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Yaoi with Devil

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4:43 am, Aug 18 2009
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Looking for a yaoi with a devil or any demonic creature.
Preferably a yaoi written within the past 4 years since I like the recent art
Thanks a bunch

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5:36 am, Aug 18 2009
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Innocent Bird. Just... yeah.

That will be all.

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Fruit Salad

6:38 am, Aug 18 2009
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Aijin Incubus (stupid but I guess you won't mind)
Beast of the Tower - shounen-ai
Haginokouji Seiya-sama no Ran
Koyoi wa Kimi to Chi no Kiss wo

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1:31 pm, Aug 18 2009
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Blood Hope, Blood Trap, and lots of other stories by Naono Bohra have demons in then, and I LOVE the artwork (I don't care how old they are!), so give them a try. Others: Dokunoaji, Mori no Koe, Yurusareta Uta

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1:21 pm, Sep 11 2010
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Crimson Spell eyes

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1:34 pm, Sep 11 2010
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Devil King Genealogy is AWESOME.

Jigoku Meguri is, too.

Devil x Devil is a smutty classic.

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2:44 pm, Sep 11 2010
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Akuma no Himitsu
Maou no Amai Keiyaku

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9:10 pm, Sep 11 2010
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Deep Bloody Night by Lee Sun-Young,
Blood Honey by Yozakura Sakyou,
Izanai by Shimotsuki Kairi,
Risky Crime by Sugahara Ryu.

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1:13 am, Sep 12 2010
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Konoyo Ibun

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5:37 pm, Apr 3 2016
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I'm looking for a yaoi, I think, where there's a demon guy with silver eyes and he ends up losing them to trade for something...but I can't remember. I've been looking for it, forever!

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Mad With a Hat

6:46 pm, Apr 3 2016
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Create a new thread. Don't just bump a random one.

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