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Is Fruits Basket really all THAT?

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Monstar Maalik
Post #187783
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4:00 pm, Aug 6 2008
Posts: 1031

it's the Naruto of shoujo's......

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Post #187794
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4:49 pm, Aug 6 2008
Posts: 5

I find it interesting. I finish reading the whole volumes, and I finally understand why they can change into animals, outcast the cat, etc...

Post #187796
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4:56 pm, Aug 6 2008
Posts: 2128


It's not the worst shoujo around.... but it's not the best either.
A bit too corny for me. The author seems to want to try to create something deep, without knowing what deep really is. (Same impression I get from her newer manga, Hoshi wa Utau, which I like even less). I stopped reading Fruits Basket midway, so I may not be the best person to give an opinion.... but I do feel it's highly overrated.

Just my opinion, though. I'm more of a seinen reader.

Last edited by gan17 at 5:09 pm, Aug 6

~Point & Squirt~
Post #187810 - Reply to (#8381) by snarkish
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5:41 pm, Aug 6 2008
Posts: 4

Quote from snarkish
like many shojo series are--no one is sure right away who the couples are, and there are enough characters who interact in a way that could be considered romantic that the pairings could go any which way. (And they do. Have you seen some of the pairings people come up with? Jeez.) That's one reason I like it, because it keeps me guessing.

Alright so thats completely not true. Most shojo series you kno right off the bat whose gonna b with who. In pretty much every shojo the rule is that the first person the girl or guy sees is the one they get with. The author may play around and give you some options like have them date other ppl when the first person is the one their with. Same thing can go for non-shojo series
Examples: Suzuka, Kodocha, Beast Master (Not like there were really any other girls), Flame of Recca, Mar, Zero no Tsukaima, I"S, Love Hina, Yume de Aetara, and other series that i cant remember off the top off my head.

And that new manga; A Town Where You Live will probably be the same as well.

And yes the same goes for Fruits Basket. The author may have shown Yuki first but still said Kyo was gonna b the 1 at the start when they first told the story of the cat and Tohru said that she became a fan of the cat which pretty destined her 2 be with Kyo.

Pretty much the only exception to the first girl rule is Ichigo 100%

And yea Fruits basket was amazing. I cant say the best cuz there are still lots of manga coming out and they could still be better. I really liked the start of Fruits Basket because it was really funny. Towards the middle and onto the end it got more serious and dramatic but was still funny but the whole curse thing got real intense which i thought was cool and it ended pretty well. I coulda done without the whole showing them as old ppl ending and kind of wish i could read more.

Post #187840
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6:53 pm, Aug 6 2008
Posts: 51

To me, it's very good but it's also one of the very first manga I have read. So maybe I'm being sentimental.

Post #187841
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7:05 pm, Aug 6 2008
Posts: 90

It's all that, and a bag of chips W/ dip

What's yours is mine, and what's mine is STILL mine!!
Post #188145
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Manga Otaku

10:32 am, Aug 7 2008
Posts: 716

Of course it's all that.....sort of.

I read FB a year ago and the story is amazing, the characters are great, ones that I can identify with (I love Tohru, Kyo and the others), plus I have a lot of fun reading this manga. But you know, I read a lot of manga that are great as FB and everybody has opinions, you know? ;)

I read so much mangas, I'm too lazy to watch anime! bigrazz bigrazz bigrazz

Manga I'm loving ATM: Heart no Kuni no Alice
Post #201133 - Reply to (#167485) by NightSwan
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Mad With a Hat

2:25 pm, Sep 11 2008
Posts: 4768

Quote from NightSwan
I don't say it's all that, but it's definitly good.
It's not so repetitive, so maybe it's packed it to much sweetness, and stuff you might not like. Nobody makes you read it. I think Naruto and Claymore are pieces of junk, so I don't read them.
I just think they are boring.
Fruits basket is not overrated (in my point of view).
But whatever, I guess you can say whatever you want, but really...

I'm really fond of it, and as much as I don't like everything shoujo-ish, I find it really nice and sweet, and NOT too corny.

Who was I trying to kid...
It's the best thing that ever happened to me...
I love it, I love it to no end.
So as I said before, you can't force yourself to like fruits basket. I tried that with naruto and claymore. Didn't work.

