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Yaoi: Turn ons and Turn offs.

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From User Message Body
Post #492038 - Reply to (#463718) by w-zzy

7:30 am, Aug 26 2011
Posts: 120

Quote from w-zzy
Turn ons:

- Dominant uke. However, I don't like it as they switched rolls (i.e. the seme acts like a uke).
- Versatile. Love it, especially when you least except it.
- Obsessive seme. On a line to almost psychopathic feeling.
- Age gap. Too bad mostly is 20/30 (ten years age gap), I would like to see somethings that's 30/40 or even 20/40.
- Smoking, gun, violence, blood. (haha)

Turn offs:
- Unserious plot and characters. Well, it could be a good read sometimes, but it's not a turn on.
- Somebody getting forced/raped and then realize they like it. I just find it unlogical, force/rape could be nice but it often turns out bad.
- Too much feminine.
- Typical situations. Like someone is sick, and then his friend take cares of him, and then they fall in love and bla bla bla. Sure it's cute but it's SO typical just to get them together.

All I could think of. shy


Post #492667

3:45 am, Aug 29 2011
Posts: 111

Well... I guess its time for me to do this.

Turn on:
Age gaps
Large height differences
Pseudo rape
Long sex scenes
Small ukes, feminine is good
Someone getting sick and being taken care of
Military stuff
Trauma/tragic past

Turn off:
dominant/bitchy ukes
reversible couples
S*M couples (unless its just bound and gagged) I don't need anything more than that.

Post #492783
user avatar

5:13 pm, Aug 29 2011
Posts: 343

Turn ons:

-Unexpected seme and uke roles
-Straight becoming gay and having his first homosexual experience
-One partner has supernatural gifts
-Older uke
-Manlier uke
-Guy who has a phobia of men lol (not very easy to come by)
-Forbidden relationships

Turn offs:

-The men speaking badly of women (like in one manga there was a guy who was attracted to men and just thought women were all whores)
-Really strange BDSM
-Cheating/adultery/leaving a really loving partner for somebody who keeps messing them around
-Super cute ukes
-Both males bearing an unrequited love for each other (I like it when one of them doesn't have prior feelings)
-Extreme slavery theme
-Really awkward romance scenes

Post #493022
user avatar

3:57 pm, Aug 30 2011
Posts: 167

Turn ons:
-Forbidden couples.
-Normal looking yaoi couples, not ultra good-looking, I like it when it's sort of realistic.
-MEAT on the men! (You know what I mean wink )

Turn offs:
-Ultra fluff that makes you want to gag!
-Ukes that looks like 100% female (unless for plot or gender-bender lol)
-Slender men
-Sex toys
-Smoking (we all know it's bad for your lungs and your loved ones!)

and many more, but these are the ones I can only think of...

Last edited by MangomyTango at 4:45 pm, Sep 4

KanataxYuki will always remain in my heart...
Their love is so profound~!
Post #493092
user avatar
Music Addicted

10:02 pm, Aug 30 2011
Posts: 146

good looking bishies
realistic art
realistic plot
realistic love affair lol [it's more believeable ^^}
school boys -Forbidden relationships-
surprise couples- [keeps the plot interesting]
age gap-[it's good to have a mature adult in a relationship]
Love at first sight
Falling in love with his rapist [lol]
cliche moments [those awww]laugh

Meaningless sex [i mean its like prostitution you barely know the guy -_-]
overly-huge/ overly small d#$ [not realistic]
muscle man -[ lucha libre]
girly boys -[for that i read shoujo, dont i]
Overly soft bishies
small children getting raped/or/and having sex -_-

User Posted Image
User Posted Image
Post #493766

11:22 pm, Sep 2 2011
Posts: 35

Turn On:
-Indenial Seme/Uke
-Masterbation for both Seme/Uke
-A horny Uke
-Public Sex
-Shower Sex
-Drunk Sex
-Older uke or manlier Uke
-Reverse (Uke gets a turn on being Seme)
-Age Gap
-Very specific Sex (Well the ones that have everything on top)
-Some S and M
-Seme on Seme (Meaning one Seme becames Uke when there usually Seme)
-Age Gap (40/20) (30/20)

