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Is this manga scanlation deleted ?

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4:13 am, Jan 31 2017
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this is an old manga called 1/2 prince

The manga have been translated from 2009 and lastly chapter 76 at june 2016

but i still remember in the past i read it till chapter 77-78 in english version

suddenly it was vanished or is it just me ?

checking many manga sites and it was on chapter 76

i check the info , this manga ended at chapter 80, kinda make me feel sad because just 4 chapter more to end(CMIIW).

So anyone following/read this manga and still remember, is this manga scanlation only up to chapter 76 ? i still remember reading it past chapter 76 where the MC already have daughter and niece and the story is about them.

this is weird actually...or maybe i read it on some random manga site..but weird all of manga site i searched, updated to chapter 76.

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5:01 am, Jan 31 2017
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The group that is scanlating it has only released up to chapter 76, and the project is still ongoing.

Insert indirect comment about how you shouldn't read things on manga reader sites here *cough*

If you did somehow read the last few chapters in English it may have been by another group and was never updated on this site for a few possible reasons. (The other group didn't add the release here, or they didn't have the things required to be deemed a valid group, or they never marked their stuff, etc.)

Is it possible you saw the raws and think you read the rest?

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6:43 am, Jan 31 2017
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I don't read the raw, i think it was just a random group scanlating and maybe they removed it from some reason.

I still remember it , it was 6-7 months ago, it was in english, i even remember the story and what they talking, what really happened.

I just come back to read the rest and think oh last time i read chapter 77-78, it was short 2 chapter, maybe they already finished it.

But then it still in chapter 76

i guess something must be happened but oh well thanks for the reply

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