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actual friendship before romance.

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it's a boy

7:48 am, Jan 16 2011
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Quote from tartufo
Excellent thread! A topic I myself have often wondered about!

Do you mind BL/GL recs? 'Cause I've got a few that spring to mind in that category...

I don't mind BL at all. ♥
Thank you. >w<

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Wishlisted a few, keep 'em coming! : D

book_lover mentioned Cat Street, it's the perfect example!

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8:49 am, Jan 22 2011
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umm... what about hana to akuma?

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9:15 am, Jan 22 2011
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Cat Street

Edit: Ah, someone beat me to it. D:

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it's a boy

6:45 am, Feb 7 2011
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Post #445605 - Reply to (#440199) by unusuallove
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7:21 am, Feb 7 2011
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Quote from unusuallove
Quote from catandmouse
Um Beauty Pop?
I mean they were more like frenemies,but the guy didn't realize he liked the girl until about the 8th volume (of 10)...and the girl was never actually stated she liked the guy until the very last volume....
So their relationship went from nothingness-frenemies-comrades-friends-lovers....

Fruits Basket....most of the romances went on forever and ever, till being resolved around volume 22-23

Cardcaptor Sakura....
Earthian (This is shonen-ai though)
After school nightmare (kinda,the main romance didn't really happen till about volume 7, out of 10)
1001 Nights (Also shonen-ai)

I disagree with Fruits Basket. The guy likes her from pretty much the beginning, even if they don't become more until later.

i disagree with the disagree
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i do not think it was possible for kyou to fall in love with her until after the second transformation because of his mother and kagura

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Pew pew

6:07 am, Feb 8 2011
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Good morning call?

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6:49 am, Feb 8 2011
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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.

The hero and heroine have a deep and abiding friendship. It could blossom into romance but really, there isn't time for that given all that's going on in the series, and he's just fighting to preserve his very relationship with her. Worth a look.

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8:27 am, Feb 8 2011
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I think friendship is necessary for romancing. Just you have to first make friendship and propose .

learn japanese
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