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Yaoi: Turn ons and Turn offs.

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6:20 am, Jun 22 2012
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Ons :

Puppy like uke/seme, like always following the other.

Friends become lovers,when a friend is in love with the other, but the other does'nt but he's willing to do his best. because he really like his friend ! i like things with a lot of friend ship.

Girly looking uke, but really strong biggrin

Seme adore his uke, not like some manga ,where when the seme is mad at the uke he rape him :/

slow romance, when they starte with holding hands, then kissing then sex it turn me sooo on !!!

Sad romance, but good ending, (i like when the seme/uke is always rejecting the other, or is cruel toward him ( not rape !! ) and in the end he love him !! ( like Koisuru Boukun )

Kissing were we see the tongue ( i just love this )

Licking, like they are eating and he lick his cheek or something like this and the other blush ! it really turn me on !!

Offs :

manly uke/seme

manga where the sex is the most important things ( i mean where we only see lots a,d lots of sex )

Fast romance, where in the first chapiter they already had sex, and did'nt even kiss ! i find this so stupid i hate these stories :/

Manly boy dressing like girls, i hate this, but if it's the uke who's cute a don't really care !

I'm totaly in love with story boy X boy, so if you have recomandation send me a mp please !!!!!! biggrin
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3:33 pm, Dec 12 2012
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I think it's quite late for me to add to this thread but here goes~
Stuff that turns me on:
1. Manly guys
2. Uniforms
3. Strong uke
4. Plot
5. Vore (Sweet pool!!)
6. Angst
7. Uncircumcised manhoods
8. Oral sex
9. Yakuza theme~
10. Older men

Stuff that turns me off:
1. Shota
2. Ukes with small danglies
3. Hey I just met you let's fuck
4. Whiny ukes
5. Domination (I'd prefer if they try to fight back, willingly getting fucked mindless is just sad :C Sometimes I'm ok with it though.)
6. Rich ukes who try to seduce semes with money
7. Big eyes, oh please no.
8. Badly proportioned faces...
9. Prepubescent bodies on grown men
10. Neon hair colour with matching pubes

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5:07 am, Dec 17 2012
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Quote from scarletrhodelia

The "I'm straight except for you" stereotype — I can't imagine the leap it would take to overcome your natural sexual preference. For anyone to do that, to me it means true love. sigh

Kisses, sweet kisses — "The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any lo ...

I absolutely agree with you! I know it's a bit cliche and maybe even a bit insulting to say that a man is straight and that he's only "gay" for the person he loves, but I think the notion is still romantic if a bit unrealistic.


-Masturbation, hand-jobs, blow jobs, uke riding the seme (most definitely agree with the rest of you gals XD) , doggy dog style, grinding and as someone has already mentioned - foreplay.

-Condoms - it helps amp up the anticipation because it's the precursor to sex but yah, no one seems to believe in using them in yaoi land biggrin

-Talking dirty while doing the deed - the more the better!

-Horn-dog seme who wants it all the time (not with others of course, just with the uke)

-Lots of tongue when kissing

-That one sexy shot of the uke in the throes of passion (ex. Katsuragi from Yuuutsa no Asa). Katsuragi is the best example for me because it's not so feminine with too much blushing and tears. He just looks so sexy!

-Seeing the uke's legs wrapped around the seme


-Shotacon/Very, very young-looking ukes - Can't do this one at all and even if it's present for maybe just a short while, it still makes me largely uncomfortable. It may vary depending on the situation, like I have no problem if they're two boys in love in a slice of life, age progression setting, but most of the time it involves a young child and an adult (which is a huge no). This was one of the reasons why I sometimes had a hard time reading Love Mode. I adore Yuki Shimizu's stuff, but both the uke leads looked like they were 12! I think their ages were supposed to be 15 or 16, but they seemed so young and I was really, really uncomfortable during large parts of the series. It's unfortunate because there was so much else I liked about that manga too.

-Effiminate/Girlish Ukes - Yup, file me under this list like everyone else, can't add anything else that hasn't been said.

