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Yuri couple halted by one of them being with/liking boys

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11:41 am, Jan 20 2017
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I just watched Kannazuki no Miko and before Himeko comes to the realization she's in love with Chikane (mc), she likes and goes on dates with Soma.

Are there any manga where this occurs?

In the end though, they get together.

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12:49 pm, Jan 20 2017
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2:09 pm, Jan 20 2017
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Quote from soraking

What really halted it was the one who dated the guy thinking the other girl didn't like her that way.

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Nice desu ne

10:58 pm, Jan 21 2017
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Not fully scanned, not a yuri manga, and actually kind of a spoiler but Joou-sama no Eshi. Female lead likes the male lead at the start but ends up with the other female lead.
Some others are:
Netsuzou Trap - NTR
Very briefly in It'd be great if you didn't exist!
Free Soul
and there is the cheating bit in Octave that puts things on hold.

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