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magical girl for adults

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9:30 pm, Jul 25 2021
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hi I'm looking for a magical girl Series that deals with adult themes like sex and drugs ect

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1:25 am, Jul 26 2021
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So something like Miss Guillotine?

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1:32 am, Jul 26 2021
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Cutey Honey is one of the original magical girl series, and it's pretty mature. Milk Closet is about genocide, Ragnarock City is more of a glorified art book, and Trans Venus and Seishokuki is about saving the world by literally learning how to suck dick. As for anime, Dream Hunter Rem, but I can only recommend the first episode.

I've heard that Magical Girl Special Ops Asuka is great. Also, I've heard that Madam Is a Magical Girl is complete trash.

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El Psy Kongroo.

3:10 am, Jul 26 2021
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Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete

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