-Voyeurism - Blech, I think it's totally weird having someone watch you while you're getting it on with someone. Sex is intimate, so it shouldn't involve some other weirdo watching you, plus I'd be soooo self-conscious! lol. Fortunately, this fetish doesn't seem that popular either since I don't come across it often as some others.

-Male Pregnacy (wut?) - aka Sex Pistols. Granted, I haven't read past the first volume, but I've read the comments and I'm sorry, but no. No matter how much science evolves, being pregnant will always remain something that is solely female for me. If I don't like feminine ukes, then there's no way in h-e double hockey sticks that I'd enjoy reading about a pregnant male. I don't even like reading about pregnancy in normal romances for goodness sakes.

-Facial Hair
-BDSM or S&M - Just not into all that dominant, submissive stuff. I find stuff like spanking etc. really embarrassing and degrading (though I know that's part of the reason behind it anyway).
-Weird kink stuff - like that urination/cum thing in Kareshi Glamorous.
-Oyajis (same for shoujo too) - Maybe it's me, but oyajis aren't masculine enough for me and sometimes they're cast as ukes, but it's weird when the uke is much older?

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3:32 am, Dec 20 2012
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Turn - Ons

- Much shyer seme than uke
- Manly uke
- Bishounen seme with manly uke
- Uses of vulgar language (for example, in Kizudarake no Airabuyuu they say words like "fuck" and "dick")
-Dirty talk
-Older Uke, younger Seme
-Decent plot
-Dodgy angles, yet still somewhat hot (Izanai: Hyakunen no Koi as an example)
-Slow progressing relationship build up


-Ultra girly ukes to the point I can't even tell it's male
-"Your mouth says no, but your body says yes"
-Romantic flowery language
-Sex in every chapter
-Slutty uke/seme
-The uke having such small penises, that I wonder about their age
-Invisa penis

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6:18 am, Dec 21 2012
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Turn Ons:
Seme with Bear or Goatee
Obsessive/Jealous/Possessive Seme
Ice Queen Uke
Manly Bear Seme

Turn Offs
"I'm straight, but if its with you it's okay."
Uke that looks like a girl

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9:39 am, Dec 22 2012
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Turn On:
-slightly older Seme[max 4 years]
-Uke who doesn't scream "No!Stop" or something like that...even enjoys "it" and begs for more...
-Somewhat possesive Seme[not psychopath who thinks that all man,homosexual or not whant to f*** his Uke]
-Uke's sweet crying during you-know what XD
-Bishounen/Biseinen like one said if I wanted to see average looking guys I would go outside
- Age gap is only okay as long Seme is older but not Shotacon [with age gap I mean at least 8 years]

Turn Off:
-Oyaji Uke[Seme is acceptable]
-kid Ukes[15-]
-beard >.>
-BDSM[or just inserting "things" in Ukes a**
-overly feminine Uke or too babyf faced Uke that makes you think Seme is phedopile
-Cliche where perfectly straight guys go gay for each either with absolutely no reason
-Cliche where every guy goes gay for Main Character
- Gay all-guy dorm...seriously,why can't thay go and find girlfriends?instead they [b]all[/b] prey on guys Roommates like there aren't girls outside dorm and they don't have anorher choice -_-

for now that's all I can think of

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9:56 am, Mar 16 2013
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I feel really late somehow.
Anyhoosers, lots of my friends say I'm kinda 'eccentric', so don't stone me to death if I say/ do anything really really weird or offensive (maybe even both?)' 'kay? =w=
Here goes nothing:
Turn On's:

-Shorter semes. Like, necktie pulling XD Because short people are just so awesome. (Says the person who actually isn't really short.)
-Who was the person who said "forced oral"? I need to hug them right now. (/#.#)/
-Somewhat sadistic semes. (oh, alliteration.) kinda mainstream, but all's good. v.v
-Dur, >\\\> shy people. Generally in comedy, though. Not really those overly-pure acting guys, if you get my point.
-I don't really have many preferences, because I pretty much read anything, even if I really really hate it. :E
Turn Off's:

