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Josei with damaged character

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7:09 am, Sep 22 2014
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Im looking for something like kimi no sei, a josei (or other genres, but with lots of romance and I prefer more mature things, dont want anything really innocent atm), with a character yhat is damaged in his/her past. Dont care if the character is still being bullied or abused.

Please help me find something good biggrin

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9:04 am, Sep 22 2014
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embarrassed let me know if you find a good josie manga
i have been looking forever
they dont get translated sad

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The Wicked Bitch

9:44 am, Sep 22 2014
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You can try Sekine's Love
It fits your description

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1:33 pm, Sep 22 2014
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Cat Street It fits very good for your description but sadly it's not josei but shoujo. But even though it's not jousei I really recommend this as the art and story is really nice and I'd even say that it leans a bit on the josei side.

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2:21 pm, Sep 22 2014
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Kiss and Never Cry

And this is a seinen, but I'll leave it here anyway:
Bitter Virgin

And a shojo:
Honey Bitter


8:17 am, Sep 23 2014
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Thank you biggrinbiggrinbiggrin

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12:33 pm, Sep 27 2014
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Oboreru Knife (Says shoujo, but I find it pretty mature. Both the hero and heroine are effed up)
Mars (its not really apparent till later on in the series, but you can tell the heroine seems overly cautious)
Piece of Cake (Another one by George Asakura, heroine is very damaged by her past relationship)
Kuragehime (This one is kind of iffy since its shoujo and pretty lighthearted, but the heroine's NEET girl problems make her getting into a relationship pretty difficult. bigrazz )

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