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Popular shojos you just don't like?

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1:45 am, Apr 19 2009
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I can't believe I forgot Bokura ga Ita, that manga was so --- don't get me started... no

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1:53 am, Apr 19 2009
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Vampire Knight, it was good in the begging.

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6:05 am, Apr 19 2009
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Beauty Pop - I just don't get the hairstyling thing. I know its a manga and all but hairstyling as the central theme? I just don't get it. IT's annoying, sorry.
Everything by Arina Tanemura
Everything by Shinjo Mayu
Uwasa no Midori-kun - Weird art, the characters look like kids (I'm like WTF lolicon! all the time or WTF shotacon!).
Vampire Knight - It was okay then it got boring and I started to notice how long their necks are.
Special A - Oh Gawd. I hate this series, I hate the art, I hate the plot. Everything.
Hot Gimmick
I don't like Yuu Watase's works too. I don't know why. The characters just annoy me and I don't like the art. It's like the characters' arms are too short. It's just me, I guess.

I also go by amatsu.
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6:28 am, Apr 19 2009
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No it's not just you. I hate Yuu Watase's work. It's just so boring. Same again with Shinjo Mayu and Arina Tanemura, all their stories are very bland. It doesn't help that most of their heroines are pathetic losers. The mangaka that wrote Hot Gimmick/Honey Hunt is a tough one, she can really set up a dynamic story with some hard hitting issues but of course her leading lady is always a MORON. How can these writers expect us to root for the heroine when she is just so damn stupid? How can I really believe all those hot guys would even fall for such saps in the first place? I also hate it when a manga makes me cringe every second page. Give me strong funny and interesting female leads anyday! smile
Bokura ga Ita, I am collecting for the art, and also there is something so sweet yet realistic about the lead female character. Yes, she is weak. But portrayed in such a humanistic way, that you can accept that. Her weakness is contextualised. A lot of mangaka's are able to portray weakness in an interesting way, Ai Kurosawa and Yoko Kamio are two that come to mind. So I guess it's how the story is told smile

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9:40 am, Apr 19 2009
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Quote from hatsumimi99
Quote from Dubby
The main story itself wasn't interesting enough, and I only went through it because the side-character stories were much more interesting.

Do you mean the main characters? The "main story" in and of itself basically involved all of the juunishi, and if you found the supporting cast interesting, then that would also encompass the problem for those characters, which would also, in turn, be the same problem (in essence) the main cast is struggling with.

Anyway, basically everything named (with the exception of Fruits Basket and Nana) I can agree with wholeheartedly. I'll have to repeat that Koukou Debut was the biggest disappointment for me, only because I expected a lot more from an long-timer in the manga industry such as Kawahara Kazune, especially since I had gone through the ups and downs in Sensei! and loved every minute of it.

I couldn't understand what was missing for me in Koukou Debut. And I can't understand why the artwork bothers me. She was really good in Sensei! during the last 1/3rd, but maybe it was because they were usually in their school uniform. The outfits in Koukou Debut just made me think she doesn't have any fashion sense. It's like she's trying too hard with something she has little knowledge of, and that always brings forth an inward groan.

Her newest manga "Aozora Yell" suffers from the same problem "artwise" (Ugly character designs, weird hair and all), but at least the interactions between the main characters make up for that.
let me just reword that. I honestly did not care about Kyo, Yuki, or Tohru (who, may I add, pissed me off). So kyo met tohru's mother, so yuki was an abused child, Whatever. I did not care. I was just about to drop the series when I read the side story with Arisa and Kureno, and then Hatori and that teacher (whatever her name). I absolutely adored it. Everytime there was a side story (at least one in a volume), I loved it. The one with Kyoko and her hubby I liked, but after it ended, I stopped caring about it - they were both dead. Kureno and Arisa were a recurring theme, so I actually liked that. When tohru was in the hospital? She could die for all I cared, I was only interested in Kureno and Arisa.

Some parts I was on the verge of just about skipping. Any of the trio's stories, yuki and machi/hachi/whatever, kyo and the cat crap, and any other irrelevant stories that didn't include the characters I liked. Shigure and Akito was interesting, so I stuck with that for a bit. Rin and Haru were also interesting at one point, till I also stopped caring about them.

Overall, you knew all their problems were linked, yes, but I wasn't interested in seeing the main cast or other characters I don't care about solve through them. You knew in the end everything would be back to normal. I didn't care about the plot, I lost interest in it at volume 3. I only cared about the characters.

@Odette: I never thought of Ouran as a drama. The comedy itself was the reason I went through with the anime. With Ouran I found Hana-Kimi, and with Hana-kimi I found scanlations. I totally adore Ouran, but if you have 10 volumes filled with pointless crap, plot not moving forward, it gets annoying. Even sitcoms have progress. Otherwise the comedy in itself would lose it's charm. Which is what Ouran did. If you want pure-comedy, go read a 4koma.