-Overly obsessed and/or easily jealous ukes/semes (mainly ukes?). I mean, give the poor guy a but of space :/ (well, if he likes it, then it's okay I guess. bigrazz )
-Lots of other people have said this already, but girly and weak ukes. (both together, but separate may be okay (if taller, weak ukes are existent?))
-Bad art. It's okay if the plot is good enough, but really, if I can't tell what's going on, something is wrong.
-Sluts and horny people magnets, to a degree. Enjoying it is fine, asking for more is fine, having a few people after you romantically is fine, but really, having an orgy around this one guy is kinda a bit much, don'tcha think? =w= Not everyone is gay. Geesh.
-Mer, hate to say this but, those people that are self-pitying idiots. Go get a life. *flees*
-Haha, okay, uh, glassess on ukes. Unless they're intellectual glasses. Intellectual glasses are beautiful, lol.
-Pity Parties. Enough said -.-
-Yaoi hands
-Old men
-Romance overloads (Haha, I don't know what I mean either ||D)
I didn't do too badly, hopefully (nobody want to kill me, right? TT,TT)

*glances up*
that's kinda long ||3

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12:46 pm, Mar 17 2013
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Yaoi likes:
Slice of life
Sketchy art style!
Tsundere characters
Quiet or expressionless characters..
Blushing/crying (shows they care xD)
Psychological/Poetic narrative
Beautiful art
School life stories
First love/true love
I like cross dressing when it isn't just played for laughs (ie. udagawachou de mattete yo is great)

Yaoi dislikes:
Characters out of proportion (in general or to each other)
Typical yaoi art style (makes it difficult to find enjoyable series, but I am willing to overlook art if the story is nice)
Cold or heartless characters
Teacher x student relationships (generally speaking)
Massive age gap!
Shota o.O

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2:35 pm, Mar 17 2013
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Oh, this is fun! Okay.

Turn ons:

1) A strong seme whose only soft spot or weakness is his uke. Think Iason in Ai no Kusabi or Moonkyul in Totally Captivated. It absolutely makes me melt with feels. ;-;

2) The slow build up to the intimate scenes that makes the sex all the more intense when it happens. This also applies to the span of the entire story, not just a single scene. I have probably never been more turned on than when I read the scene where Ryuuji and Araki finally took that step in Hana to Ryuu. Be still my heart...It's also good if the relationship lasts for several years in the storyworld (regardless of where the reader comes in.) That kind of devotion - that remains strong through it all - is just... *sigh*

3) Expressive semes who clearly take pleasure in sex with their lover like Kabu-san in Bi no Isu or Yoojin in U Don't Know Me. It's so hot when they both enjoy their coupling mutually.

4) The seme forcefully seducing his initially reluctant partner until the uke is just as into it. This is the only kind of non/dub-con that I enjoy but I find it highly erotic. In this type of case it's essential that the uke does not object to being with the seme because he doesn't like him, but for some other reason. Something like Koisuru Boukun for example where Soichi obviously loves Morinaga but hates the very thought of homosexuality.

5) Strong, masculine ukes who can fight back if need be. A punk, delinquent uke like Seyun in U Don't Know Me or Yoshino in Devil's Honey is an all-time favorite. cool

6) The uke taking the lead in bed. Seyun from U Don't Know Me is again a prime example, he's so sexy... *drools*

7) Long elaborate kissing scenes whether they lead to anything more or not. If it's love, they need to kiss. I especially enjoyed scenes like that in Haru wo Daiteita and the later romantic scenes in Crimson Spell.

8) Size difference, to a certain point. A tall, broad-shouldered seme, paired with a cute, boyish uke is hot to me as long as they both still clearly look like men and the difference is still believable (and not freaky like in Okane ga Nai.

9) Good art. This is a must really. (If the art is bad, it won't be a fave manga no matter how good the storyline is.)

