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Best Josei HUNK. <3

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From User Message Body
Post #428719
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3:25 pm, Dec 1 2010
Posts: 1354

Okay, so... Lol. Which is the hottest, most attractive or just most lovable hunk you've ever encountered in a josei manga?

I'd have to say that Takano from Hotaru no Hikari made my heart go pitter-patter. shy

That's Takano from the manga, not the TV series. Not that he isn't hot on TV, too... He's just way too young-looking! I like my guys older, dammit! WHERE ARE THE WRINKLES? laugh

And even though he's just a side-character, the theater-group leader with the perpetually-raised eyebrow in Ashita no Ousama REALLY got me going. Unf. There's just something about artistically-inclined geniuses with wit, compassion, presence and dedication...

On the other hand, guys whose appeal I just don't get? The male leads of Venus ni Arazu and Rouge Noir. dead Why, girls, WHY? Why would anyone fall in love with those guys? The first guy's got an EQ as low as a toddler's, and the latter's a flipping RAPIST. I just don't understand... no

Things I find attractive in josei's male characters:

> Maturity. If I wanted to read about emotionally illiterate teenage boys, I'd read shoujo. Or shounen. biggrin

> Grace. Mmm, a graceful, poised man with good manners... A gentleman, in other words! Like in Ristorante Paradiso. *DROOLS*

> Compassion. He's kind, and he knows how to treat his woman right - and how to treat his family, friends and co-workers right, too. He definitely doesn't go about being mean/cruel for no reason, and even if he's blunt, he's never belittling or sarcastic.

> Self-control. He has sexual needs like everyone else, but he does NOT sleep around or act like a horn-dog. And if he gets angry, he doesn't go ballistic and rape his girlfriend. o__O; He's actually a man instead of some mindless animal! He's got self-control!

> Character growth. He might've had a flawed past in which he wasn't so good, but he's learned from his mistakes and can actually admit he's made mistakes. He can change himself for the better and wants to change himself for the better. Even now, he's still growing as a person. He isn't a narcissist who thinks he's perfect or is God's gift to women, lol. He's willing to grow!

> Confidence. He's not an insecure little poodle that gets stupidly possessive or suddenly loses confidence in the relationship or in his work, etc. He believes in himself and his judgment, has self-respect and still respects others. Confidence does not mean arrogance... In fact, it means the exact opposite. The most confident men I've met in my life have often also been the most humble.

> Commitment. He's loyal, faithful and in it for the long haul. He isn't interested in casual dating or one-night stands; he'd rather endure a long 'dry spell', if you know what I mean, until he finds a woman he can be serious about. Who can be special to him.

Right, so that's my dream-guy in josei! (And in real life too, I guess!) Not that easy to find, huh? laugh I guess that's why they call 'em dream-guys. biggrin

What's your favorite josei hunk, and what qualities do you most like in male characters? Please do share! (My best friend's just moved out of town and I'm in serious need of some girl-talk. Lol.)

Post #428875
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7:20 am, Dec 2 2010
Posts: 1439

Hooray for girl talk! But @tartufo, you made it hard! See... it's manga... so I can't pick one... I tend to wish for a male harem. roll

Anyways, from my limited list of josei titles... right now I'm falling head-over-heels for:

Nomiya from Honey and Clover. Why? He's like... the reformed playboy (though, we never see his "playboy past" on screen), but I like how he's very caring for the girl he loves. He's suave but mature at the same time... I admit... I thought that he was shady, but after I saw more of him in the story, I wished for more of him on-screen! He can be blunt at times, but he does this to get people moving. Gaaah... I love this man! Especially how
Spoiler (highlight to view)
he recognizes Yamada as "a little girl in a woman's body", so he doesn't want her to get hurt and tries to move at her pace.

Before Honey and Clover, I was going "ga-ga" for Manabe from Shuukatsu!! - Kimi ni Naitei. He's like the ultimate senpai that I yearn for in college (and hopefully I'll find one next year). He's a mentor, friend, and ultimate sweet boyfriend. I also liked the part when
Spoiler (highlight to view)
he asks his girl what's the "proper" way for him to make love to her... then says the line that made my heart flutter: "But most of all, I love that I can tell that you love me from the expression on your face." -- okay, I butchered the line, but you know what I mean!

