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Beautiful art like film frames

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7:19 am, Apr 14 2021
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Hi all

I am looking for a manga with very good art.
MY idea of very good art consists
1. clear frames like watching a film shot by shot
2. detailed background
3. picturesque images drawn well. for example a couple is walking on a train track,then it should give that depth.
4. less dialogue
5.It should feel like a film with proper editing cuts.

Please try.

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8:54 am, Apr 14 2021
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My best picks :
Still fresh but promising :
Hiraeth wa Tabiji no Hate <- can't say it has very few dialogue, but it's clearly Kamatani Yuuki's work that emphasized the beauty of the mood the most.

Two manga from Harta magazine.
Go with the clouds, North-by-Northwest
Subaru to Suu-san <- also this.

Gives off the same vibe :
The Girl from the Other Side <- kind of folktale-ish, it's quiet and hollow.

That's my interpretation for what you're looking for. They are not precisely slow movement in pieces, more like elaborate. I can imagine that the art speaks the most and I think I have found it in the past, but it's already blurry to remember.

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4:17 pm, Apr 14 2021
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Fisheye Placebo

This one fits all your requirements except that it's not a manga but rather a manhua (& webtoon). The visuals and graphics are superb like every panel could be a desktop wallpaper. Sadly it's on hiatus for a while now.

Edit: I just checked and it's finally back after a year long hiatus

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El Psy Kongroo.

5:16 pm, Apr 14 2021
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Some of my favorites which happen to have nice art:
Akebi's Sailor Uniform
Aqua and the major sequel Aria

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6:31 pm, Apr 14 2021
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Fantasy World Jun
Girls' Last Tour
One-Punch Man

Sankarea probably deserves a mention as well, more for the anime than the manga.

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