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looking for strong, smart female lead

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9:25 pm, Nov 27 2014
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I've read a lot of manga and kinda have stalled on finding more. I want a strong female lead that. Doesn't have to be physically strong. She should also be somewhat smart by the time it ends. Something like red river or superior and saver. An awesome non annoying character. I've read a lot of the mainstreamstuff so think outside the box. You can check out my lists too. Also I don't mind a he really sweet and gentle characters either, like tohru from FB. Evil characters are also welcome. Shoujo peferably. smile wink grin


11:14 pm, Nov 27 2014
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Kurosaki Mafuyu in Oresama teacher is strong both physical and mind, she's cute and interesting smile
Kujou Mikoto in Last Game

or you can try searching tag "strong female lead" tegory=Strong%2Bfemale%2Blead&genre=Shoujo&or derby=rating

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12:07 am, Nov 28 2014
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You can do a Genre Search using the category tags with either the "Strong Female Lead"/"Emotionally Strong Female Lead"/"Independent Female Lead" and either the "Smart Female Lead"/"Cunning Female Lead" together.


3:57 am, Nov 28 2014
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I've already read those. They're not really what I'm looking for .Thanks. Also ive used the tags but have note found anything. sad

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6:00 am, Nov 28 2014
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How about Cheese in the Trap? I've just read it and it's awesome. The female lead is exactly what you're looking for, imo. Give it a try if you haven't already biggrin biggrin

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6:22 am, Nov 28 2014
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Song of the Long March
7 Seeds: not the first female protagonist, but several others (there are several teams)
Qualia the Purple <- evil-ish, later on anyway

For non-drama strong (in their own ways):
Aqua and its sequal Aria

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6:40 am, Nov 28 2014
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- Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu. (power level wise, female lead is stronger than male. Intelligence wise, male is higher)

- Darwin's Game (female lead is OP)

And you said you were looking for shoujo but in shoujo, the female lead are usually strong anyways (ex. Horimiya, Maido sama, Vampire Knight ... etc)

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6:43 am, Nov 28 2014
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I can see that what you're looking for is something like Basara which is on your reading list. (other than what you've mentioned). Something like that which is not on your list:
Legend of Nereid
Kaguya Hime
Doesn't fit your request about the lead, yet fit the atmosphere:
Fushigi Yuugi
Ouke no Monshou
These are quite famous, especially LoN, so I doubt you haven't read or come across it. I don't really remember titles so.. Oh, and this thread about looking for these always appear once in a while. You might get some better suggestions if you search them up.

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11:59 am, Nov 28 2014
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Try Immortal Rain.
It's a shoujo series, with lots or action.
Machika, the female lead, is pretty strong and she's definitely not stupid either smile

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3:02 pm, Nov 28 2014
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Quote from Ariaofthesong
Also ive used the tags but have note found anything. sad

Are you sure you're using the category tags search function correctly and not putting too many tags together at once? Usually, the less tags you use, the more results you get. Just from searching "Strong Female Lead" + "Smart Female Lead" together in the Genre Search, I got about 75 series...

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3:58 pm, Nov 28 2014
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Beauty pop
I guess Kimi ni todoke would fit the bill

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