Turn Off
-Slutty Uke...
-Slutty Seme
-Incest (Brother on Brother, Father-Son) (Cousin-Cousin is fine with me)
-Rape Turning to Love (Besides 2 that were great *Unbalense na Netsu, and Sono Kuchibiru ni Yoru *)
-2 much sex and no story
-Girly Ukes
-Trajic Past
-Death in the end of a Yaoi Manga
-Threesome or Foursome

Post #493788
user avatar

2:48 am, Sep 3 2011
Posts: 965


The "I'm straight except for you" stereotype — I can't imagine the leap it would take to overcome your natural sexual preference. For anyone to do that, to me it means true love. sigh

Kisses, sweet kisses — "The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship of two people much more strongly than even the final surrender; because this kiss already has within it that surrender." -- Emil Ludwig
I'd rather see a romantic kiss than explicit sex.
No one does these better than MIYAMOTO Kano. Here is one from Make me Happy.
OK, that deserved another. Couple more favorites from other mangaka:
Boku no Koe
Uso to Kiss
Akutai wa Ude no Naka de Futatabi.

Bishounen / Biseinen — It's my nickle, and I want to look at hot men, such as those drawn by YAMANE Ayano or NITTA Youka.

Salarymen / Office romance — Some of my favorites are by FUJIYAMA Hyouta, SUZUKI Tsuta, HIDAKA Shoko, and NAONO Bohra.

Drunk Sex — "In vino veritas", I guess. Usually the gay partner has had his eye on the straight partner, and takes the opportunity to make his move. I like this in josei as well. My favorite drunk sex story is josei, "Sheherazade" in Sheet no Sukima by YOSHIHARA Yuki.

Yakuza tattoos — I thought Kyou, Hana no Gotoshi was just average, but then a yakuza love rival is introduced. He later gets his own story, and when injured, his full-arm tattoo is unexpectedly revealed. *nosebleed*

Suits, and to a lesser extent uniforms — There is something about a man in a suit. (Nitta-sensei excels at them.) In Totally Captivated, there is a moment when Ewon imagines Mookyul in a Hugo Boss Nazi uniform. It's so wrong, but my reaction was the same as Ewon's - *nosebleed*.

Smoking - yeah it's wrong too


Feminine ukes — If I want to read about a guy an a girl, I'll read shoujo - which I do.

Unattractive guys — If I want to see average-looking guys, I'll leave the house - which I don't.

Hardcore stuff — Doesn't do anything for me.

Flaming gays — I've only encountered one, and that was enough, in Groupie, what I consider hands-down to be Nitta-sensei's most unappealing work.

Last edited by scarletrhodelia at 2:56 am, Sep 3

Post #493793
user avatar
Life Puzzler

3:29 am, Sep 3 2011
Posts: 151

-Smut and explicit sex
-Slutty uke/seme
-Slutty clothing
-Gang bangs
-Ukes with glasses
-Shy/Naive/Dork/Nerd type ukes
-Possessive lover
-Doctor/Hospital scenario
-Tragic/Depressing romance
-Incest (blood related is a plus)
-Tan/dark skin
-Emotional/Sensitive semes
-Priests/Church/Religion theme
-One seme, two ukes
-Teacher student romance

-Salarymen (it gets old)
-Extremely feminine ukes (when it looks like a loli with a dick)
-Stockholm syndrome
-Characters with no personality
-Mustaches (no clue why)

Really hate using those 'uke' and 'seme' terms but saying 'top' or 'bottom' doesn't sound right. Makes me think of clothing...

