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Post #649490 - Reply to (#649303) by xCrystal
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2:44 am, Aug 10 2014
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Quote from xCrystal
I actually agree with kitty1826x, it's much more understandable to have everything on one page. The information is right there, you can see all the couples and which volumes they appear on, which is especially useful for newer readers.

It is possible to list all of the related series, what couples are in which volumes on the same page and have each volume have it's own separate page. You can have things listed as they are now (complete list of all volumes) and have each volume be a clickable link that leads to a separate page. They way you can track your progress on each volume, while knowing what couples are in the other volumes.

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7:13 am, Aug 17 2014
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I think that what's not getting across is that this page is for updating readers on the new chapters off the series. And with the new organization I can't do that whatsoever. If I add the series to the reading list I only get the chapters from the first series. Meaning if I want to know if the new chapter from one of the ongoing series is out I'm going to have to check the scans page every few months. Which by the way is the idea of this entire website. That I don't have to do that. So this new arrangement made the whole "updates" impossible.

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Post #650070 - Reply to (#649382) by tart

2:18 pm, Aug 17 2014
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Quote from tart
Just throwing this out there, but doesn't this mean similar series like Happy Yarou Wedding should also be changed to a similar format as well?

EXACTLY!!! This is what is bothering me the most about this organization. Why is ONLY THIS series being treated this way?

Post #652929 - Reply to (#650070) by pitopeanut

9:02 pm, Sep 25 2014
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Quote from pitopeanut
EXACTLY!!! This is what is bothering me the most about this organization. Why is ONLY THIS series being treated this way?

If this also happens to Happy Yarou Wedding, I would go on rampage. I hope no other series get treated like this.

Quote from tart
Just throwing this out there, but doesn't this mean similar series like Happy Yarou Wedding should also be changed to a similar format as well?

Please don't even suggest a thing, I'm happy how it is.

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4:15 am, Oct 2 2014
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Wow. I didn't even realize my thread on this subject was deleted, let alone that there were others erased as well. I dislike the new(ish) series organization for the precise reason stated by many others: it is inconvenient to check the series page and drill down on the releases to keep track of what's been recently released by which group. With so many scanlation groups working on so many different volumes, the old system made it much easier to keep track of, especially when one's reading list hovers around 100 titles at any given time.

Post #671907 - Reply to (#648745) by pitopeanut
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6:34 am, Sep 23 2015
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Quote from pitopeanut
This organization is absolutely horrible and makes no sense. If this is how baka-updates is going to be organizing their manga, then I would like to know why ALL series with prequels and sequels are not all grouped together under one page. Why is Sakyou Aya's Kuroneko series separated into individual pages. Combining those together would make more sense than this monstrosity because they at least all have the same title pattern and protagonists...
This organization style will keep new fans from enjoying it and keep current fans from being informed about the status of the series they are following. It should be reverted back. The admin who refuse to revert it back and covered up the criticism obviously has a God complex. Learn to accept and grow from criticism. Sometimes your great idea fails when tested by the real world.

Thank you! And I absolutely wholeheartedly agree. I think I saw red when I noticed how they had merged all the series together. Not only is it disorganized and needlessly confusing; almost all of the reviews written for each separate volume are gone. Why didn't they bother to at least keep those and transfer them over to this page?

Why is Warui getting this treatment when I've come across several one-shots with their own page when in fact they're part of a [separately] listed volume that hasn't been fully scanlated? Where are our diligent admins then? I'll repeat again since admins continue to ignore this fact; each of these stories are distinctively separate. They are interconnected, but only in the most casual manner. It is not written in a way where it's integral that you have knowledge of the other series to be able to read the other. If anything, each series should have their own separate page and be listed as spin-offs. One for Warui, one for Ja Nai Kedo, one for Mujiha, etc. I've read many BL stories with this same framework where characters share the same world and setting and absolutely none of them were merged into one page. All of them listed each correlating series as spin-offs, which makes much more sense than the current mess Warui is in now.

What makes it worse is that almost of these series are ongoing and it's a nightmare trying to sort who's scanlating what. Tons of extras and drama CDs get scanlated during this period, so good luck to any noob trying to figure out the timeline for those extras.

And YES the page is absolutely confusing, and while I credit the person who is attempting to clear it up on the page, it is severely off-putting to any reader and I can stake money that it's much moreso for a new reader. Most people are lazy readers and they're not going to bother to sift through that mess to figure things out. I remember when I first started reading yaoi and was slightly confused about the numbering format for this series. Luckily, the series was still in its early stages and I could follow the sequel tags that came with each page. Why are admins making people's ability to follow this series that more complicated/difficult? What are two more separate pages for the sake of clarification and convenience when you have tons of uncategorized one-shots clogging up your system?

