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Yaoi: Turn ons and Turn offs.

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Post #591843 - Reply to (#591819) by streetwalker
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9:48 pm, Mar 21 2013
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Quote from streetwalker
Yeah, I completely agree. Sadly, I couldn't get into it even just for the smut (even though I confess I do enjoy good smut mangas when the mood strikes.) I think it's the whole impossibility of being that lovey-dovey in a setting as grim as prison. And the over the top drama and the out of place f ...

Oh totally agreed. I thought the prison setting would have made the story a little darker, but if anything, it was just your normal smut, but in prison! Okay, that and it gave the manga-ka plenty of opportunity to insert a lot of dub-con and non-con situations. I usually like drama, but some manga-kas aren't capable of writing it without it being cheesy and over the top. Maybe if their characters and their relationship had more development, but I couldn't really understand the attraction.

But you know, I would totally buy this series given the opportunity. DMP had a liquidation sale this past weekend and they sold all their BL manga for $1 and $4 a piece. At that price, I would have bought all the volumes, lol.

Post #592186 - Reply to (#591814) by PansyWansyLinsy
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5:35 pm, Mar 24 2013
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Quote from PansyWansyLinsy
Have you read Akira Norikazu's Trigger? Story eight has some cross-dressing in it and it's probably my favorite one-shot in that volume too. Not to mention that her art is to die for! She also has another work, Heart Strings where the uke wears a yakuza wife's black kimono too (but it's a very manly couple too, so if you're not into that, you might not like it).

i havent read those o_o *adds to wishlist like the wind* i don't mind manly couples really, although i prefer bishounen. as long as they're not super cutesy and girly shouta looking, ugh.

I love Yuki Shimizu, but I've noticed she has like a fetish for young boys and older men. It's not technically shota and they're not really pre-pubescent boys since they're supposed to be 15/16, but in Love Mode they didn't look that age at all. Both of them looked 12-14, which made me largely uncomfortable reading about it. It's a shame because everything else about Love Mode was so fantastic (aside from her early art, lol). I couldn't even read Recipe because of the age difference.

recipe is actually pretty good, in a creepy way XD i know in love mode technically the guys were like 16 or whatever, and despite their looks that didn't bother me. but i'm pretty sure in ze the young guy is like....12. im pretty sure. lol. *hasnt done the math out of fear* also i forgot to mention Super Lovers. though technically nothing sexual happens until the kid is like 15, everything before that is hinted at even when he's 13 and 8 XD but i love that manga, though.

on the topic of UGH, i also couldn't get into it at all despite all the good reviews. much like the finder series, which also has great reviews, i just couldn't get past all the rape -_- sometimes dub-con is okay with me, but rape (unless pictured negatively, and even then..) is a huge turn off for me and will usually cause me to drop a series.

And don't feel embarrassed! Embrace you inner Fujoshi biggrin

i will try! ;___;!!

edit: zomg, liquidation sale?! <___<;; this is bad for my heart lmao.

Post #592232 - Reply to (#592186) by gwkimmy
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10:23 pm, Mar 24 2013
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Quote from gwkimmy
on the topic of UGH, i also couldn't get into it at all despite all the good reviews. much like the finder series, which also has great reviews, i just couldn't get past all the rape -_- sometimes dub-con is okay with me, but rape (unless pictured negatively, and even then..) is a huge turn off for me and will usually cause me to drop a series.

Hmm.. I actually like the Finder series. Rape is a weird sort of trope for me. As I said, I absolutely love what I like to call forceful seduction – that is, pushing someone into participating in a sexual act that he had refused despite their mutual attraction to one another – which I suppose some people would consider rape or at least dub con. No means no after all, no matter what the reason for saying it is.

It's a fine line between the kind of non-con that turns me off and the kind that I have a bit of a kink for. It's an interesting topic for self-reflection, really. With Finder, it's undoubtedly rape but I got over it pretty fast because Asami is obviously a bad guy with no pretense about it. He isn't exactly a likeable character to me but he is interesting.

What gets my hackles up is when a supposedly "good guy" rapes someone and gets away with it, living happily ever after with his victim. Ugh.

As for UGH, the non-con in it felt like it was written into the story purely to cater to people who have a rape kink, with no relevance to plot. That's no better than random smut for the sake of smut. Not hot at all...

Well, seeing as rape is such an overused cliche in yaoi, there must be some reason behind it. I'd very much like to hear what you guys think. When is non-con a turn on for you, if ever?

