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Any Yaoi manga NOT about school life?

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7:11 pm, Aug 21 2012
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I'm a 20 something years old out of college person and I feel old when I read manga where main characters are students (especially high school students) ...

Any good yaoi manga that has nothing to do with students and school life?
Much thanks.

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Mad With a Hat

7:32 pm, Aug 21 2012
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Yeah, like a five year difference makes you a senior. laugh

Anyways, you can just filter school life, you know.
Since you're not being specific and all.

Yaoi without school life, DJ or hentai sorted by rating.
You can do the same with shounen-ai.

If you want adults and a realistic touch, you can go for Tomoi.
Koi ga Bokura wo Yurusu Hani which is wacky but good.

Some good authors are -
Yoneda Kou oh the angst
Miyamoto Kano oh the angst x10

Hrodulf and Bjornolfr, you will not be forgotten.
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9:23 pm, Aug 21 2012
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Thank you so much! Lol...

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10:40 pm, Aug 21 2012
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You could also try works by Tateno makoto and Naono bohra

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6:06 pm, Aug 22 2012
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Can't think of any since I'm 12 and I don't like reading about old men but I've come across a lot
Like ameiro paradox or love stage stuff like that

Recommend me horror , yaoi and shoujo manga please biggrin
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7:47 am, Aug 23 2012
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As others have said, there are plenty. Here are a few mangaka who don't tend to do school life (pretty much my manly yaoi men list):

AKIRA Norikazu
Duo Brand
YAMANE Ayano, except for the KoiSuru extras in ViewFinder
IKE Reibun
KAMO Nabako
KAMURO Akira - no schoolboys here, for sure
SAKURAI Shushushu
MAMAHARA Ellie if you prefer shounen-ai

Second MIYAMOTO Kano, NAONO Bohra, and YONEDA Kou for the strength of their stories, though they all do some school life settings. Yoneda-sensei in fact made her name doing Katekyo Hitman Reborn! doujinshi, which is of course about 14-year-old schoolboys (who happen to also go back and forth between being 24-y-o, but that's beside the point ). laugh

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K-Indie ♥

6:18 pm, Aug 23 2012
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First, I would like to second the work of YONEDA Kou. And - It's understandable for me, that many Yaoi seem to be quite unrealistic and the relationships simply too rushed- Fortunately there are still some authors, which have in my eyes been able to develop well-balanced stories, even if some of their works revolve around students, like ...

* YAMASHITA Tomoko -> As example you can try Kuimonodokoro Akira
* Kyuugou -> Sono Te kara Tsutawaru
* SUZUKI Tsuta -> Merry Checker or Hand Which
* FUJIYAMA Hyouta -> Dear Green: Hitomi no Ounowa
* KISARAGI Manami -> Two Colors

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