I do have to wonder about the admin who is behind this drastic and unreasonable change. Absolutely nothing about the way they've merged everything makes sense but I see that continued complaints and objections by readers are falling on deaf ears.

Quote from kitty1826x
Whine, whine, whine, whine, whine, whine, whine. -____-

How is this not easier for new readers? I just showed my husband (who hasn't read any of this) and asked him is the page confusing at all. He said no, it's not.
Because it isn't!
Having it all on one page is more convenient.

I'm going to have to respectfully disagree. If we're talking about listing the series so it's in a form where readers can understand the overall hierarchy, then I could understand your point. However, MU isn't solely about providing information about the series; it's also about providing scanlation information too, and this whole page is a huge clusterf*ck if you're trying to figure that out. More than one scanlation group has worked on one of these series, and some of them have their own extras/papers that they've scanlated. If someone wanted to figure it out, I'm sure they could, but why does it have to be that way when there are far simpler ways of listing each series so that it's much, much easier to understand?

Quote from kitty1826x
As much as you guys keep saying it's a stand alone. No, it's not. They do interconnect. (Can you read them alone? Yes. Should you? Probably not.)
If you don't like a couple, that's fine if you want to skip over them, but should you? Probably, not.

They're not interconnected in any significant way that makes it important to read the other series to know what's going on in the other. I've read all of the works except for Warui and it doesn't diminish my reading experience in the least not knowing what happens in Warui because I'm fairly certain nothing significant happens in Warui that will affect my reading of Kirai ja Nai Kedo for instance. And none of the characters in the _ ja Nai Kedo series even show up in the Mujihi na _ series and Shinonome is only briefly mentioned Shouwaru Ookami ga Koi o Shita Rashii.They share the same setting and the same "world" but they can be read as standalones. Again, I've read many other BL series with this same type of "interconnectedness" and none of them have had their page massacred like this one. They all had separate pages for sequel volumes and spin offs (i.e. Kuroneko).

Quote from kitty1826x
I still don't see what the big deal is with having separate pages. Most of what's out is already completely scanlated. I'm sorry you have to use your brain and read a bit more before reading the manga. roll eyes Such a terrible thing right? Reading more than you should. How absurd !!!

You're missing the point, it's not only inconvenient, it's unnecessary. It's singled out in a sea of many other series that could legitimately but put into this same format and it'd make much more sense than what has been done with all four of these titles.

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8:54 am, Jul 25 2017

What exactly is the order of the manga volumes? Can anybody please tell me?

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Forever Young

10:05 am, Aug 12 2017
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I don't like this new organization... I only read the Mujihi Series and it's hard to rate and comment if all the couples are considered as one work...

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2:56 am, Nov 5 2017
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As a really huge fan of this series all I can say is that I agree with most complaints: everything is a mess for its information since it was merged.

There are some extras that were included in tankoubons that are treated as if there were one-shots or new couple settlements (as Masato and Hajime, and Kimiko-Nagahisa-Yuu, Makoto x Tooru extras). No offense here, but I think people who don't understand how this series is being serialized according to Hanaoto magazine is taking control of its listing in this site.

Also, Warui Ko Tachi no Bansan is listed together with other non-related WKS stories Sakuraga sensei wrote years before this series and were included in the tankoubons. Why? That extra was included in Kare Ja Nai Kedo tankoubon... Unless you have considered Warui Ko Tachi no Bansan Part 2, which was released as a special bonus if you bought 3 drama CDs of the series back in 2012 and has never been included in a tankoubon should be listed there (it will never be, probably -due to its rare and limited edition nature-) . Anyway, there are a lot of limited edition bonuses that are not listed in here and that could be included to make this more informative instead of the misleading titles figuring in the description (yeah, if that is what admins and mods pretended with their 'reorganization'😉.

I understand that Warui Koto Shitai series is long and has a lot of new stories coming, but what is the point on merging everything? I don't see this treatment for other long series (is it because each tankobon of this one has a different name? -_-). It would have been better to keep all the titles and just including a descriptive guide with the order in each of them. Now, as you can see, Warui series has 14 volumes completed, and Sakuraga sensei is going to continue her series next year, but all we can see is the series status giving uneditable wrong information: "13 Volumes (ongoing)". Frustrating...

I tried to fix some mistakes, but some parts are closed by admin and are uneditable.
I refrained myself to complain when it was done, but... It's bugging me since I see so many mistakes and because I cannot make individual reviews for each story either.

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