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11:49 am, Apr 19 2009
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thank goodness i stopped reading Special A.
such a piece of poo.

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12:52 pm, Apr 19 2009
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fruits basket - lost interest around volume 12, got repetitive and boring, and how the hell was i supposed to accept yuki's little "epiphany" just like that?

koukou debut - it was interesting in the beginning, but i got bored around volume 4. havent read it in awhile, dont plan to pick it up again.

vampire knight - read the first few chapters, didnt care for the plot or characters much, dropped it.

wallflower - read first few chapters and didnt really like the characters. humor fell pretty flat for me.

shinshi doumei cross - this was going to be the only work by arina tanemura that i enjoyed, but then it got randomly dramatic and boring. dropped it.

hot gimmick - i think this one's infamous enough without an explanation.

special a - i think i only read one chapter. didnt like where anything was going, plot characters, nothing.

lol, i'm a little saddened by the host club haters. the beauty in it was that, yes, it was a reverse harem, and thus the manga never took itself seriously in that aspect. it made fun of itself on a regular basis. unfortunately the manga has taken a turn to the generic shoujo side in recent volumes, however, so i lost a lot of interest in it ;(

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11:21 am, Apr 20 2009
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Quote from Dubby
you knew all their problems were linked, yes, but I wasn't interested in seeing the main cast or other characters I don't care about solve through them.

This was probably all I wanted to see straightened out: the fact that it was the main cast, not the "main story". Everything else was just tl;dr, and I wouldn't care to argue it anyway.

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1:10 pm, Apr 20 2009
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If you'd like to discuss the series, please go to the series' forum located near the bottom in the series' info pages.

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1:11 pm, Apr 20 2009
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Hana Kimi definitely! And I dont care about Kare kano and Fruits basket - so much hero worshiping is just too much....and whatever gwkimmy has mentioned..

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2:44 pm, Apr 20 2009
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i've heard a lot i agree with, some i don't. will try and list some i haven't seen yet.

don't know how popular can't lose you is, but i thought it was utterly awful.

kodomo no omocha - i kind of forced myself through it because everyone says it's so great, but i don't think i ever laughed or cried or anything. seemed kind of childish.

land of the blindfolded - everyone seemed to love it. except me.

anything that drags on too long. i mean, if you have a couple, once they get together it just feels like the author's dragging it out. how many ex-girlfriends/new love interests/interfering families/illness or injury plots can you put in before i just want to die, no matter how much i like the pairing? bleh.

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2:54 pm, Apr 20 2009
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Another vote for Hana Kimi. Thought the art was bad, the story boring and the comedy unfunny. I can't believe it lasted over 20 volumes.

Also another vote for Yuu Watase. She doesn't do anything but cheap wish fulfillment.

Provisional vote for Arina Tanemura. I really liked Full Moon o Sagishite(although it has several serious flaws), but the rest of her work is very forgettable.

Also, Sugar Sugar Rune. I've heard nothing but good things about it, but I'm almost to the end and it strikes me as very badly organized and of a tendancy to drop apparently important storylines or characters to try something else, often less interesting.

And another; Love Roma. Art was unusual for manga (more resembled an American indie comic) and the main thrust was the male lead was incredibly honest with his was very refreshing, but it became very tiresome and lacking in variation before I was halfway through.

I'd like to defend High School Debut, though. While it's certainly doesn't make a smashing impression with its quality, I have to call it a well executed low-key romantic comedy, and one that survives the main couple's hook-up very well (in fact, it doesn't take off until that happens), and I appreciate its takes on certain shoujo manga cliches. The beginning and the ending are a bit feeble, though.

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Post #278676 - Reply to (#278524) by Fronzel
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8:54 pm, Apr 20 2009
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Quote from Fronzel
And another; Love Roma. Art was unusual for manga (more resembled an American indie comic) and the main thrust was the male lead was incredibly honest with his was very refreshing, but it became very tiresome and lacking in variation before I was halfway through.

It isn't shoujo...

But yea T__T I can't believe I read several volumes of Hana Kimi. Wasted time.

Just remembered another title I couldn't like (yay!), The Wallflower

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10:25 am, Apr 23 2009
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Ouran High School Host Club

Like the OP says I just don't like it, no idea why though : |

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6:58 am, Apr 24 2009
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A vote goes to La Corda or whatever the name was, for being the first shoujo manga I didn't read pass 10 pages?

Unfortunately, I don't read as much anymore since I only read what I buy :/ (Just not into downloading scanlations >_>) Even my Vampire Knight volume 8 is still wrapped and sitting on my shelf.

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