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Romance with a Tomboy, who stays Tomboy

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1:38 pm, Jan 6 2013
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I'm searching for a Romance with a Female Lead that is a Tomboy, but unlike Mangas like Suki tte Ii Na Yo
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
where se is at the start a Tomboy, but is later all girly with only a few Tomboy traits
I want her to stay Tomboy to the end.

-H3 School!
-Himitsu no Ai-chan she only puts up a girly part
-Otokomae! Beads Kurabu
What i dont want:
-Suki tte Ii Na Yo,because Lead becomes too girly
-Oresama Teacher,because theres no development/no romance

Every Category is allright.
Thanks in advance.

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3:24 pm, Jan 6 2013
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Try Saver but the protagonist is kind of androgynous rather than tomboy.

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4:16 pm, Jan 6 2013
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I think kyoko from skip beat can be considered tomboyish

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The Living Paradox

5:10 pm, Jan 6 2013
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definitely Tokyo Crazy Paradise

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Procrastinator and

12:22 am, Jan 7 2013
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Seishun Walker? I think she stays as tomboy...

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12:29 am, Jan 7 2013
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Koukou Debut
Vanilla Ice Sadly never finished

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12:44 am, Jan 7 2013
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Power!! A classic.

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Come and Go

2:15 am, Jan 7 2013
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How about this? => biggrin

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4:46 am, Jan 7 2013
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Utopia of Homosexuality or maybe
Hot-Blooded Woman...
Hybrid Berry?
Or even Grand Sun

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19 Days
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2:04 pm, Jan 7 2013
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Just now i read Seishun Walker and Grand Sun and i really liked both of them thanks.
I already read the first two Volumes of Tokyo Crazy Paradise and really liked it aswell, but im still reading it. Thanks for any replys until now.

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11:43 pm, Jan 7 2013
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W Juliet
Sixteen-year-old tomboy Ito Miura has become fast friends with her schoolmate and fellow drama enthusiast Makoto Amano. The problem? Makoto's a boy who must pass as a female drama student in order for his family to approve of his acting ambitions.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Ito's VERY tomboyish at the beginning (both looks and personality), and at the end she looks a tad girly-er with her hair kinda growing out, but she still has her tomboyish personality ^~^

It's also one of my favourites smile wink grin

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Procrastinator and

4:25 am, Jul 7 2013
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Kataomoi no Mukougawa, Bitouna Koi chapter.

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K-Indie ♥

8:51 am, Jul 7 2013
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Oh, there are quite a few in my lists. Although the genre is mainly Shoujo... Kkk.

* Nemurenu Yoru wa Knock Shite - Old school yet by times funny, because the female lead gives of a rather "nerdy guy" feel.

* Ookamitachi no Tengoku - Ch. 2: Handsome Girl is Yours! All in all this collection was a nice read and worth it's short while.

* Otomegokoro - Almost a classic in this category, but in my eyes is the male lead till the end somewhat wishy-washy and ooc.

* S.P.Y. ... was okay, even though mainly because of the male counterpart's looks. Lol.

* Sugars (YAMAMORI Mika) - THis one is definitely one of my favourite collections and I highly recommend the whole thing, but especially chapter 1 and 6. ^^

* Sugar Addiction - A manhwa, with all the fun points, but also all the weaknesses, yet I finished it and thought the characters have made me smile every now and then.

* Venus Kisoukyoku - Another classic, where in the beginning the genders seem switched and the female lead is pretty likeable till the end.

* You're So Cool - Honestly, this manhwa made me crack laughing in between and the characters really keep their image.

* Yumenara Samenaide - Ch. 3 includes your typical switched gender setting.

* Obaka-chan, Koikatariki - Ongoing and sometimes just hilarious twists in the storyline, which struggle between fun and randomness.

* I-Revo - Not sure, because it's been a while, at least the tag says so and the drawing style got me back then.

* And, of course Yanki-kun to Megane-chan. The female main character definitely has the same aura as the one from Oresama Teacher, but the romantic subplot seems more focused in this storyline.

There are more, but that's it for now. Not very detailed, but hopefully there will be something picking your interest. ^^

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8:40 pm, Jul 7 2013
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The female lead in Fushigi no Maria-kun by SHIINA Dai stays true to her tomboyish personality throughout the series, and they still make a cute couple.

The same probably goes for Tonari no Megane-kun. by FUJIMOTO Yuuki. At least, I haven't see any girly changes in her so far.

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