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What We're About
MangaUpdates (also known as Baka-Updates Manga) is a site dedicated to bringing the manga community (and
by extension the manhwa, manhua, etc, communities) the latest scanlation and series information. We are the
sister site of Baka-Updates.

Piracy and Copyright Infringement Statement
This site is not intended, nor does it allow or have mechanisms specifically designed, for the transfer of
copyrighted material between users. Its primary purpose is as a source of information about manga series, as well
as a community for its users. It serves a secondary purpose as an index, to inform of activity within the manga
scanlation community to any who wish to be informed. There are no direct links to torrents, zip files, images, or
any other infringing content on this website.

Content Rights
MangaUpdates does not own or imply ownership of any of the images used on the site. All images belong to their
respective owners. MangaUpdates members and its host are not liable for any of the content displayed on this
site. By submitting information to this site, you agree to allow MangaUpdates to display it unconditionally. The
content remains yours, but you allow us to display it for any undisclosed time as we see fit. All other content is
owned by MangaUpdates, and therefore may not be used without written consent from one of the founders or
senior administrators of Baka-Updates or MangaUpdates.

We at MangaUpdates take your privacy seriously. As such, information posted through private messages or
communications with the staff will be protected and not disseminated to any 3rd party. Other personal information,
such as email address, will be checked upon registration for association to spam, but will otherwise not be shared
with third parties.

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MangaUpdates is located on
To join our channel:
1. connect to irchighway by typing /server in your mIRC scripts
2. type /join #baka-updates
see you all there

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Baka-Updates was founded on July 20th, 2002 by:
y2klizard, aZn_nUt, Platinum|Star, ^_^Teddie

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MangaUpdates was founded on July 20th, 2004 by Manick and the founders of Baka-Updates

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Manick (Manga)
y2klizard (Anime)
IAMInvisible (Designer: Manga)
qazzy (Manga: Web / iOS / Android)
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