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Post #592333
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6:04 pm, Mar 25 2013
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i'm afraid non-con is pretty much never a go for me. i think aside from a couple of oneshots and Sakura Gari, i've never really completed any manga where rape is introduced.

dub-con is sometimes alright, although the cliche of the uke always going "no don't!" is quite annoying. if they provide something more than that sentence, especially if their defiance is in context and plot-related, then i might be intrigued. Maiden Rose, in my opinion, is some crazy dub-con even though other's opinions might be different lol.

Post #592415 - Reply to (#592333) by gwkimmy
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8:13 am, Mar 26 2013
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Quote from gwkimmy
dub-con is sometimes alright, although the cliche of the uke always going "no don't!" is quite annoying. if they provide something more than that sentence, especially if their defiance is in context and plot-related, then i might be intrigued. Maiden Rose, in my opinion, is some crazy dub-con even though other's opinions might be different lol.

Oh, totally agree with you there. It's almost funny how sometimes even if the uke is like "yeah, let's have sex" at first, later he'll go "no, don't!" Did he change his mind in the middle of the act or something? I've always thought those mangakas have no idea who they're writing for. It's either consentual or it's not, you can't have it both ways to please a wider audience... no

I'd consider Maiden Rose an example of the kind of non/dub con that I'm into because it's about Taki denying himself the sexual intimacy with Claus due to his responsibilities and position only, not because he does't have those kinds of feelings for him. It's like the seme forcing the uke to accept his own desires? Though in this case, maybe it's more like the seme being pissed that the uke acts like he doesn't want it anymore. I admit I enjoyed the later chapters with their backstory a lot more because Claus wasn't so violent...

One popular series that totally made me nauseous was Yuuutsu na Asa. A prime example of this bright, upstanding young man pushing his feelings onto a man below his station and violently forcing him into a sexual relationship against his will. I can't understand how so many people find this romantic?

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8:19 pm, Mar 26 2013
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lol, i love yuuutsa na asa ;( but then again i have a huge penchant for angst and the taishou era <_< also i love to see characters desperate to express their love in some form, whether they're in the right or wrong. i thought this manga's scene in question was executed really well, although everything is quite complicated. akihito has just been rejected in every way by tomoyuki, the only real father figure he's ever known and a man he's adored all his life. the goal of all his actions since he was 10 shatter like nothing, leaving him only with his love for tomoyuki. in the end he sort of character-breaks himself by resorting to underhanded methods like ordering tomoyuki to defer to him absolutely in order to keep his attention by some way, although the end result was more violent than he intended. at first tomoyuki pushes him away since it seems that he's trading his obedience in order to obtain the family title, which he doesn't want in reality because of more plot reasons, but akihito is desperate and is at the point of no return. in the end it seems tomoyuki gives up. later it's like akihito blackmails tomoyuki in a way; akihito has obeyed tomoyuki all his life but now that he's making his own crazy decisions tomoyuki panics and concedes to him. their relationship and feelings for each other are ALL kinds of messed up and i can't wait to see where it goes ;x

not to say that this is romantic or anything, actually it's quite sad. but i understand if you don't like that sort of thing. im just a sucker for unrequited love and as much angst as a story can muster.

i just remembered another thing that's a huge turn-off for me: homophobia. even if it's just a character that's in the closet and in denial, i just don't like it. characters yelling "disgusting!" at others just makes me really sad ;(

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10:57 am, Apr 3 2013
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Turn Ons:
- Detailed kissing scenes (I even love it compare to the actual sex lol, am I weird?)
- Grinding
- Masturbations or lots of foreplay (Sucking, name it!)
- Suits (Like those half opened ones, with still the loose tie on! yumyum)
- Rebellious Uke & Dark dominant Seme
- Piercings (Cock or Nipple piercings anyone?)

Turn Offs:
- Shota, A BIG NO NO. /cringe/
- Feminine UKE, if I read a yaoi with overly feminine UKE on it- I STOP, immediately. If I wanted to read a manga with overly blushing characters, then I could just simple read Shoujo.
- Bara
- Plot with characters falling in love in like 5 seconds
- Nekos (Not really into beastiality lulz)

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8:22 pm, Apr 3 2013

- Possessive Seme
- Foreplay
- Unconditional Love
- Manly Uke/Crybaby Uke/Naive Uke/Feminine Uke
- Age Gap 10 or more years
- uncensored scenes
- nonstereotypical seme and uke roles
- Seme that will not force the uke at all
- shyness
- Kissing were we see the tongue ( i just love this )
- size differences smaller uke much bigger seme

- Bara
- Rape
- Shota
- censoring
- unrealistic size of "you know what down there'
- incest
- Historical
- slow romance
- Voyeurism
- Cold or heartless characters
- Violent semes

