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Good Slice of Life Shoujo

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6:51 am, Apr 6 2012
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Title says it all; I'm currently reading Dreamin' Sun and I'm totally in love! It's not only cute but also has a sweet slice of life element to it. You really get to see the characters progress. So, I'm wondering if there are any other shoujo manga out there with a nice slice of life plot? The overall tone of the story should be sweet and light but not absolute fluff.

Any recommendations?

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7:00 am, Apr 6 2012
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Suki-tte Ii na yo
Kingyo Sou
Hotarubi no Mori E <- One shots but they're amazing.
Cat Street
Beauty is the Beast

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7:43 am, Apr 6 2012
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Mekakushi no Kuni - has some supernatural elements but it's very good.
Sonnan ja Nee Yo
Men's Kou

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1:22 am, Apr 7 2012
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Thank you for the suggestions! I'll be sure to check them out smile

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4:34 am, Apr 9 2012
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Taiyou no Ie

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3:18 am, Apr 11 2012
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Maybe Love So Life, Gakuen Babysitters (though it's not listed that way, this is the feeling I get), Eensy Weensy Monster. Kokoro ni Hana o!! is a personal favorite.

These are non-shoujo: YKK, Yoningurashi, [m]Yotsubato&![/m] (the ultimate in slice-of-life, if you haven't read it), Aria.

...Some of these may be more fluff than plot? Your mileage may vary. smile

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1:58 pm, Apr 11 2012
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Love So Life

in need of romance?
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2:34 pm, Apr 11 2012
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I second love so life and gakuen babysitters and I recommend Flat (AOGIRI Natsu)

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5:55 am, Apr 12 2012
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First are the One-shots:

Akai Michi Ahh, I love this one, it's one of the first manga's I've read and I haven't even forgotten it.
Bus Hashiru This one is a great, and I repeat, a great collection of one-shots.

Complete series:

Taiyou no Uta 1 volume. It's a josei and a tragedy but nonetheless amazing *sob*
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan 1 volume. This one is seinen too but you don't know what you're missing if you don't read it. *sob too*
Seishun Kouryakuhon It has 2 volumes and it's in the guy's point of view.
Love Roma 5 VEERYY short volumes. I know what you're thinking, it's a seinen and has quite uhm, child-ish art? BUT!! But the art actually grows onto you and the plot is great.

Last are the ongoing series:

14-sai no Koi It only has one volume, 5 chaps, out but really you'll love it in an instant! READ IT. XD
Aozora Yell 5 volumes, 19 chaps. It really shows character growth and it sends a message of "Never give up on your dreams"
Kimi ni Todoke Maybe you've already read this? It has 66 chapters out. It is a great story and really a slow slow romance, but in the later chapters it seemed to be dragging on for some people, but I still like it. smile

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