some works of SHIMIZU Reiko
Natsuyasumi no Tomo
The godsend
Ccs (clamp)
Sailor moon
Shiro Hige to Boyne
Ore Ga Akuma De Aitsu Ga Yome De
Works of Sichol=bell
An os of Hoshino Katsura
Kanaria-tachi no Fune

Not all of them are exactly what you described or looking for. Google, use advanced search on MU or even other reading sites, add sth sounds supernatural or fantasy, look for others works by those authors etc

The list would be longer & more convenient with bbcode if I didn't accidentally touch back button on my phone screen ;___; I am now lazier and couldn't remember all what I have typed

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