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Magico (IWAMOTO Naoki)   
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In a vast world, Emma, a girl with something lurking inside her, meets the magician Shion!!! What is the "Magico" ritual that will bind them together?! Even if they risk their lives to tread a path of thorns...!!


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Magico ศึกอภินิหาร เจ้าสาวจอมเวทย์
Магия Древних

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by PZcolo
September 30th, 2017, 5:09pm
Rating: 3.0  / 10.0
There is so much that's wrong that it would be too long to mention them here, by reading the other comments I expected something great, they talk of this as if it was a masterpiece... unfortunately it's far from it, at least imo.
Chars: Shion... he's annoying, he gets himself be belittled by around half the people he meets yet does nothing. He has an interesting past but its used poorly as a side not and a depressing story. I can't say if there is much development since I dropped this at its half but till that point there had been none. Emma, is a passive character that does nothing save cry from time to time or be warm and fuzzy the rest of it, she should pretty much be ashamed of being always in the receiving end of Shions exertions yet she doesn't even try to do something for him. The romance is crappy, I didn't get any warm feeling from any of them and the depth of their feelings seem to be the utterance of the world. The only char I liked is Luu, she at least is well introduced and is somewhat (if very shortly) developed, I could feel her reasons and motivations for what goes on, unlike the others. To be honest there is much potential here but I got fed up with all the crap going on, char development is the one point were this might get better but I give up on it, I just don't find it worth it, with the appearance of Shion's brother I'm done.
Story is weak, the beginning is good but after the first few chapters it becomes an hectic thing with a new villain and new chars of the week, they jump from place to place in their rituals and there is little sense of continuity and both new chars and villains are pretty irritating.
Then we have humor which is equally uninspired and relied upon constantly, still, it's just the chars not taking the situation seriously or lame ecchi jokes at puberty level.
Last, is the world, it's just uninteresting, in the center of it is magic, yet magic is presented as rewards for rituals, rituals as explained are just the repetition of a certain action many many many times... so what's with all the great magician, the talent and so on? it's just knowledge of the ritual and having the stubbornness to complete it. I find this "magic" world utterly boring and dumb, a joke and thus the world kinda lost it's meaning right there. Add to that convenient unjustified and previously unexplained coincidences that always comes to save the day when our heroes need it, like love makes miracles and such reasonable occurrences...
I guess young teenagers might like this one, being able to swallow the humor and identify a little with the chars, but it's not my thing. I might finish it someday since it's not long but I've had enough for now.

... Last updated on September 30th, 2017, 5:10pm
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A goddamn shame.  
by Jooles
September 11th, 2015, 6:19am
Rating: N/A
This could've been absolutely fantastic, and was, up until he got his two-month notice and rushed the ending. Which baffles me, as it did Mx0, but let's be honest - japanese tastes are peculiar, to say the least.

Well worth a read, but the rushed ending is painful. The epilogue is really good, however, especially since it (well, mildly) circumvents the manga-ending trope.
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Shion is great, but... I would still recommend.  
by MissModern
August 4th, 2014, 9:19pm
Rating: 8.4  / 10.0
Shion was an adorable protagonist - I would buy him off eBay. However, Emma is one of those annoying Shoujo protagonists that are weak and helpless in every way. I felt bad for Shion. Not that I hate Emma, but I think she could've done better, considering Shion's circumstances.
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It was worth it  
by 07goidow
September 21st, 2013, 6:18pm
Rating: N/A
This was a last minute read and to be honest, I am so glad that I picked it up, I loved the story line, the characters and especially the comical aspect to the manga, I do hope they one day turn this into an anime one day smile was a lovely read and I will definitely be coming back to read it again.
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Really magical  
by Ariaofthesong
August 28th, 2013, 9:54pm
Rating: N/A
I had magico (its actually supposed to be a lower case!) on my to read list for quite some time, not sure if I wanted to read it because it was shounen and I'm not into that, but after a few months of deliberation I finally decided to give it ago. (Pretty much because I thought Shion was cute. Lol) And I couldn't believe how much I liked it.

It mixed violence and love seamlessly and became something more than shounen. The plot was slightly shoujo, but the art was divine and kinda shounen. I loved Shion. He's just the cutest guy ever. And I get the feeling he was very different from other Jump characters. I also really loved his pyschopath of a brother. :3.

There were a few plot holes that bothered me (like Faust and Shion's sister), but I only noticed them because I'm a writer, but other than that, it was actually really good. There was alot of fridge horror in this manga and I was blown away. Such a seemingly lighthearted story with dark undertones.