Post #595185

4:42 am, Apr 16 2013
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Turn - On :
- Cute Uke
- Virgin Seme ( It'd be better if the Uke was virgin too)
- Loyal Seme
- Possessive Seme
- Bishounens
- Hardcore Sex
- Third Party Seme

Turn - Offs:
- Seme who's had too much experience in sex (both in men and women)
- Seme who uses substitutes to hide his feelings
- Drunk Sex
- The use of "Fuck Buddy"

Post #595191

5:46 am, Apr 16 2013
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we may all have various dislikes and likes, but i think we can all agree that we love a good possessive seme

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5:26 pm, Apr 16 2013
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Consensual sex: Consent is sexy. Love is very sexy.
Mature Seme: Nothing wrong with a younger seme (yum) but I usually like them older, just my preference. Now this doesn't mean there has to be a large age-gap (though I do enjoy it very much!), I just like my seme mature and more experienced. & I do really love a seme who takes the lead because he knows how. On that note dominating in bed and being good at it = Yes.
Straight Uke/Seme: Gay for you? Yeah as silly as it may be, it's my not-guilty pleasure.
Intelligent, Independent and/or Strong-willed Uke: Sure I like a possessive seme now and then, but I love it even more when the uke can stand up and call him on it. No pining, fawning or crying-baby uke for me thank you. If possible I'd like the seme and uke to be equally matched in personality. Sexy, mature and/or a confident uke is a plus +++ I also love it when the seme can make said uke melt =u= An uke who initiates it once in a while is a plus and a dominate uke now and then isn't too bad either. smile wink grin
Reversible Couples: I don't neeeeed it in every yaoi, but when it is a possibility and done right, I'll take it!
Foreplay eyes and more play = Fingering, Licking, Kissing, Biting, Dirty Talk, etc. Unf.
Sexual Tension: the build up to that anticipated and seemingly unavoidable night = oh yes!
Gotta love a man in uniform: suites, police uniforms, military uniform, and even some school uniforms. I could go on. <3
Enemies/Rivals become lovers: "There's a fine line between love and hate." A love-hate relationship when fierce hate turns into passionate (maybe even a little angry) love. It just appeals to me in every way! Not to mention the sex can be hot, especially when two strong personalities clash.
Art: Odd art-styles won't stop me from enjoying a story, but good art makes a difference.

Shotacon: pedophiles...enough said.
Rape is a violent violation and is not ok. I can read stories that involve rape if it's not the focus of the story or is shown for what it really is to bring depth to it, but falling for your rapist = no. Also "No" means "Yes" in sex? You find this recurring situation in yaoi where it's consensual (supposedly) but all the uke can do is say "no" over and over again while various things are done to him. The uke doesn't have to be slutty or obvious, but weepy and uninterested is so not hot.
Feminine/Girly Uke: This is yaoi damn it! If I wanted a woman in the relationship I'll go read Shoujo or Josei (and even then I don't want a bloody weak female-lead). Don't get me wrong I love bishies, oh how I love bishies, but to hell with feminizing the hell out of ukes.
Plot-less and/or Pointless sex: If it's obviously just for the smut and has no build up, I often find it disappointing, I actually like story, and often the sex depicted is very unappealing. Sexy pwp one-shots do exists though.
Bastard Seme: Sure I like a "bad-boy" as much as the next girl but an asshole is an asshole, IS AN ASSHOLE! Might as well throw in Abusive Lover as another turn off. Character growth involved? Then cool, but I've read manga where the uke chooses the dick seme who never changes. Same goes for the Unfaithful Lover. Unless it plays a relevant part in the plot and is resolved in some way; I would rather any unfaithful bastards just pack-up and hit the road. (and don't chu come back no mooooore).
Incest (Father-Son): I can sometimes (not often) read incest stories. I've read an uncle and nephew relationship (Yoneda Kou), and some half-siblings/siblings relationships, but I just CAN'T do father-son relationships no (my issue is mostly when it's not consensual or it's manipulative and predatory) so I draw the line at parent-child ok!!! (yes, Not Equal gets a shout out for being the exception).
Censored/Undetailed: Lightsaber penises, wtf? You now what I'm talking about. dead

Anyway I could probably still go on, so let's not.... bigrazz

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Mad With a Hat

6:48 pm, Apr 16 2013
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This applies to how I like my yuri as well, just with different private parts. ;p
Well, for the most part.

Turn ons:

-Reversible couples.
This is my number one favorite. I don't like the "I'm man you woman my dick goes into your man-pussy" prototypes.

-Confident sexuality.
I find it quite hot. Away with the crybaby uke!

-Dirty talk.
Suzuki Tsuta is the mistress of funny yaoi dirty talk in my eyes.

