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beautiful girl/woman and plain boy/man romance

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11:39 pm, Jul 8 2014
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Hello I'm looking for some josei or shojo where the female is beautiful and/or popular and her love interest is plain and/or ugly. Or maybe he just doesn't take care of his looks so people think he is unattractive, but he cleans up well. Either one. Thank you!

Also I would like to know the name of a short manga about a popular and beautiful girl who is obsessed with a plain boy. I think she kinda annoys him, but in the end he falls for her, TY!

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12:13 am, Jul 9 2014
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You're pretty much describing most shounen romance mangas but here are a few i can recommend.

love hina
Yume de Aetara
B Gata H Kei
Renai Shimasen ka?

Edit: Didnt see that you wanted shoujo/josei

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12:21 am, Jul 9 2014
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Saruyama! should fit

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1:15 am, Jul 9 2014
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Horimiya seconded even if it's shounen. It does feel like shoujo.
Mishounen Produce The male lead is unpopular at the start.
Benkyou no Jikan Another handsome male lead unnoticed at first.
My Hero! Male lead is plain, not real ugly.
Junjou Drop Male lead is scary looking. Can't remember if female is popular though.
Nousatsu Rock Shounen / Toukyou Rock Shounen Male seems plain at first but...

Maybe you could check titles with megane male leads, they tend to be the nerdy type who turn handsome when dropping their glasses, but otherwise unnoticed. Ex : 3D Kanojo, Megane no Incubus-kun, etc..

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8:40 am, Jul 9 2014
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teru teru x shounen

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10:28 am, Jul 9 2014
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Ore Monogatari!! - He's definetely not plain, but not in the way you'd think from a shoujo.
The girl isn't ugly, but she is not that popular either, though,

The Girl on the Other Side of the Glass A josei oneshot with a normal looking guy.

Still, I don't think there are many others out there, since shoujo and josei are mostly directed towards girls and women. They would like to see the heroine end up with an handsome looking boy, just like guys want to see their heroines looking beautiful in their manga.

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7:51 am, Jul 10 2014
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Hibi Chouchou

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6:38 pm, Jul 10 2014
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Cat Street. It's a more serious shoujo.

Usagi Drop. Josei. Beginning is more like seinen, and the second half is more like shoujo. Warning: Many people dislike the love plot. I think it's a decent manga though.

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