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hard-to-get uke

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7:24 am, Jun 25 2011
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basically, I want the seme to have to work to get laid instead of having everything handed to him on a silver platter bigrazz with that said, the uke can be:
1) In denial
2) Doesn't realize his feelings
3) Slow, clueless - not mind-numbingly stupid
4) Thinks he likes someone else
5) Have cold demeanor
I'd love it if there're several attempts at coaxing/seducing the uke before the real mushy stuff starts lol
and just BL is good: yaoi, shounen ai, softcore, hardcore, high school, uni, workplace, I don't mind
but I'd prefer it if the art is well done (proportion is a must), no rape (by someone else) is involved, no unnecessary angst, no homophobia (unless very believable), bonus if they're bestfriends/ childhood friends/ infatuated at some points beforehand
prime examples: Tight Rope, Kirai ja Nai Kedo series
Im being quite a bitch about my criteria, but please recommend biggrin

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1:12 pm, Jun 25 2011
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Harete Bokutachi wa- this one has most of the things you're looking for, but it's shounen-ai, so the sex-part is very mild. Anyways, it does have a sequel , which contains a bit of sexy-time bigrazz This one was actually the first taht came to my mind when i read your description ( they're childhood friends, uke is in love with someone else - a girl!, and more more surprises smile )

Kirai ja Nai Kedo - this one is also about childhood friends, and the uke is a bit homophobic...>.<

If i remember more, i'll edit.

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5:43 pm, Jun 25 2011
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Koisuru Boukun although the uke is very homophobic, but i think it's believable

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5:48 pm, Jun 25 2011
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@KaoriNite, Nocoment: I've read all three and they're great smile still thx tho, keep them coming hehe

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11:08 pm, Jun 25 2011
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Mimurake no Musuko
Best friends and the uke doesn't realize his feeling, then he is jealous, then he doesn't know what to do, and the seme of course is in love of him since the beginning

Jyuushi Saida
Rakka Sokudo
Sumanai!! Masumi-kun
Tenohira no Seiza

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11:30 pm, Jun 25 2011
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The uke in Junjou Romantica is in denial and doesn't realize his feelings...though seme gets it on a silver platter. Guess it doesn't fit that well :S

edit: didn't read past number 5) in OP ^^ ...still gonna leave it..

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5:55 pm, Jun 27 2011
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@chiaci: yea heard a lot about it a lot too, but I can never get into NAKAMURA Shungiku's manga... the art is very... distracting. Thx for trying tho smile

@faustine_ka: thanks a lot biggrin Kissing n Rakka Sokudo were particularly great, surprised I haven't come across either one before

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