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6:06 pm, Aug 11 2020
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I'm a big fan of western comic books and looking to move into reading manga. Looking for a combination of old and modern classics to read, preferably completed too. Thanks!

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7:14 pm, Aug 11 2020
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Care to be specific about what you're looking for? If there are some genres categories that you favor, just mix and match the tags. If you want to know "what's popular", just go to the series stats page (Though, the top 40 are all Korean smut for some reason) or just see what people are talking about on social media. And, that's on top of the fact that saying "western comic books" isn't exactly a definitive term because European and America comics are completely different in their offerings.

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Post #779379 - Reply to (#779377) by Transdude1996

7:24 pm, Aug 11 2020
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Sorry if I was unclear the 'western comic book' part wasn't anything to do with the genre I just meant I've decided to try manga. By genre I'm open to most things probably less so on romance aimed for young girls but some 'must reads' would be nice.

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9:02 pm, Aug 11 2020
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It'd probably be easier if you said specifically what your tastes are. What type of genres do you usually prefer (whether it be in books, movies, etc.)? There's an extremely wide variety of manga, so it's difficult to recommend anything on as vague a request as a "must read", since those would differ depending on the person.

For now, I guess I'll leave the suggestion of trying some Urasawa Naoki, if you haven't already, particularly Monster or Pluto.

And, well, Full Metal Alchemist, I suppose, which has definitely introduced plenty of people to manga, and one of the few that's actually worth its popularity to boot.

Post #779386 - Reply to (#779384) by Suxinn

10:15 pm, Aug 11 2020
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Sci-fi/Fantasy/Crime/Thriller/Horror and my favourite are character driven stories with related and realistic personalities.

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El Psy Kongroo.

11:14 pm, Aug 11 2020
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Seconding Monster 20 Seiki Shounen and other works from Urasawa Naoki they'd fit well in your criteria

Berserk if you don't mind something more graphic

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Post #779392 - Reply to (#779386) by oztin
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7:21 am, Aug 12 2020
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Well, then my original recs stand, and here's a few more...

7 Seeds
Blade of the Immortal
Mob Psycho 100
Spirit Circle

And, not really must-reads, but Helck, Kanata no Astra, and Kekkaishi are all fairly typical shounen mangas done well, and pretty fun popcorn-ish reads.

I also tried to stick to completed manga only to limit the scope, but stuff like Vinland Saga and Houseki no Kuni are basically modern classics at this point and deserve a mention.

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9:44 am, Aug 13 2020
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