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Relationship Cliches turned upside down

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From User Message Body
Post #585404

12:42 am, Jan 28 2013
Posts: 130

I tend to over-analyze things and I really suck at explaining whatever it is that I am thinking. Seriously, though, I'm terrible and I apologize to everyone that bothered to make a suggestion and have me go " confused " (leading to >> WTFs).

Since this is a manga oriented site, I'd like to keep it manga. But really anything else is fine.

In here, I'm looking for something close to other role reversal topics/requests. However my request isn't limited to gender roles. Although gender flips are welcome. I'm looking for any expectation to ANY relationship cliche . A twist (a sort of irony?) to what is considered the norm (generally) either in RL society or the universe the series takes place. Although an inversion of RL norms would be more appreciated.

Examples (suggestions not limited to these):
Child providing for parent
Parent seeking child's adoration
Deliberately invoked/not necessary cloudcuckoolander and minder relationship.
Reverse Takahashi couple
Boss being bullied by subordinate
Saved "innocent" shows ominous gratitude leading to main character (that saved them) to track them down. Saved becomes giver and hero becomes a taker of lives. A.K.A Morality Pet/Chain is the Corrupter
Love Martyr is bullied but turns out to be the prominent aggressor in that relationship.

Genre preference:
As for genre, I don't usually go for ecchi because I'm sort of fan-service intolerant.
Harem, reversed or otherwise, no thank you.
I'm an action kind of gal and prefer stuff like Togashi Yoshihiro's works. So you can kinda tell I like simplicity (in appearance at least) stuffed with dark ambiance.
I'm also a sucker for strategic minds (smart plot) and hardly any gender bias, but I'll take what I can get.

Stuff that fits (more of less): Hot Blooded Woman, Soul Eater, Mahoraba, Kimi Wa Pet, Ore x Yome, Monster, and anything from Reverse Cliché,

To be clear, I'm not looking for a "backwards society" the idea here is a reverse cliche of roles in a relationship. So as much as I like stuff such as Operation Liberate Men or Shounen Oujo, please don't recommend them or anything like them.

If anyone is going to provide a gender role reversal, keep this is mind. Unless its shoujo or josei, having the female be more aggressive, cold, or hot-headed isn't much of a gender flip. It also doesn't work if the other person doesn't exhibit the qualities of the other role.

In this example, a brooding female and sappy sentimental guy. I am more of a gender equalist anyhow. Hence my wanting a reverse Takahashi Couple so badly. (probably the only thing that remained consistent as I filtered my request)

If anyone thinks I should change something in my lists or make exceptions to my preferences, just tell me why. smile

Last edited by CynicallyOp at 7:51 am, Aug 19

I like my men androgynous.
I like my women androgynous.
Post #585430
user avatar

6:32 am, Jan 28 2013
Posts: 471

Kimi Wa Pet

Post #585524

2:37 am, Jan 29 2013
Posts: 130

Thank you whitespade. Sadly, I've already read Kimi wa Pet. Perhaps I should go into more depth and list what I've already read. Again, thank you for your response. ^ ^

I like my men androgynous.
I like my women androgynous.
Post #585530
user avatar

4:14 am, Jan 29 2013
Posts: 110

Due to my lack of sleep, I can't really understand your request too too well, but I will try to give you a few ^^

Heroine Shikkaku - This could be any girl. Imagine being a heroine of a love story. Hatori also believed that one day she would get married to her childhood friend, Rita.
But that's not how the world works! This is a hilarious comedy that honestly paints a painful unrequited love story of this young girl!

My opinion: Rather interesting, the main female has spunk and gets hit a lot but the story gets kinda annoying as it goes along. Be prepared for the antagonist's side of the story!

Gozen 3-ji no Muhouchitai - Momoko, who dreams of becoming an illustrator, finds employment in an ultra fast-paced office that specializes in designing pachinko parlors!! With the office running a yakuza-like business and employing a designer who has a habit of suddenly stripping in the middle of the night, Momoko believes that the company employees are a bit... no, definitely eccentric!! She continues pulling all-nighters, unable even to return home... And in the midst of that cigarette smoke-filled office, where women's authority takes a step back, she asks herself, "Why am I here?"

