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Love interest is "killed"....

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5:43 am, Feb 24 2015
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I'm basically looking for a romance manga or one with subtle romance or romantic subplot where one of the love interest/MC get badly injured or killed which encouraged the other and in the end was either not injured or have survived.

Some example would be:

Kanata Kara -
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
the girl was very sick because she was trying to save her love and because of that encourage the man and others.

Samurai Deeper Kyo -
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
there was two moment like it. One was where she get a water dragon implanted in her and was slowly dying which made everyone determine and rushed to save her, but was fine in the end. The other would be when they were nearing the castle and Kyo found Yuya with a large cut across her chest. He screamed her name and was determine to save her again.

Hajimete no Aku -
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for this one, near the end of the manga, the father came home and when he went to the clubhouse where his son, love, and friends were he decided to teach his son a lesson and "killed" his love. She was fine though and it was all an act.

There are more, but I can't think of any at the moment.
So yeah, the love interest has to either be in danger, was heavily wounded, "killed" or something of the likes, but was fine in the end.

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2:53 pm, Feb 24 2015
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The only manga I can think of is Kitchen Princess

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3:35 pm, Feb 24 2015
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There are a lot of manga with that premise, so I will just go over what comes in my mind.


Has this, but the impact is bigger if you did read it's prequel and the spin off story of it.

Eden - It's an Endless World!

It happens around the middle of the story.


Happens in the earliest arcs. The later arcs has this with other characters whatever.

Deep Love - Host

The entire plot of this revolves around this idea, but it's recommenced to read the prequel to understand why thought.

All You Need Is Kill

Happens at the end of the story.


Happens at the end of the story.

Battle Royale

It doesn't happen with the main characters, but their friends do die. Ignore it otherwise.

Full Metal Panic! Σ

A love interest (not the main love interest), is killed in the middle of the story, witch drives the MC forward. But you need to read the prequel to understand the overall plot of this sequel.

Shin Angyo Onshi

Has this, at the end of the story.

Sidonia no Kishi

Has this in the beginning of the story, but there's a twist around it later.

Terra Formars

Has this with many main characters of different generations.

Cross Game

Happens at the beginning of the story.

I Am a Hero

Happens with a love interest.


Has this with many main characters of different generations.

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