Honorable mention for Daikichi from Usagi Drop. To take up the responsibility of raising a child, being committed to providing companionship and support for her considering that he didn't like children (and had a hard time relating to women)... I give him a thumbs-up for being the ultimate dad. Seriously... if he were the father of my children (if I have children), I'd be so happy.

Okay... I admit... I do have another crush on a guy... he's my guilty pleasure: Hokuto from Hapi Mari. He's just so damn spicy! He's surprisingly loyal to his wife and does exert some self-control (though he's a bit liberal in the passionate kissing department). I know, I know... he seems different from the other "nice" guys that I mentioned above, but... come on... I want some spice in my life. bigrazz Just in moderation... and there was another line that he says to his wife... but it's a few chapters ahead of scanlations, so I won't spoil it now... but that really made me think that he's an imperfect nice guy.

Oh... a quick mention for Adam from Guys After Marriage. I know of guys who act like this to their girlfriends. He's just so sweet and creative. smile

I pretty much agree with the characteristics you look for in an attractive, lovable man, @tartufo. And thanks for the comment about Ristorante Paradiso. I keep staring at that volume at the bookstore, and I found out that there's an anime... What should I do... read it or watch it? If you say both, which should I do first? biggrin

Last edited by hobbitelf518 at 12:28 am, Dec 3

Post #428925
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Manga Otaku

2:45 pm, Dec 2 2010
Posts: 716

Hmm... I haven't read much Josei manga, but I'm quite fond of Takemoto of Honey and Clover and Wilfred of Private Prince.

I read so much mangas, I'm too lazy to watch anime! bigrazz bigrazz bigrazz

Manga I'm loving ATM: Heart no Kuni no Alice
Post #428928
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3:15 pm, Dec 2 2010
Posts: 1354


It's been recommended to me before, but nothing recommends a manga as much as a girl's heartfelt recommendation of a josei hunk! And two girls' heartfelt recommendations? WELL. That's just about a done deal, isn't it? Lol...

@hobbitelf518, hur hur hur. I can understand the desire to have a harem... Or several... In every part of the world... laugh South Korean bishies in South Korea! Japanese bishies in Japan! Indian bishies in India! Etc. biggrin And there'd be a mail-order catalog, too, and overnight express deliveries for any bishies of my choosing, from anywhere on the planet. Hur hur hur...

Hm. I just realized that it's more like biseinen, in my case. If bishounen are bishies, what are biseinen...? 'Bisies'? Busies? ('Cause they're busy, all right. Or I'll keep 'em busy. wink Hur hur...)

Total agreement that the guy from Shuukatsu!! - Kimi ni Naitei is a sweetheart! He's so considerate... And yes, that love-making scene... Sigh... <3

Daikichi's a darling, too. It takes guts for a single guy to suddenly take on a child, you know? Shows how pure his heart is...

Why aren't these guys real? Oh, yeah, because they're manga characters. And the real guys who are that nice are already taken. The ones I've met, anyway. roll eyes Still, it's satisfying and happy-making to know that women do get 'em, even if it's other women. Good for them! Plus, that way, I know it's not impossible for me...!

You've raised an interesting point about 'guilty pleasures' - guys we like (in manga or in real life), but that we really know we shouldn't! Yeah, the guy in Hapi Mari is one crazy-hot bundle of hotness. laugh And Wilfred from Private Prince is as adorable as a puppy, isn't he? Even if both of them lose some points on my checklist, they have a certain charm... The charm of the guilty pleasure. wink

My guilty pleasure of the moment ('cause I have so many!) is Shin from Gokusen. Guilty pleasure because he's - well, he's a kid, and that's - uh. Wrong? And weird. And... yeah. I can't even figure out WHY I like him, when I normally like much older guys! Shin makes me feel like a cradle-robber. Lol...

And Chiaki from Nodame Cantabile would probably cheese me off in real life if he talked to me that arrogantly, but he has his sweet moments, doesn't he? eyes


(Then read it. smile )

Post #428973
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8:51 pm, Dec 2 2010
Posts: 1439

@StarAngel125 -- Yes! I understand what you mean! Takemoto-kun from Honey and Clover is like... so sweet! For some reason, I found myself relating to him sooo much... It's pretty funny... I went into college because I knew that I liked biology, and while I was there I started having some second thoughts about what I wanted to do with my life... gaaaaaaaaah... and yes... Wilfred from Private Prince was so silly... so so silly...