Last edited by RocketDive at 6:45 am, Sep 11

Beavis: "Wait, what's pornography?"
Butt-head: "Uhh.. I think that's like, the study of porn."
Post #493823

5:39 am, Sep 3 2011
Posts: 8

Age disparity between lovers Yes. hot oyaji and young lover.
Glasses Only on the uke.
Tattoos (On the back or upper arms, please.)
Intelligence Leads that can anticipate and discern the emotions of others, and then manipulate them. Deliciously twisted.
Unrequited love Forever, and never, and never.
Mind break Yes.

Girly boys I want man on man...
Glasses When they're on the seme.
Stupidity Shallow characters and narrowminded characters.
Rape is love No it's not.

Post #493880

1:18 pm, Sep 3 2011
Posts: 5

Turn Ons:
The Nakamura Shungiku Tsundere Type of Denial- y'know, when her ukes put on an angry or annoyed face as well as shower the semes with every insult possible WHILE BLUSHING whenever the semes make a move. I find it cute LOL.

Military-themed- Mainly because of the Good-looking Privates XD. Also, the military uniforms are a fetish of mine. Preferably if it's set in WWI or WW2.

Reversible couples- like Haru wo Daiteita. I like it when both can take on the "man and woman" role but only if they both LOOK like guys so no effeminate guys on this one.

20yrs old plus characters- I don't like underaged teenaged boys getting it on because their bodies still look childlike. Fully developed men all over each other is really hot for me which is why I got over my Haruka Minami phase.

Manly Bear Type Semes x Ice Queen Type Ukes - like Klaus x Taki from Maiden Rose and Kadokura x Shen Yi from Keep Out (KISARAGI Hirotaka)

Drama- the Doushitemo Furetakunai, The Carp on the Chopping Block Jumps Twice and prequel type of heavy drama before the smex. I like it feeling my heart twinge before the reading about the act itself.

Taking Off Glasses- LOL it's weird but I find it really sexy even if it doesn't happen during smex XD

Turn Offs:
Incest-any kind of it >.<

Rape if it happens on a regular basis, not counting Nakamura Shungiku's works mainly because I can't seem to consider it as rape LOL.

Hardcore BDSM

Really Girly Ukes like Ayase from Okane Ga Nai

Incest-any kind of it >.<

High School Romance- I like the University Setting though.

Last edited by maho2magic at 6:33 am, Jul 10

Post #495273
user avatar

3:12 am, Sep 10 2011
Posts: 11

It's fun to see how everybody likes their daily yaoi!
As for me...

- DESPISE feminine characters. Whether they are ukes or semes.
- Semes that are "weaker" than their ukes. Like when they're younger and aren't confident enough or when they look more feminine than the uke (Shou-chan from Akuma wa Hohemu, though I like the manga)
- While on that...Curly hair. I don't know why, I just don't think it suits manga. It's not like I have a problem with it in real life.
- Bodies that could be robots, aren't feminine nor masculine enough. (Sukisyo, though, again, I like the manga)
- Gentle / hesitant / patient / shy semes.
- I agree with almost everybody here. Bara is DISGUSTING.
- Virgin semes x.X
- When the uke looks like a child. Leave it to shota already! (which I hate)
- I HATE cross-dressing. Hate it.
- When the mangaka indicates the whole time someone's gonna end up with X and they end up with Z all of a sudden, for no reason.
- Fluff
- X-some (threesome and more)
- You guys all like reversible roles?! I hate it! =O

(OBS: None of those things I'll mention are rape-style - I'm not particularly into it, but don't have anything against it either.)
- Arrogant / agressive semes, or those who push their ukes against the wall.
- Possessive / sex-machine-type seme (although I don't like sex all the time either)
- Tsundere / cold / silent / reluctant ukes (cliché, I know)
- Cheating. Not the seme / uke f****** another guy, of course, but the making up with their partner, which's usually full of angst!
- S/M. Actually, the "pain" part of it. It's just hot.
- When the uke tries to seduce the seme. In bed? Even better!
- Angry sex, after a discussion or something! *-*
- Ukes that get played by their semes until the very end (Overdose
- Desire. Like, one of the guys loves the other for a very long time and when they finally get to it...ahhh!
- Dub-con
- Ukes that you think will be the seme, then comes a seme and is even MORE semish. If they get "broken" by their partners, even better. (Kichiku Megane)
- Lately I'm into twisted relationships. Like when it's too wrong or involves moral controversy even in the yaoi community.
- Unrequited love.
- Perfect characters (appearance-wise) (self-explanatory since Totally Captivated is my favorite manga)
- Smoking (cigarettes, for fuck's sake, I'm totally against other drugs)

