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Codependent Relationship

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11:49 pm, Sep 28 2011
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I'm looking for that more-then-friends-not-quite-lovers sort of relationship. Where the characters are highly too dependent on each other to the point where they often put this person above all others or put themselves in high risk or dangerous or just pain stupid situations for them. It doesn't have to result in romance and I don't really have a preference in the gender of the characters (I have a feeling a lot of borderline BL manga's fit this actually). I would like both characters to equally be dependent upon each other (they don't have to show it in the same way or as outwardly/whatever but I don't want to feel like one is just a doormat for the other, if that makes sense).

I'd like to avoid any manga with ... young looking characters? Sorry I can't find a better way to word that. Small noses, big round eyes and they look 12 but their supposed to be 16. And if you are going to suggest BL manga's I'd like to avoid the girly looking hero's, not that I won't read it mind you, but I prefer it when both men in actually look like men bigrazz

Other then than no ecchi or hentai please. Well, ecchi is fine if its not too fan service-y and the breasts aren't bigger then their heads bigrazz

what else... oh I'm not a huge fan of shounen series. Like Bleach and what have you, the underdog loses only to power up and win the day formula bugs me after a while, and like 10 pages of hard to following fighting aren't my thing.

(sorry, I'm feeling picky tonight biggrin)


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Lone Wanderer

6:03 am, Sep 29 2011
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Gin no Yuusha - A little childish, but so very sweet! The two guys are the extremely good friends.
Shirogane no Ou fits quite well. I wouldn't call them 'friends', but they do go to insane lengths to protect each other.
Wild Adapter - Note that the shounen-ai tag is for the side characters -- not for the MCs. The mangaka herself has said that she has no intention of making it "a real BL".
Hanamatsuri - Tagged as shounen-ai, but it's not really. Just read the description and you'll see what I mean.

Sorry, but they're all guys. It's quite difficult to find a story with a guy and a girl who are closer than friends but not a couple. A lot of shoujo-ai might fit, but they're probably a little too cheesy for what you require here >_<

Edit - I managed to think of one with two girls! Pieta is marked as GL, but it's much nicer and less idealistic than other shoujo-ai manga, and there's nothing notably romantic about the two protagonists' interactions.

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6:16 am, Sep 29 2011
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why don't you make your own manga? it sounds easier to me biggrin

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7:29 am, Sep 29 2011
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If I understand correctly, you prefer shoujo-like manga?

Then maybe Blood Alone fits. Though you said you didn't want young-looking characters. The girl looks (is) young.

Imo, Tokyo Crazy Paradise also fits. The protagonists are definitely very dependent on each other, but in a quite uncommon way for a shoujo.

And, also Kieli, though for this one, you could probably say that you guy is not as dependent as the girl.

A last one for the road (kinda shounen-ai) : Adekan. (But Shiro is indubitably girly... User Posted Image )

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El Psy Kongroo.

11:18 am, Sep 29 2011
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Kimi wa Pet

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Witch of Heart

7:45 pm, Oct 3 2011
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I once read a oneshot like this and I loved it...I wish I could remember its name and know more mangas like that.


9:00 pm, Jan 27 2017
Posts: 1 is the only one I can think of.

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