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Webtoons with the best art

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11:21 pm, Jan 30 2023
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What are your favorite most gorgeous BL webtoons?

I know that good-art-bad-story is a bummer, but I'm here for the opposite. I NEED good art and I need it now.

I want to hear about the art so good you don't give even two shakes what those boys are saying. This does not have to be only the shiniest most realistic art, just your faves. It can be good expressions, it can be good backgrounds, it can be clever use of color. It can be smooth perfect hot realistic faces.

Off the top of my head:
Sura's Beloved
Painter of the Night
Down and Dirty
Wolf in the House

What u got pls discuss


4:43 am, Jan 31 2023
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First things that came to mind were stories by Brothers Without A Tomorrow. The stories can leave something to be desired in plot resolution, but the art is great. Especially Tale of the Yellow Dragon The use of lighting, catching the shine on the hair or sparkles of light in the air.

My other choice is not a webtoon it's manga. Haruka Tooki Ie
The way the artist does faces is gorgeous. The art really conveys emotion. It's a TRAGIC story though.

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5:34 am, Jan 31 2023
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Define the Relationship
Here U Are
King's Maker
Semantic Error
Starting With a Lie
The Art of Taming a Tiger
Where the Dragon's Rain Falls

I also wanted to say CTK, but apparently her stuff in webtoon format are all non-BLs, and while her BLs are webcomics on pixiv, they're just in regular manga format.

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