Turn offs:

1) Overly feminine or downright girly, lolita-ish ukes like most of Minami Haruka's characters or Ayase in Okane ga Nai. I like yaoi, not lolicon... Babyfaces are bad too. While some of CJ Michalski's stories are quite interesting, his ukes are often way "too cute" for me. They're like piglets: absolutely adorable with their stubby little snouts but not sexy at all. bigrazz

2) The seme forcing himself on the uke "just because," and not only getting away with it, but having the uke fall for him as the result. Ugh. Unfortunately there are too many manga with these types of scenarios to mention. So cliché!

3) Semes who only tease and torment their uke with a straight face during sex with no seeming emotional attachment at all. Boring!

4) Cruel sadist semes who don't seem to even like their uke at all, who treat them callously, cheat or pass the uke around to other men and the like. Where is the love?

5) Spineless, weak-willed ukes with absolutely no mind of their own. Especially the weepy types who cry but still just tearfully take it. Yuck. If you're gonna do a "mindbreak" type twisted love story, take on the challenge and make your uke (at least initially) one tough cookie...

6) Violent semes. I don't mind a little rough housing or even manhandling but raising your hand against you lover is not okay. This kind of thing took major points off the S (Novel) series for me. The uke hitting the seme though I'm more okay with (depending on the situation.) What can I say? This is a double standard but I'm just that partial to ukes who kick ass - no matter whose ass it is... wink

7) Glowing bars of light where the dong should be. That's just...urgh. Censorship that turns the original artwork into something ridiculous or completely intelligible is just wrong. mad

8) Bad art. I just can't take the erotica seriously when the text says "OMG this guy is so handsome" and I look at the illustration and think he's butt ugly. no And it's hard to get into the sensual mood when you catch yourself analyzing weird body angles and disproportionate body parts...

9) Weirdness. Like the penises in Chintsubu. WTF?! laugh

Quote from humanBean
-Romance overloads (Haha, I don't know what I mean either ||D)

I actually think I know exactly what you mean. Stories that leave you with romantic sap oozing out of your eyes, ears and nose are bad. *shudders* I couldn't stomach Under Grand Hotel because it was too romantic. dead

Last edited by streetwalker at 2:46 pm, Mar 17

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9:20 pm, Mar 17 2013
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How can someone on earth can say that Totally Captivated turn off confused!!!!!?!?!?!
Mookyul and Ewon are soooo perfect that its hurt sad(((

Post #591231 - Reply to (#591230) by nnooaa
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9:26 pm, Mar 17 2013
Posts: 18

Who said that? o_O

Oh, was that the reference to perfect bishies? They kinda irk me too sometimes but Moonkyul's got so many issues he's far from perfect.... bigrazz

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Post #591768 - Reply to (#591197) by streetwalker
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8:17 am, Mar 21 2013
Posts: 156

Yay, more replies! I was beginning to think I was some sort of thread killer and that I arrived on the scene a hundred years to late.

Quote from streetwalker
...I actually think I know exactly what you mean. Stories that leave you with romantic sap oozing out of your eyes, ears and nose are bad. *shudders* I couldn't stomach Under Grand Hotel because it was too romantic.

No offense to any UGH fans, but it's not a very good manga to begin with. It's pretty smutty and I think that's why people often rave about it so much (perhaps mistaking good sex for quality), but otherwise, I felt like there wasn't much substance to it or maybe it was the execution. I read maybe one or two of her other works and realized that I didn't much care for her writing, unfortunately.

And nothing takes me out of a story more than censorship, especially invisi-penis (like someone mentioned above). I haven't come across it too often, but when I do, it really ticks me off. For the longest time, I thought certain manga-kas just didn't draw them. Like how they smudge the drawing by having it covered with hands, liquid, or just too far away to see, but I've since realized that it's been highly creative censoring.

