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Painful, abusive relationships

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1:44 pm, Apr 25 2017
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I want to read about a relationship where one part (male) inflicts pain on the other (female or male), and breaks that person emotionally and physically. All forms of abuse are welcome, and all levels of torture are fine as long as it is decently emotionally solid - I mean that heartfelt pain occupies center stage, that the author does not gloat on obscenities without sentimental value.

Domestic violence, rape, heartbreak, stupid self-sacrificing victims in downwards spiraling affairs with cold sadists. Maybe a romance where someone is repeatedly raped by someone they love in a long-term relationship? Or just a really abusive relationship.

Ideally the plot should be intelligently written.

I don't want to read hentai or pure pornography, I want there to be some emotional depth (although not necessarily emotional realism).

I like A Cruel God Reigns, Let Dai (in the beginning, before they become equals) and I also enjoyed Caste Heaven even though it was not as good. I don't necessarily want to read yaoi or shounen ai, female victim is fine as well (but not female perpetrator!).

Any ideas?
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2:55 pm, Apr 25 2017
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Both of these are novels, but Hua Hua You Long and "Ge Quing You Nan Shen: Qiangxing Xiang'ai 100 Tian" both feature some pretty graphically abusive relationships. Hua Hua You Long is m/m and complete, and the other is m/f and in the process of being translated. (Hua Hua You Long also has a manhua adaptation, but it's incomplete.) Lueduo Diren De Xin is an incomplete m/m manhwa with a fair amount of abuse as well.

EDIT: Actually, anything by Xing Bao Er, the author of Hua Hua You Long, has exactly what you're looking for.

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Lone Wanderer

6:59 pm, Apr 25 2017
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These are all BL, predictably, because this kind of theme seems to be very popular among yaoi fangirls (god knows why!) :

I'm pretty sure Ai no Kusabi (Novel) fits perfectly, though I have yet to read beyond the first volume.

Honoo no Mirage (Novel). This is psychological/emotional abuse through century-spanning convoluted mind games, rather than anything physical. Unfortunately, the translation speed is incredibly slow.

Killing Stalking is apparently like this, though I haven't read it.

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7:28 pm, May 12 2017
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Bokura no Koi wa Shi ni Itaru Yamai no You de

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8:07 am, May 6 2020
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Oyasumi Punpun

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an Everlasting~

10:31 am, May 6 2020
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It's a translated novel, but a really good one that describes what you are looking for. It's called Broken-Winged Angel (Novel). It's actually translated very well compared to some other fan translated stuff that I read (not that not I'm grateful of course, a shoddy translation is better than none for a pleb like me lol).

I'm in idol hell T.T
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6:57 pm, May 6 2020
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Hogu Ha Gyeong Su (An Easy Target) is finished. You can find it online.

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11:14 pm, May 6 2020
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I second An Easy Target! I actually couldn’t finish it because of the abuse, and normally I like the darker stories (looooved killing stalking, but I didn’t find it particularly romantic). I’d also recommend Painter of the Night.

happy reading!

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2:06 am, May 7 2020
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Iyagatteru Kimi ga Suki, male lead is super abusive, from browsing the raws it seems that a reason for him being psychologically fucked up is given somewhere along the line, so there may be an emotional aspect to it eventually.

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5:40 am, May 16 2020
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Kalimeris Porno. The MC is intersex (a hermaphrodite leaning towards male, so it feels like a yaoi) but the seme is abusive and intimidating. It’s a one shot.

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