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4:27 pm, Feb 3 2015
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I'm not really sure exactly what I want, I just need to find a manga that I can read the first two chapters of and go to school 20 times more hyper then usual and keep talking about and thinking about it until I can get home to read it. My current 'I want more like this' are:
1.) Natsume Yuujinchou (I like how the main character is always trying to be over considerate of others and that he has a special power that he is afraid to tell others about, also his tramatic childhood and how he can see ghosts~)
2.) Abide in the Wind (The main guy is super clingy, really strong, and does whatever the girl tells him- he's SUPER cute~ I also like how the main girl doesn't really understand the full situation, and doesn't understand that she is actually really strong)
3.) Iris Zero and Boku no Hero Academia (I like how everyone has special abilities except for him, also that he is clever enough to be able to figure out things easier then those with special abilities
-and for Iris Zero I like how he tries to make sure no one really notices him)
4.) Hyouka ( The main character is extremely smart and but no one knows, also how he tries to avoid doing work- or things that would show that he was smart)

I would basically want things with stuff like that (Sorry they aren't really all that related)
I would also love any manga with a child genius that tries to hide their smarts (Especially a child teacher)

I hope you guys can recomend something based on all that~

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6:05 pm, Feb 3 2015
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miriam the girl is very clever and adorably cheeky. There are two sequels that are also really good.
gokusen she is really strong but tries to hide it and its very funny.
Kemonotachi no Yoru kinda strange but enjoyable
kingyo sou i love how she tries so hard to communicate with him and be what he needs and i love how hard he tries to meet her half way.

I hope these are a little of what your looking for, they are some of my favorites and I hope you enjoy them!

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12:41 am, Feb 4 2015
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Angel Densetsu : Comedy, School Life
The art is a bit amateurish at first but it improves later on so try to stick with it. Great comedy and characters. The MC is very kind and calm but his appearance is the complete opposite.

Ore Monogatari!! : Comedy, Romance
MC who isn't popular with girls falls in love. He's big, naive and shy unlike his best friend.

Gin no Saji : Comedy, Slice of Life
By the author of Fullmetal Alchemist. The premise/setting is very original (agriculture school), the characters are nice. The MC is smart and always tries to help others.

Mob Psycho 100 : Action, Comedy
MC looks like a wimp but has superpowers and is actually very strong (overpowered even), but he refuses to use them and wants to have a normal life.

About child geniuses, maybe Yasashii Sekai no Tsukurikata, it's kinda like Mahou Sensei Negima! but without all the fantasy tropes (magic, vampire, etc..) : A teenager genius is hired to teach in an all-girls school.

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1:25 am, Feb 4 2015
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Seisenki Elna Saga everyone have magic but she is not and that make her somehow invincible in later haft.

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9:18 am, Feb 4 2015
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Gan-Kon - My Wife Is a Beautiful God!
it a comedy manga about a competition between god the main character wish for a wife but the god granted the wish with no power and became the wife and now they have to fight to protect the wish.

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4:03 pm, Feb 4 2015
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My goodness they all sound so interesting~~ Thanks~
I will start reading immediately!

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