The ending was sweet and I really wish they'd do a sequel or something. I love the artwork and I loved the characters, so I was sad to see it end.
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Oh my goodness  
by ScytheMaster14
August 11th, 2013, 1:32pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
I am in love with this series! From the very first chapter i fell in love with it!
First things first i have to say that Shion is the cutest guy ever, I love how he gets so flustered over everything Emma does and is so tsundere all the time. I adore these types of characters and he had me giggling almost every page! the rest of the characters are good as well, while Emma is the typical naive "I'll do my best!" types you often see in shounens (or manga in general), she has a pretty good reason for being that way which they reveal in the very beginning, and once you know that you cant really blame her for being so naive to everything. She didnt play a part in any of the battles, and while people say she was kinda useless (which she was for the most part) that I could also understand. The whole point of them trying to complete magico is to make her normal when she has the ultimate power inside her, and they said from the beginning that she was just a container and that there wasnt really any way for her to control it without getting killed. She wasnt meant to be a strong character, and the whole point was to make her weak, I liked how they made a point of that and didnt just have her be the ditzy girl who always got in the way cause she was weak for no reason. I also really enjoyed Luu and Anise's presence, Luu had a really good backstory and i liked how she didnt really stop any of the romance moments from happening,
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
she really took on the role of their daughter and they treated her as such as well, it really gave a nice atmosphere around the rest of them because it set up a family which none of them really had.
Anise also took on the "big sister" role well; she was always there to tease Shion and make him blush, but to also help the idiot couple progress and protect them as well. At first i thought she would seem like and outsider kind of watching them from afar, but she is there with them the entire time, really taking on her full role in their little family.
The world it was set in was also great, it stayed consistant with the information set in the beginning and all of the different aspects of it were really unique in my opinion with the rituals and the different variations of species while still looking relatively human, but still showing how people are discriminated against. Even if it was set in a different world, almost all of the situations they encounter like slavery, discrimination and fear or something they dont understand are very real and helped you connect to the world.
I also really like the art, I don't know what it is about it but it has a very shounen feel and was really detailed, when the author tried to make something look scary; it looked scary, same with all the expressions like when people are serious. Sometimes you see art styles when the author is trying to make a person glare but it doesn't look that different, and the person they're glaring flinches or takes a step back. You would actually flinch if you saw the characters expressions, they were very well drawn. The outfits of the characters weren't really too original but I really liked the mages clothes, they were in a style thats almost always used for mages, but the art style made it seem different.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I get the feeling that near the end the series got axed when they brought in a character who just decided to give the rest of the items for the rituals they needed, it was kind of obvious they were trying to wrap things up without leaving any questions about how they finished so quickly.

I'm really sad the series was axed, it had a lot of potential i think. I will defiantly be looking forward to this authors next work!
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Pretty Good  
by P_O_C_K_Y
September 3rd, 2012, 2:38pm
Rating: 6.0  / 10.0
I don't really have in complaints. It was definitely fun to read, I enjoyed reading about all the different types of magic and I loved the main characters. The art was also very nice. The story moved at a pretty decent pace right up to the end. The wedding ritual would have made an excellent conclusion, but then they added in the bonds ritual (or whatever it's called). It was really sad, I actually shed a little tear, but that's only because I thought the story ended there.

But, alas, it continued a little more and I was excited, but I felt like the last part was just a little too..meh. I would have preferred to either axe that whole wedding scene, leave it with everyone parting, or to stretch out the part about them meeting a little more.
I mean, when they met it seemed like they recognized each other which wasn't very dramatic.

But that's only a small complaint and it came at the very end so it didn't really affect the story. Everything else was really good. I have trouble finding magical adventure mangas, especially good ones like this.
It had cute art, but it was still bloody, morbid and had lots of fighting. Check.
It had comical relief but there were moments you feared for the character's lives or some characters just scared the shit out of out. Check.
It had romance, but it wasn't overpowering, nor was it lacking. Check.
It started off strong and continued in that same fashion through the whole series. And this gets a double check because it didn't have a bunch of fillers, instead, small rituals were put into side stories. Check. Check
The ending was conclusive (sort of), but it didn't ruin the story for me or anything I just accept it as it is and I'm just happy everything seemed to work out for the "family" in the end. Check.

Good story. Give it a go. I read it all in one sitting, I couldn't put it downXD

... Last updated on June 26th, 2013, 7:22pm
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by MatrixM
August 29th, 2012, 3:00am
Rating: N/A
What a terrible ending. It's seems pretty obvious that it got axed. Especially as they had set up a bunch of interesting stuff, like the other sages.

I really would've liked it to focus on the creation/fulfilling of more rituals NOT related to the Magico. the magic system seems like a pretty brilliant idea that was wasted on this series, when i look back on it as a whole.

It's good until the finishing of the tournament arc. after that, it's not getting any better, just getting worse so you may as well stop there.

P.S. Seriously loved the idea of rituals and sacrifices and trials to get magic. It's a shame... :/
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An Enjoyable Series  
by TRMshadow
August 12th, 2012, 8:18pm
Rating: 6.8  / 10.0
The greatest shonen manga of all time this is undoubtedly not... however, it's still very enjoyable and fun while it lasted. The story was a breath of fresh air, but the art left a bit to be desired and the story felt bogged down by one too many generic shonen cliches. Long story short: If you LOVE shonen-romance then give this a read, but if you already have way too many manga on your wish list and not nearly enough time to read them then pass this by.
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Beautifully done  
by frostmachine
August 12th, 2012, 1:25am
Rating: 8.0  / 10.0
I'm just gonna comment bout the ending.
Although it's rushed, things were cleared up pretty well. Most of all, the epilogue is beautifully done and gives a satisfying end. Definitely one of the better endings out there.
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