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sweet romance

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6:28 am, Feb 2 2012
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As the title says I'm looking for something really sweet, I guess I'll give a few examples:
Hiyokoi or Hana to Akuma for shoujo
Bonnouji or Densha Otoko for seinen
Double Arts or Hantsuki for shounen

It doesn't have to be especially the romance part that has to be "sweet", it could also refer to characters (Hanamaru Kindergarten) or the rest of the story (Love So Life).

  • sweet plot or characters
  • romance

  • slow romance
  • cute characters
  • character progression
  • drama

  • sports
  • music
  • love triangles, harem, reverse-harem
  • josei

  • sexual content - this includes: hentai, smut, mindless ecchi poured into the story for no reason (plot-wise)
  • shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, yaoi, yuri
  • extreme violence/gore
  • one-shots

thanks in advance!

List of recommendations

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in need of romance?
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Anger Avoidant

7:08 am, Feb 2 2012
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well seeing it's Lorska who's asking, I have to make sure by comparing our lists before answering.

and the Manga you probably haven't read and fits the description is perhaps Seishun For-get!

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7:19 am, Feb 2 2012
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I dont know if you like 4-koma or not but Yandere Kanojo is pretty sweet. It says tsundere but she really isn't that extreme. Maybe at first she might seem like it. Plus the guy isnt a spineless wimp. He's more like one of those quiet/reserved-seeming characters who sometimes do or say things that surprise you. No drama tho. bigrazz

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7:29 am, Feb 2 2012
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Kimi wa petto

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7:49 am, Feb 2 2012
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i thought NG Life was really sweet. the tags say False Shounen-ai, and usually that would completely throw me off a manga, but this one would be my exception.
and its pretty long too, like 50 chapters.
its probably one of my favourites! =)

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8:27 am, Feb 2 2012
Posts: 418

orange marmalade
faster than a kiss
Ai Hime - Ai to Himegoto

I saw your list and it's pretty much like mine so, I didn't want to repeat the same things.[m]

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Nice desu ne

9:11 am, Feb 2 2012
Posts: 1132

14 sai no koi

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9:27 am, Feb 2 2012
Posts: 76

Gakuen Babysitters is really lovely.


11:45 am, Feb 2 2012
Posts: 14

Well I would recomend most adachi manga especially cross game. The art style is a quite different and a major part of it involves baseball, but it's still a really sweet and great manga.

Keep in mind that even though I can't stand to watch a baseball game in RL I still loved this.

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12:38 pm, Feb 2 2012
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Akagami no Shirayukihime is pretty sweet, especially the characters and the romance ^^ totally recommended!

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7:37 pm, Feb 2 2012
Posts: 236

Trying to find ones not on your list that I haven't already mentioned sure is hard smile

Giri Koi
Karin - remarkably cute, I thought
Koi Suru One Fourth I was suprised by how much I like this mangaka

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Just another otaku

8:24 pm, Feb 2 2012
Posts: 196

Kimi ni Todoke is reeeally cute smile and slow and there aren't any love triangles that are very prominent
There's [A love rival but that's only there for a small amount of time, it doesn't make up the basis of the plot] it's about a girl who really wants to make friends but looks like the grudge and thinks the guy she likes is really "refreshing"

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10:08 pm, Feb 2 2012
Posts: 1792

wow, first of all thanks for the quick responses.
Already read:
Kimi ni Todoke, Karin, Akagami no Shirayukihime, 14-sai no koi, Orange Marmalade and totally agree (even if I have to say that Hiyokoi is much cuter than Kimi ni Todoke^^)
I'll definately look into the rest.

@whatnot: your comment really made me laugh xD
@whatever: well I never really tried 4-komas (firmly rejected them) but I guess I'll give this one a try...
@kainord: dunno if I start this one, was already in my list once and got kicked out...
@XxmagsxX: would throw me off too... but I'll trust you on this one^^
@MraW.: well no romance, but due to the unusally high rating I'll still try it...

thanks so far, but I'm always open for more smile

in need of romance?
uncommon, sad, sweet
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I have a big

2:01 am, Feb 3 2012
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I can't believe you haven't read Emma yet.

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2:58 pm, Feb 3 2012
Posts: 1792

@sunder: Now I've read Emma. I don't really think this fits here well, and I have to say that all the side storys one after the other without taking the plot any further were kinda, well... I guess you love it or you hate it...
I admit it was something different from the regular reads, but not really what I was looking for...
still thanks

and still looking for more wink

in need of romance?
uncommon, sad, sweet
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