Also, I agree with the everlasting Nanpa's quote.

Quote from khmershinobi
An uke riding the seme nice and hard. ^__^

Ukes who want to be on the top, but in the end aren't fit for the role and end up losing themselves in the pleasure once the seme takes over.

Couldn't agree more! *-*

Quote from MaZzAx
Turn ons:
-Guy who has a phobia of men lol (not very easy to come by)

That was totally Sex Pistols, wasn't it?! XD

When life gives you lemons, you...make a loooot of yaoi! >3
Post #496538

12:15 am, Sep 17 2011
Posts: 4

Age gap
mafia , office story :3
yaoi with a mixture or bara, like hide and seek,Bachi Bachi (KIJIMA Hyougo) m that's one of the hottest manga i have ever read *_*
muscles and beard (no long beard please)
Dominate Seme
Mature seme, around 30s?
masturbation, and it is hot if someone is spying
incest (brothers, fatherxson *o*)
threesome, double penetration *cover face*
rape drug, they are hot ^_^
uke riding seme are super hot too
unique sex pose, they are fun to read.
suit, especially the one with two layers

shotacon....ehhhh i don't like child porn D;
overly girly uke or seme
over guys (55+)
small dicks
high school, i have read enough of them...
sometimes i like PWP, but too much is boring ;/
bad endings, they really brought me down.

*looks at other comments* D: i m so different wtf *Crys*

i should have more than that, but didn't come up in my mind. smile wink grin

Last edited by murasakisa at 12:42 am, Sep 17

Post #496587
user avatar

11:25 am, Sep 17 2011
Posts: 313


- Carnal/Animalistic sex (just because the seme is greatly turned on by the uke and has to totally dominate them)

- I'm into animal characteritics and animal transformation, its makes the story pretty interesting and different compared to everyday yaois (not just animals, things like nymphs, fairies and mermaids too)

- Pure romantic love with good yaoi scenes, something that makes my own heart skip a beat, just the ability to love their partner not just for the sex but for their heart also.

- Long haired guys, I like it for both uke and seme pairings which I have only heard of for one story *sigh*

-A well written story that shows a realistic expectation of homosexual love and the pains of dealing with everyday life, very much like Haru wo Daite Ita and Miyamoto Kano's works.


- Incest

- Rape or Non-consexual

- Uke's that look like girls with such big eyes and introverted personalities, if I wanted a shoujo I would have read it, Minami Haruka would have to be the biggest culprit for me in taste since she does the style I don't like, to the exception of two stories the rest I couldn't read of her's sadly and also seme's that are over-buffed in physique

High above the tree tops.
Post #496591 - Reply to (#464595) by Hespia Klarerin
user avatar

1:01 pm, Sep 17 2011
Posts: 307

Quote from Hespia Klarerin
forced ORAL sex

I so agree with this. Few things are better than when two dudes are just sitting around and suddenly ones sucking the other's dick, lol

Post #557481
user avatar

4:54 am, Jun 22 2012
Posts: 4

Turn ons:
1. Bishies bigrazz
2. S&M, rape, forced… Umm…toys.
3. Tentacles! biggrin Especially tentacle rape.
4. Fetishes
5. Train groping…

Turn offs:
1. Boys dressed as girls
2. Tragedy
3. Waaay to much violence! (Ex. Guy getting tortured, etc.)
4. Bara
5. Historical
6. Old men

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