Let us fans of fruits basket live in peace.
Oh, and I forgot to say how much I love Touru. She's a pefect angel. And I really couldn't care less how unrealistic she may apear.

Haven't you ever wanted to meat a really good person?

Hrodulf and Bjornolfr, you will not be forgotten.
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Post #201189
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7:18 pm, Sep 11 2008
Posts: 596

Yes, for me fruits Basket is all that.

It made me laugh hard and cry harder and it was a good thing actually. The crying had a cathartic effect.

To some it might be too sentimental and there are parts which the manga could have done without in my opinion but if I have to give it a general vote, I'd say it's one of my favorites. It made me happy, sad, angry(yeah...maybe I'm just emotional dead)

Tohru is one of the reasons why I loved it and she might seem like your typical helpless, spineless shoujo heroines but nothing's farther from the truth. It touches me how she's so pure and how she accepts persons for who they are...Too bad I don't think persons like her exist in real life...

To see everything from the perspective of eternity
Post #201190
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7:20 pm, Sep 11 2008
Posts: 347

no.... no

"Sanity is for the weak"
Post #201194
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Pies are good! *w*

7:37 pm, Sep 11 2008
Posts: 328

Read the manga. Never ever watch the anime because you won't like it. And if you read the manga and then watch the anime it will piss you off. The Anime leaves out all the good stuff and make you hate the main charater at the end. The Manga is really great.

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Post #201216 - Reply to (#201194) by takeva
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Mad With a Hat

9:01 pm, Sep 11 2008
Posts: 4768

Quote from takeva
Read the manga. Never ever watch the anime because you won't like it. And if you read the manga and then watch the anime it will piss you off. The Anime leaves out all the good stuff and make you hate the main charater at the end. The Manga is really great.

What's wrong with the anime? I watched the anime first.
Read the manga, and I still love the anime (I don't usually watch anime).
What main character is there to hate?

Hrodulf and Bjornolfr, you will not be forgotten.
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And if the world were black and white,
you would be my rainbow in shades of grey.

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If I had a fantasy self, it'd be a tentacle monster.
Post #254443
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2:48 pm, Feb 1 2009
Posts: 31

Yes. It's Pure Awesome-ness. lol

And maybe i'm being biased cuase it was the first manga to bring me to tears. I adore this manga so much! It makes me cry and laugh, even when i try so ahrd not to. (I've gotten a couple of stares from people while i was reading at borders) I don't know how many times i've read this series, but it's just hard to not get drawn back into it. It's addicting and super good. So what's not to like?

And i suppose it is the naruto for shoujo, but at least FB ddn't seem to last forever, and it has a meaningful cast with no random characters thrown in for fan service! And none of the characters can truly be hated, becuase all of them seemed real and relateable. eyes

I dare you to click this >=)
Post #254448

3:14 pm, Feb 1 2009
Posts: 135

I enjoyed most of it, though it got old after a while. The first several volumes seemed to have a little of everything for everyone. (And since the anime covered the beginning only, that was pretty fun to watch too.)

It's not one of my favorites because I tend to like seinen rather than shoujo, but I still recommend it (conditionally) to most people who are new to manga/anime.

Is this a spoiler? Maybe this is a spoiler:
Spoiler (highlight to view)
She doesn't end up with the first (two!) males/potential love interests that we as the audience see her meet.

I for one find this unusual enough to at least give the series a second look.

Post #254482
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5:59 pm, Feb 1 2009
Posts: 1622

I absolutely adore this series.
I suppose I can see where some say that it got a little slow in the middle because she added some new characters and then had to give them backstories, and that took a while, but overall, it worked for me, and I loved it, the entire time. It's one of the few series that is over 20 volumes that didn't bore me to tears with any repetition. It has a very well thought-out plot and great characters.

I would suggest watching the anime before reading the manga, because a) the story is shorter, b) it follows the first 6 volumes relatively closely, and c) there are a few slight changes that upset people if they're read the manga first and then watch the anime. (I didn't realize this until recently since I watched the anime first.)

Anyway, I always recommend it when I have the opportunity. I re-read it all the time. And the last 2 volumes will finally be available in English this year from the publisher.

If you've ever thought or said "Nice Guys finish last" and really meant it, then you should probably read this LJ post by DivaLion. It's incredibly insightful whether you're male or female.

From a bumper sticker I like:
"If you're gonna ride my ass, at least pull my hair."
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