Also, another turn-on: Slutty/Erotic Ukes. I think that's pretty self-explanatory, but I've found that I enjoy this character trope the best. I think Madarame Hiro does it best in Itoshii Akuma's side story. The uke is really plain-looking on the surface but turns erotic when sexual play is involved. I could read it a hundred times and never get tired of it.

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3:58 pm, Mar 21 2013
Posts: 314

replying to this means admitting that im a fujioshi....;____;!!

turn ons:

- crossdressing of any kind, even if they look terrible in it. i dunno, crossdressing is just a weird fetish of mine ;x *coughbonuspointsifthey'redoingthedeedindragcough* i love when guys do it in rl too DX
- general licking *blush*
- light biting
- touching ear lobes
(all 3 of those above all appeared in one scene in Hana wa Saku ka and i swear i almost overloaded and died)
- masturbation/handjobs/etc >////<
- rubbing and grinding
- shyness, but not of the overly girly variety. with the right touch of tsundere-ness it becomes SUPER MOE
- when the uke actually has a sex drive and seeks out the seme. HOLY SHIT WHO KNEW IT WAS POSSIBLE
- mutual expressions of pleasure during sex
- uniforms/suits
- yakuza/cops
- unrequited love/angst

lol i feel so terrible posting all of this. i know i shouldn't be ashamed but i'm so embarrassed XD;;;

turn offs:

- really girly/baby looking ukes. ugh. no.
- shotacon w/ older male (except in Ze. DAMN YOU SHIMIZU YUKI)
- rape turning into a relationship -_-
- overflow of tears from the uke when doing it, unless it's in context.
- cheating
- long hair. i hate long hair on males in manga/anime in general. in rl most males would never keep their hair that nice -_-
- violent semes that are eternally cold and are bastards, unless the uke can 1-up them (which i have yet to see -_-)
- er...animals <_<;; and dead people <_<;;;; things of that sort. o_o

so yeah 8D *runs away crying*

Post #591814 - Reply to (#591791) by gwkimmy
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7:15 pm, Mar 21 2013
Posts: 156

Quote from gwkimmy
replying to this means admitting that im a fujioshi....;____;!!

turn ons:

- crossdressing of any kind, even if they look terrible in it. i dunno, crossdressing is just a weird fetish of mine ;x *coughbonuspointsifthey'redoingthedeedindragcough* i love when guys do it in rl too DX
- shotacon w/ older male (except in Ze. DAMN YOU SHIMIZU YUKI)

Have you read Akira Norikazu's Trigger? Story eight has some cross-dressing in it and it's probably my favorite one-shot in that volume too. Not to mention that her art is to die for! She also has another work, Heart Strings where the uke wears a yakuza wife's black kimono too (but it's a very manly couple too, so if you're not into that, you might not like it).

I love Yuki Shimizu, but I've noticed she has like a fetish for young boys and older men. It's not technically shota and they're not really pre-pubescent boys since they're supposed to be 15/16, but in Love Mode they didn't look that age at all. Both of them looked 12-14, which made me largely uncomfortable reading about it. It's a shame because everything else about Love Mode was so fantastic (aside from her early art, lol). I couldn't even read Recipe because of the age difference.

And don't feel embarrassed! Embrace you inner Fujoshi biggrin

Post #591819 - Reply to (#591768) by PansyWansyLinsy
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7:51 pm, Mar 21 2013
Posts: 18

Quote from PansyWansyLinsy
No offense to any UGH fans, but it's not a very good manga to begin with. It's pretty smutty and I think that's why people often rave about it so much (perhaps mistaking good sex for quality), but otherwise, I felt like there wasn't much substance to it or maybe it was the execution. I read maybe one or two of her other works and realized that I didn't much care for her writing, unfortunately.

Yeah, I completely agree. Sadly, I couldn't get into it even just for the smut (even though I confess I do enjoy good smut mangas when the mood strikes.) I think it's the whole impossibility of being that lovey-dovey in a setting as grim as prison. And the over the top drama and the out of place fluff becomes exhausting. A big turn off definitely when you're sick of even seeing the couple together halfway through the manga... XD

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