@tartufo -- Yes! Didn't you put Honey and Clover on your "to watch" list?!
Spoiler (highlight to view)
It's on if you're from the US... though the lame thing is that they switch the surnames with the first names so it gets confusing... cursed subtitles... trying to Americanize it... grrrrrrrrr...
I had trouble keeping up with it, but when episode 3 or 4 started, I became soooo engrossed with the story. I say, watch it first! Then read it... (well, that's what I'm doing... though I'm lagging on the reading because the anime covers the main plot of the manga so I didn't miss out much according to others).

Oh man... I need to read some more josei... I need more biseinen!! (Does that word even exist? Oh wells, it's what I want anyway) Especially biseinen who go for josei their age or slightly younger! Not those cursed huge age gaps like... a 27 year old with a 17 year old... that just makes me sad... like... suddenly makes me feel like an old spinster... a "Bridget Jones" you might say... hmmm... maybe I'll watch that movie soon... along with happier family movies. Either winter brings forth my want of romance or I'm ovulating right now... whatever! I do apologize to all those reading my comments who are screaming "TMI" at my womanly mood swings/craziness eyes

Post #429300
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6:00 am, Dec 4 2010
Posts: 973

@tartufo -- I'd like a man with those qualities in real life. laugh Excellent list. I've got to say that Confidence is the number one quality that does it for me.

I second the guilty pleasure of Hokuto from Hapi Mari. He's not perfect but he's doing a good imitation of it.

OK, I actually keep lists of these things, so here are a couple more from my files:

I love all YOSHIHARA Yuki's men, but my favorite is probably Masayuki from Chou yo Hana yo. User Posted Image

Shirou Tomonaga in Love Cruise by OHMI Tomu. He brings a bit of magic into our heroine's life when she needs it most. Take a look. User Posted Image

Takahito Aeba from Candy Life by OGAWA Yayoi. He gets weirdly possessive as he gets more desperate, but I love how things work out for him. Check out this biseinen beauty
Here is a clip from the scene that won me over, after he has just heard his estranged son call him "dad".

Unfortunately for this thread, most of my favorite biseinen live in yaoi-land. wink

Post #429304 - Reply to (#428973) by hobbitelf518
user avatar

7:04 am, Dec 4 2010
Posts: 1354

Quote from hobbitelf518
Oh man... I need to read some more josei... I need more biseinen!

BABY, I UNDERSTAND. The holiday season does make us yearn for romance! We just need someone to keep us warm 'n' fuzzy (or even hot 'n' toasty wink ) on those winter nights!

Oh, and your mention of Bridget Jones' Diary made me think of OUR BEAUTIFUL COLIN, which in turn made me think of THE HOT MR. DARCY, and... Has anyone come across a "Mr. Darcy" type character in manga? Pure, devoted and generous to a fault, oh-so-proper and stiff-upper-lip and yet given to stunningly heart-throbbing romantic confessions at just the right time... but generally a bit abrupt/awkward, socially misunderstood, proud, distant and a bit of a loner? OH MY GOD I HAVE TO START A THREAD FOR THAT RIGHT NOW.

... *starts thread*

Here it is!

@scarletrhodelia, YOU ARE SO RIGHT (about most of our biseinen living in yaoi-land), and also, THANK YOU FOR THE EYE-CANDY. *_____*

I find Basso's (Ono Natsume's) biseinen ridiculously irresistible. Maybe I just have a father complex? Lol... They're so beautiful! Even if they do have wrinkled faces and worn-out hearts that, somehow, continue to love... Sigh. *dreamy*

Post #429330
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9:30 am, Dec 4 2010
Posts: 1439

Ohohohohohoooo~ @scarletrhodelia, I know what you mean! The devoted and playful Masayuki... the mysteriously tantalizing Shirou... and the dangerously hot Aeba-san had my jaw drop to the flooooooor! Hmm... maybe I should start reading yaoi to expand my repertoire. biggrin

Yes! @tartufo! I immediately clicked on your wonderful new thread! I'm so excited... I want more bedtime love stories! Woo-hooooooooooooooooooooooo! eyes

***** Awww damn... my dream male harem list just got longer... I'm now adding Claudio from Ristorante Paradiso... I think I have to read the "prequel" manga volumes to learn more and drool more over Furio!! And Gigi... and Theo... and Luciano... and Vito... what the hell... eek @tartufo... what have you done to me?!?!!