-Explicit sex.
This goes along with reasonable anatomy. I don't like blanks where cocks and balls and butt-holes should be. The "dripping bananas" as I like to call them aren't much better.

-An interesting story.
Believe it or not, sometimes I like smut to have some plot.
Crazy, right?

-Forced sex.
It's a guilty pleasure of mine that I would never seriously transfer to real life, but hey, porn's meant for dirty little fantasies.

And good foreplay in general is underrated and underplayed in yaoi. Also - lube.

-Seme's face doesn't look like he's stared at Medusa and uke doesn't appear maced.
AKA, no emotion seme and tearing, flushed uke during sex.

-Older characters.
I love me some mature romance.

Yum, just yum.

I like seeing manly men going at each other like bears.


Turn offs:

If there's no hymen to break - I'm not interested.
It appeals highly to me in yuri though. roll eyes

-Oversized/undersized dicks.
No, just no.


-Girly uke.
I mean, seriously. If I wanted to read about a snotty, doe-eyed girl getting boinked by some douche, I'd have read het smut.

-Annoying, corny phrases such as:
"It's ok if it's you...", "I'll be gentle since it's your first time... *1 thrust later* it feels so good I can't hold back!"

-Uke looks much younger even though he's the same age as the seme.

Quote from aigaither
we may all have various dislikes and likes, but i think we can all agree that we love a good possessive seme

No. =/

And I think it covers most of it?

Hrodulf and Bjornolfr, you will not be forgotten.
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7:09 pm, Apr 16 2013
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i like most yaoi, but my holy trifecta is incest rape shota. the best is where the older brother rape his quite young younger brother. i enjoy violent sex, and gang rape is great. i somehow enjoy guro too, but not too excessive. bdsm is cool, but not outright torture. unless its over the top where the intestine is dug out, but then the person is healed again, because that's funny and cannot ever happen in real life. but i got squeamish when they do possible things like prying off fingernails or piercing anywhere not the ears. but normal, sweet yaoi with two consenting adults are actually my normal go to, because the violent one is only when i'm feeling horny.

i really hate false incest, its such a cop out. and furries. well, the ear and tail kind, sometimes with paws is cool, but god forbid the animal face kind. nothing against bestiality, but i dont like the half animal half human look. i also dont like institutionalized slavery. i mean its hot when the seme abduct the uke into his sex dungeon, but its incredibly depressing when the master buy the slave from the meat market and nobody bat an eyelid. it makes me think of the real world, and why should i want that in my entertainment?

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7:59 pm, Apr 16 2013
Posts: 704

turn on:
love-hate relationship, angest, master-slave and master-pet. I love slavery and rape. lots of it, but only when uke really hate it, not the "i'll fall for you later" kind. lol i like institutionalization slavery more than i ought, it takes me to the real world, real problems. what we did, and the issues it had. i like it when someone cheats, someone lies, or some misunderstanding or the other. like being corced into sex as much as rape. in fact that one have more emotional feel to it.

turn off:
shota, anyone younger than 10 is just a bit weird, also don't like anything school or sports related. thoses topics bore me out. and dicks the size of a person's head. there's limit of what can and cannot be. I don't like it when story goes with no issue and is all fluff and hugs and love. there's not much to see.

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8:58 pm, Apr 19 2013
Posts: 279

Turn On's

-Incest ~Yes it is taboo and that is why I love it SO much! Not Equal is my favorite!
-Reversible Couples ~I love it when they switch and fight for dominance
-Uncensored ~I like to see EVERYTHING
-Forced/Rape ~It is just hot.... point blank
-Prostitution ~I love stories where one of the characters is a prostitute. It is even better when they fall in love and decide to no longer sell themselved. Rules is my favorite story like this smile
-Plot ~The occasional one shot is okay, but character developement is EXTREMELY important. Yes I love my manly butt sex, but I want to see the story progress.... not see scene upon scene of nothing BUT sex
-S/M + Bondage ~I put these together because I think they are basicly the same thing... Yaoi with S/M + Bondage is great! I even like the extreme! In These Words, anyone?!
-Divorce ~I think one of the two in the relationship being previously divorced is one of my most FAVORITE storylines in yaoi! I don't know why, I can't explain it, but I just LOVE it!
-Single Father ~Single fathers is another one of my fetishes (or one of my favorite fetishes). The children in these yaoi are so adorable and most of them MAKE the story.
-Threesome ~Yummy.... Sex Therapist **Drool**
-Previously Straight ~With stories like this, it makes me believe that they love the other even more because they went 'to the other side' for that person ^.^

**Will have to edit the rest later >..<**

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