My opinion: I haven't read it in a long time but It's a really good read.

This is all I can think off as of right now. I'll come back if I think of anything else. ^^"

Post #585531

5:00 am, Jan 29 2013
Posts: 312

For #2, how about the first story of Ore x Yome?

Post #590069

2:30 am, Mar 9 2013
Posts: 130

I've edited the post. Perhaps I've made it more clear. My mind sucks whenever it becomes to something I want. That's why I usually get very sidetracked when doing things of my own accord. So regardless of whether the rec actually helps, I'm very grateful to all those that continuously bother with me.

Last edited by CynicallyOp at 7:38 am, Aug 19

I like my men androgynous.
I like my women androgynous.
Post #590169
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10:10 pm, Mar 9 2013
Posts: 76

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun for number 6.

Post #593654

1:49 am, Apr 4 2013
Posts: 130


I like my men androgynous.
I like my women androgynous.
Post #593658
user avatar
Lost Cow

2:51 am, Apr 4 2013
Posts: 65

Still not really sure what you're looking for, but here goes...

Sakamichi no Apollon No real tsunderes here! The main trio has a fairly common dynamic (2 guys and a girl) but their relationships are portrayed...differently from usual and have a surprising amount of depth. It also centers heavily on jazz (!) and life in the 1960s. I highly recommend it.

Dokuhime You seem to like rather "dark" series, and if so, you'll probably like this one. The relationships in here subvert/avert most cliches and have surprises everywhere. Once you get past the 1st chapter, there isn't too much romance. Instead, there's the deliciously ambiguous relationship between 3 princes and their poison princess. Tamashii no Futago and Shigeshoushi are also great. Heck, just check out MIHARA Mitsukazu.

Any manga by IKETANI Rikako. Really. Every single one I've read has unique relationships. I particularly recommend you check out Six Half where the amnesiac protagonist starts out having no idea what her true relationships are. It's part mystery, part coming of age story, and engrossing beyond its original premise. Futago and Bitou Lollipop are also pretty awesome.

Cheese in the Trap It's the suspicious protagonist in this one who's always kept guessing at the real personality of the main guy and his convoluted relationships. This is no cliche shoujo romance, though and is spattered with mystery, flashbacks, and kickass moments. *edit* Looks like you've already checked it out.

If you're willing to sit through an anime, there's also Gankutsuou and Baccano (also has a light novel, but I haven't read it). The first is an adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo (greatest revenge story of all time!) set in the future. The characters' relationships are incredibly intertwined, and although they're fairly easy to guess at, the angst and drama of their portrayal is incredible. The animation is very unique, and the story avoids most anime cliches (it's based off a western story after all). Japanese dub ftw (mostly b/c the narrator always opens in French )!

Baccano consists of 3 intertwining stories centered on immortal (!) Italian mafia, and has flashbacks and time skips everywhere. If you can keep track of everything, it's an incredible story with rewarding character relationships and awesome animation. I'd recommend the English dub, simply because you can hear all the New York accents. If you need any more incentive to watch it, there is a train called The Flying Pussyfoot and a character named Jacuzzi Splot. Just sayin'. cool

Last edited by sculamio at 3:34 am, Apr 4

Post #593660
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Lost Cow

3:00 am, Apr 4 2013
Posts: 65

Also, if you just want to look in general, it's a good idea to check out webtoons. They tend to have more original plots/character relationships than manga (which often get stuck in common plot holes).

Post #593663
user avatar

3:30 am, Apr 4 2013
Posts: 1707

I'm just throwing a few titles out there, as I'm not sure if they quite fit what you're looking for.

Ouroboros in that revenge becomes justice, and two opposites (in personality and situation) are partners, more like crime brothers really
Cat Street shoujo example the pairing is not obvious until it becomes so, and quite a refreshing take on a coming-of-age story (sorta).
Oboreru Knife honestly there isn't enough scanlated chapters to predict where this will go, but at this point the relationship hasn't been steady, and the "love" is too difficult a concept to be understood by the characters, despite their own beliefs.

