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Looking for good incest manga

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5:39 am, Oct 20 2016
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I read almost any manga possible that contains incest or step-siblings as main or sub plot, but just in case I didn't miss any.... I would like to get recommendations. Of course I've read all the known ones such as Koi Kaze, BokuImo, Brothers, etc.
I'm looking for new ones, even if they're not scanlated it's ok.
Yaoi also works for me! bigrazz
Thank you.


6:18 am, Oct 20 2016
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roll eyes There's no such thing as a good incest manga. Unless it's a hentai. laugh

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Lone Wanderer

7:59 am, Oct 20 2016
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I was going to rec Ayako, but I see you've read it.

I don't like this theme at all, but the title story from Ani no Chuukoku was okay for the most part.
Heavily subtextual brother/sister in Hitsuji no Uta.
Haikei, Niisan-sama
The second oneshot in Egomix.

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9:11 am, Oct 20 2016
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Thank you very much, I'll look into those! ^^

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5:50 pm, Oct 20 2016
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Wild Rose Crown, one shot from Conflict Lover
Otome no Iroha!, or so it should XD
Yuuhi Romance
A one shot shot from Kareshi sharing, it's only RAW and tagged borderline H though,
Aki Sora, and Seishun Pop!, they are borderline H too
Wasureyuki, not really, but has that feeling XD

I remember there is one more but forgot the title, a shoujo oneshot Ani and Imouto, they realized the other's feeling when the Ani is going to go far away, they then decided to take a trip together before they separated.

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6:47 pm, Oct 21 2016
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Oujitachi wa Izonsuru

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5:45 pm, Oct 22 2016
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Koi Kaze

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1:14 am, Oct 23 2016
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NieruchiTokyo Casanova

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Apostle of Cock

6:57 am, Oct 24 2016
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Yosuga no Sora

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6:34 pm, Oct 24 2016
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all of these are yaoi, most of these are collections of stories.

my personal favorites are:
≠ - Not Equal
Mayonaka no Oyatsu
Papa I Love You
Tsurukusa no Niwa

has minor incest themes or stories:
Kudan no Kuroneko
Kizudarake no Airabuyuu
Koisuru Cupid
Tsumibito no Kiss
Anohito to Nitenai Kuchibiru

Fujoshis rule!
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