Last edited by hobbitelf518 at 12:13 am, Dec 7

Post #433315
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manger le toupee

7:47 pm, Dec 20 2010
Posts: 302

I have a thing for the ones who are not-so-clean-shaven and can sometimes be a bit of a simpleton, like Piece of Cake's Kyoshiro.

And then there's Souta & Olivier from Shitsuren Chocolatier, and Yagami from A Paradise Without You, and Iceman Okuzono from Tokyo Alice, and Hazuki from Natsuyuki Rendezvous, and Atsushi from Nina My Love (even if he's only 16, and it's probably illegal for me to touch him),

and the list goes on an on.

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Post #448245
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5:30 am, Feb 20 2011
Posts: 991

Both Shin and Shinohara from Gokusen are quintessential gentlemen. I like that they're smart but honorable and down-to-earth, and they look out for the people around them.

Chiaki from Nodame Cantabile starts out as an arrogant whiner, but learns to appreciate others and work with them. I feel I'd get along with him (or someone like him, imaginary as he is) because he both speaks his mind and will admit that he's wrong. And he knows arts and music, cooks French cuisine, and keeps a tidy home, which makes his company desirable in my eyes.

Finally, there's the husband from Darling wa Namamono ni Tsuki, who is impossibly caring and considerate, accommodating of his wife's eccentricities, and treats his wife's family like his own.

Last edited by Odette at 4:19 pm, Feb 20

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Reading: Kingdom, Sangokushi, Historie
Post #448730
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forum bunny

4:49 am, Feb 22 2011
Posts: 510

Even I find it strange because he seems so cliche, but Yato from Kindan no Koi de Ikou is a really good mix of playful, aggressive and supportive.

I also dig Shinohara from Fu Junai, though I'm not quite sure why. Kenji from Fukuyadou Honpo is also pretty cool, and Iori's got good potential.

My other picks have already been listed: Shin, Chiaki ('specially later in the manga) and definitely Daikichi.

Last edited by story645 at 4:55 am, Feb 22

Post #448734
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5:00 am, Feb 22 2011
Posts: 312

I like the guy of Yuru Koi, he's so cute. I think this is the best Josei I've read in my entire life. Sou is his name. I also like Shuukatsu!! - Kimi ni Naitei, but the girl annoys me a little.

If someone mentioned it, sorry, but I didn't read everything (I'm half-asleep)

@tartufo. I really like your description. I agree with you. Everyone of us wants a perfect-josei man T.T. Shoujo ones are inmature and only have the word 'sex' in their vocabulary.They don't think with the brain, but as in all there're exceptions. For me, the best features for a man would be 3: nice-looking, intelligent, and a complete gentleman. I think others derive of these. But is like hope to win the lottery T.T, isn't impossible but very hard.

OMG, where can we find them? (A=In bishie/biseinen land)
Where is it? (A=In our imaginations T.T)

Last edited by StephKuran at 5:18 am, Feb 22

Post #448764
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7:08 am, Feb 22 2011
Posts: 7

I love Yoshino Aki's characters - art-wise.
Currently I love this character from Kimi wa KiraKira.
User Posted Image

Personality-wise..umm..I don't really read Josei that much so I can't think of any.
ahah I feel shallow. bigrazz

but I'm so tired right now, so I'll come back with a better comment. ;D


I just read your comment StephKuran, and I agree he's really cute. smile
I liked Shuukatsu!! - Kimi ni Naitei as well.

Last edited by kuro_usa at 7:14 am, Feb 22

Post #472443
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5:03 pm, May 28 2011
Posts: 98

the very hot vampire, TOUMA KYOUHEI of Midnight Secretary. there are a lot of josei hunks but he's always the first one that comes to mind. he's the best!! ♥.♥

Post #487726

6:02 am, Aug 7 2011
Posts: 18

I have to admit, I have I thing for Ouji from Itadakimasu. He's just gorgeous & mature beyond his years.

I also really like Shin from Gokusen and Momo from Kimi wa Petto.

I know I picked out 3 guys that are younger than their female counterparts, but it really has nothing to do with their age. I think what attracts me most to them is that they show their feelings through action (not the perverted kind bigrazz). When they do say something about their feelings, it has real impact because it is supported by what they do.

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