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the hunter & the hunted

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the mu...

8:18 am, Mar 31 2012
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looking for manga where the hunter & the hunted become friend..
i'm pretty sure it's not an unusual theme..
like a dragon hunter/slayer befriending the dragon he was hunting, or a hunter befriending a bear he was hunting.. and so on..
accepting shounen, seinen, shoujo, jousei.
and it would be a plus if the hunted is a legendary/magical/mythical animal and the reason why they become friends is because they are equally strong..
not accepting manga where both the hunter and the hunted are the same species

ps: i don't make a list.. so don't worry whether i have or have not read what you're about to suggest.

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9:16 am, Mar 31 2012
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The only one I can think of is this oneshot (for now)
Kirara to Shiro Ookami (maybe it's more romance than friendship!)

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11:19 pm, Mar 31 2012
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Not exactly fitting but here's a few that kind of come close (?)
Immortal Rain
Watashi no Ookami-san
Vampire Juujikai
Binbougami Ga!
Sengoku Youko

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11:35 pm, Mar 31 2012
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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha - "Kono Watashi no Mono Tonare, Yuusha yo" "Kotowaru!" maybe this works

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the mu...

4:41 pm, Apr 3 2012
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wow thank you so much for that...
but..... y'see... the thing is... i kind of hoping for the hunted animal/creature to have not a humanoid face...

more are always welcome..

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Anger Avoidant

4:48 pm, Apr 3 2012
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woohoo interesting request. which of above rec fits?
sorry I can't contribute, all I can think is an arc in Shin Angyo Onshi where the hunted human befriends a tiger. they became brothers apparently.

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4:58 pm, Apr 3 2012
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I bet you read it already, but Superior seems to fit.

Edit: I didn't notice skat beat me to it.

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5:08 pm, Apr 3 2012
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I saw this and immediatly thought pokemon though i dont think its exactly the hunter pray relationship your talking about and im pretty sure they dont actually catch a lot.

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Manga Eater

5:23 pm, Apr 3 2012
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It's hard to tell exactly what you're looking for...
maybe these?

Rasen no Kioku
Innocent Dragon; not exactly with the main characters but within the plot line, anyway.
Gekkou Spice, I think.

The movie Dragonheart certainly fits, hahaha laugh

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5:29 pm, Apr 3 2012
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Ones that almost fit:
Vampire to Shinigami Vampire and assasin.
Kyuuketsu Yuugi He's the re-incarnated enemy of the family, and at very first goes after the girl.
Sarashi Asobi He's a grim reaper come to collect her soul
Wild Fangs Would fit except it's yaoi.

None that fit perfectly, sorry!

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