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10:53 am, Jun 10 2014
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The amount of necro posting is too damn high embarrassed


1:39 am, Feb 25 2018
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Greatest outcast, this dude has had this hypnosis th[m]ing done to him. When he has his glasses on he is this weak guy who can't fight but when he takes them off something snaps and he turns into this badass psychotic assassin guy. Awesome. (People underestimate him obviously)

Origin, is the robot dude. Robots are considered emotionless machines and are hunted and destroyed by police forces. In order to have a supply of parts to repair himself with he blends in with humanity, precisely an organisation that souly focuses on robotics. Hiding himself in that environment phew hard work.

Dendrobates, this is the best shit. Clumsy police department accountant by day, infamous assassin by night. wink

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8:17 pm, Feb 25 2018
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Man they aint kidding when they say this gets asked once a week. I second Black Haze and Akumetsu.

Go look into these:
Meitantei Conan
Saiki Kusuo no Ψ Nan
Kimi no Knife
Fukigen Cinderella

Currently getting my life together~ (unsuccessfully)

2:11 am, Apr 26 2018
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Batman: Really good manga has what you're looking for but the movies are really good OH AND THE ANIMATION. Much better than Corey In The House. Its animation style is so detailed and I just love it and it also crosses over with other manga. Perfectly fits your taste. eyes eyes eyes eyes eyes eyes eyes eyes

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