Nulla in mundo pax sincera
"Always go too far, because that's where you'll find the truth." - Albert Camus
Post #607480

2:15 am, Jul 17 2013
Posts: 130

I hope I've explained myself well enough. Thanks to everyone who has contributed thus far.

I like my men androgynous.
I like my women androgynous.
Post #607525
user avatar

2:32 pm, Jul 17 2013
Posts: 537

Have you read the any other shoujo by YAMASHITA Tomoko beside Satanic Sweet? Her preference for dominant heroine/ submissive male leads seems to apply to any of her BG manga (Don't Cry, Girl being my favourite).

Ratman by INUI Sekihiko reverses the good super hero vs. evil villain concept. The protagonist, a super heroes loving high school student, is involuntarily stuck with the role of a super villain. Should satisfy your need for action.

KOMURA Ayumi's Usotsuki Lily might match your criteria as well, though I can't really name the cliches it reverses or mocks on; I guess it's more of an overall impression you get while reading. Since it's an episodic gag manga which constantly breaks the fourth wall, don't expect any profound plot points.

Another unconventional author would be DOUMAN Seiman. His works are so odd that they don't fit any roles at all. And if you liked Baccano!, I'd suggest reading Durarara!! by NARITA Ryohgo/ SATORIGI Akiyo and its sequels. They are similarily bizarre, complex and twisted.

"Stories are what death thinks he puts an end to.
He can't understand that they end in him, but they don't end with him."
- Ursula K. Le Guin, Gifts

To be savoured:
- Blood Alone by TAKANO Masayuki
- Otoyomegatari by MORI Kaoru
- Gangsta. by Kohske
- Seishun Kouryakuhon by AKIZUKI Sorata
Post #611409

7:52 am, Aug 19 2013
Posts: 130

I do like Ratman. Thank you very much for the suggestion. I've read Yamashita's other works as well. smile
Also, Usotsuki Lily.

I've only read a little bit of Ratman, but from what I've understood it's about the relationship between heros and villains and the infrastructure. Of course there's the irony in how they're perceived versus how they actually are, but it's not much about interpersonal relationships. I'm going to continue to read regardless. Thanks, Tripitaka.

I don't think Usotsuki really does anything aside from the male's willingness to crossdress and despise the male gender. I don't really see any irony in the relationship. It's a pretty good gag manga though.

I haven't read or watched much of Durarara and I've always regretted it. I know that the characters are pretty quirky and that the relationships are abnormal. So much Foe Yay swarming the internet. It's so hard not to pick up spoilers. -closes ears-

Stuff like Heroine Shikkaku from what I've read also doesn't work. I actually read it before the request. It's more about the person attempting to break up the relationship being the heroine/protagonist. Despite this, I don't see it affecting the relationship at all.

@AmanNesis Gozen 3-ji no Muhouchitai is really cute.

@sculamio Thank you. I've only just dug into them but I seem to have a liking for them.

To be clear, I only mentioned Reverse Cliche as a buffer against someone sending me there. It's about the relationships themselves not necessarily the characters and their circumstances although they can play a part as seen in my examples.

I like my men androgynous.
I like my women androgynous.
Post #611896

3:27 am, Aug 23 2013
Posts: 90

I know this is like three days too late, but I wanted to second Usotsuki Lily. While it may seem like it doesn't really do anything besides the whole crossdressing thing, I'd have to say you're wrong.

It really really goes against the tropes. I can provide a couple examples...
Spoiler alert!

*The main girl is plain and that is why the MC likes her (Basically she's the mean (or average) of the worlds females)
*The main girl can cook but it just turns out normal
*The crossdresser can't cook (as opposed to being all lady like)
*The friends are really interestingly weird. Like the whole KomachiXKenjirou thing
*One brother is gay, one brother likes the female side, and one brother likes anything that moves
*They make fun of the cliche amnesia gag...Twice! With different results.
*They keep getting older but they're not moving up a grade...and they know this. Lol

Usotsuki Lily really is a pretty funny manga. I love it because it really breaks and screws with the cliches and tropes.. Its in my top five.

You obviously love the site "Tv Tropes and Idioms" just as much as I do.

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