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MC who has had enough

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2:43 pm, Jun 11 2014
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I am looking for a manga/anime where the MC (preferably male) has had enough of putting up with all the bullshit. He has friends, family or just people in general giving him a hard time and he finally decides to do something about it (not going psycho and killing everybody) like moving away and leave the hassle behind or put them in their place through words or action. I haven't got any preferences on the rest of the story line, though I wouldn't like him reverting back to his old ways and a bit of romance would be nice. Sorry for not having any example and an empty online list.

DO NOT RECOMMEND: 4-Koma, Gender Bender, Lolicon, Shounen Ai, Yaoi, Cheating, Netorare or Rape.

4:24 pm, Jun 11 2014
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Maybe Hajime no Ippo

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5:40 pm, Jun 11 2014
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Many martial arts/fighting sports mangas start with this premise, more or less; MC starts to train to be able to stand up to his bullies : Hajime No Ippo (Seconded), The Breaker, Girls of the Wild's, HSD Kenichi, etc..
Among these Holyland and Boys on the Run are probably what you'd like more since they focus on the protagonist's internal struggle.

Other than that here are some more recs :
Ookiku Furikabutte : The protagonist was especially hated by his former teammates and tried to escape to a new school to start fresh.
Welcome to NHK! : The whole manga is based around that, but the MC isn't that willing to change at least at first
Gin no Saji : MC goes to an agriculture school after failing in his studies, and to escape the pressure from his family.
Onani Master Kurosawa : Protagonist is an outcast and at some point tries to change that, another MC is in a similar situation
Koe no Katachi : Story of the redemption of former bully/bullied.
Strongest Man Kurosawa : Middle-aged construction worker tries to change his life and gain respect.
Watamote : There is some of that in this manga, the MC is willing to change, make friends, be popular but it always fail and is played for laughs.

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7:09 pm, Jun 11 2014
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the breaker and it's sequel/ continuation seconded
Naruto - obvious. "Cursed" child ostracized and acts to gain recognition

I'd recommend looking in categories of or relating to ostracized persons or overcoming adversity etc

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1:50 am, Jun 12 2014
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Aku no Hana

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8:42 am, Jun 12 2014
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If you don't mind gender bender W-Juliet seems to fit this description.
Also sort of Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen. He doesn't decide it on his own and it's mostly about the girl but they basically decide to have a "fake marriage" to end a war.

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