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Role reversal type of manga.

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3:20 pm, Apr 7 2021
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I'm looking for a manga similar to Koi desu ga Koi Janai where the FL is not the typical shy and submissive heroine and where the ML is not the typical bad boy, dominant type but gets flustered and blushes when it comes to FL (the characters don't need to have a strictly designed roles such as submissive and dominant, as long as the FL is cool and ML cute (but not the childish cute either)). Of course, it doesn't have to have the
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cheating element
like in KDGKJ 🤣 and it doesn't have to be automatically mature/H (although I absolutely do not mind it if it is). As long as the couple is cute together and doesn't wait long to get together. I've tried going through the recommendations in the manga page but they either weren't my cup of tea or I couldn't find them translated anywhere. So if you happen to read a similar type, and can recommend it, I'd appreciate it a lot. 😁
I hope I'm not annoying with the description since it's kinda specific.
Thank you in advance and I wish to everyone who reads a nice day/evening.

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3:33 pm, Apr 7 2021
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Hi. Although I know it's a lot 😌 and u also say 'tried going through the recommendations in the manga page etc.", but maybe take a look at 2 links below is not so bad idea category=Role+reversal category=Reversed+gender+roles

You can advance search to include/exclude genres and add more tag u like, etc.

I recently completed Untouchable Man and it's good. There's one GL couple. If u don't read GL just skim through it or skip it

Hope someone will give you better recommendation

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😼 & 😾 by HOSHINO Katsura
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4:09 pm, Apr 7 2021
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7:39 am, Apr 11 2021
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Haha, I am also a really big fan of those role reversal types of romance manga. Here are couple that could fit the bill:

Witch of Thistle Castle - Student/mentor, FL older than ML but not creepy, still very cute. So far has very few chapters but looks promising.
How to Protect The Heroine's Older Brother - One of my recent favourites. Both FL and ML are interesting, the FL is powerful but not Mary Sue, since she works for her powers.
This girl is a little wild - Another one of my recent favourites. An idiot and a himbo walk into a courtroom and decide to get married. The ML melts my heart, he is too adorable.
The Girl and the Beast - Quite unusual FL, the relationship of the main pair is written really well. Has its small flaws but I think it has a lot of potential.
The Duke of Death and his Black Maid - Fluff. A lot of fluff. Slice of life with a unique twist. Gets more serious as the story goes on.
As Long As You Like It - A bit cliche at times, but still a nice read if you have nothing else.

Man Drowning in a Veil - As role-reversal as you can get. The ML likes girly things but looks like a burly bear. The FL is tough and crude at times, but has a kind heart nonetheless. Both suffer from not conforming to the social norms.
Mizutama Honey Boy - Another pure role-reversal but more shoujo.
Let's start from the hot cleaning! - Rich clean-freak meets a poor girl. Shenanigans ensue.
Kawaii Hito (SAITOU Ken) - Guy with a scary face meets a girl who is not afraid of him. Very cute, fluffy and surprisingly mature romance.
The Love Bookcase of the Two - Same author as The Ancient Magus´ Bride. Cute and mature short romance story. FL older than ML.
Romantic Drop - Very shoujo, kinda cliche, but cute nonetheless.
Nenene - Same author as Horimiya. Short and sweet, not a lot of things going on but a nice break from bigger series.

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11:53 am, Apr 11 2021
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I'm not too sure if you actually want a strong FMC, or just one that is a bit independent and doesn't act like the Shoujo cliches.

¿Would Koe no Katachi be similar to what you're looking for? (The female lead is pretty independent ,and the male MC is pretty vulnerable )

Ore Monogatari!! MCs are outwardly your macho man and cute girl .But, the whole point of the series si that FMC is psychologically strong enough to break free from others judgements (and they act +-as specified).

Some Sport + FMC have a strong female lead and end up shipping her with and admirer or a no too arrogant male love interest.
Saotome Girl, Hitakakusu would be an example
Teppu (I didn' like this one as much)

I guess, you could also consider giving these a shot (they aren't Shoujo though and excluding Angel Densetsu they are a bit too fantasy heavy but they're all complete and scanated):
Claymore action heavy
Angel Densetsu outwardly "scary guy" comedy +acion
Pandora Hearts
Pochi Kuro lots of comedy
Spirit Circle and Hoshi no Samidare same author Both with an initially strong female lead (FMC and MMC on both series on both series end up pretty mature by the end of the series)
Elfen Lied Action heavy, though if there wasn't any fanservice ,this would totally fit your criteria.

In general, manga does tend the have a misogynist view of reality. So keeping away from some mainstream tags like harem(in action series) or stories that start or have many cliches is a sure way to discard many of the series with a more "traditional" roles .

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3:58 pm, Apr 11 2021
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Empress's Harem?
This is a matriarchy, MC is the boss of her harem and she showers her husbands with gifts and love, theres heavily censored s3xual content and there's no one true ML, although it's quite obvious the author and the MC is biased towards one. MC behaves like a 'stereotypical' male lead and some of the men behave cutely and spoiled so I enjoyed it.
It's a reverse harem where everyone she likes eventually does the deed with her, you can check it out if you're alright with reverse harems!

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